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Article review The article by Jerry F. Feldman and Marian N. Hoyle discusses the mutation and genetic makeup of the Neurospora Crasa which have altered the lengths of their circadian rhythm of conidiation (Feldman and Hoyle 613). The focus of the article is to evaluate the role of change in the DNA of nearly all the phyla of eukaryotes including the protozoa and other microorganism. The circadian rhythms have been identified in the phyla. However, there are several complex processes that could be evaluated in the process to understand the basic requirements of the rhythms and its occurrence. The methods of evaluation from the circadian rhythms are illustrated through the article with the results and discussions being used to draw conclusions on the findings of the research.
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the different band strain and the impact of the difference in brand strain to develop the necessary understanding of the differences. The findings indicate that each of the three frq mutants described segregates as a single-gene nuclear mutation that alters the period length of the circadian clock (Feldman and Hoyle 611). The finding illustrates that the mutants are different from the band which determines the clock as conidial banding or not. The limitation of the study is on the failure to indicate the different position of the mutants indicating how close they are linked. The study helps in determining the link between the bands and the mutants evaluated in the study.
The findings of the study indicate the difference because of the failure of the screening methods. The authors agree that the screening method did not favor mutations on any particular chromosome making the study effective. However, the authors agree that their study was not conclusive because several factors were not examined in the research.
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Feldman, Jerry F. and Marian N. Hoyle. ” Isolation of circadian clock mutants of Neurospora Crassa.” Genetics Society of America (1973): 609-613.

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