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Reverend parris essay

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Greed can be a very destructive part of everyone’s life. It can control our every action at times. Some people let their greed get out of control, which was exactly what happened in Salem during the witch trials. Three people’s greed brought up this whole tragedy of the trials, convictions and hangings. One person is Reverend Parris. In my opinion Reverend Parris is greedy, self-serving, and egotistical.

Reverend Parris is extremely greedy. In the story he is complaining about having to pay for wood. He states “ Where is my wood? My contract provides I be supplied with all my firewood. I am waiting since November for a stick, and even in November I had to show my frost bitten hands like some London beggar.” This shows that all he cares about is getting firewood without having to pay for it, and also how he looks. And that he is treated unfairly. Reverend Parris is self serving. All he cares about is himself. In the story he states “ How can it be the Devil? Why would he choose my house to strike? We have all manner of licentious people in the village.” This shows that he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Also he is wishing ill fate on the town’s people. Reverend Parris is egotistical. When the village people are confused and want to know what’s happening, he refuses to say. “ I pray you feel the weight of truth upon you, for now my ministries at stake, my ministry, and perhaps your cousin’s life, whatever abomination you have done, give me all of it now, for I dare not be taken unaware when I go before them down there.” This shows that he only cares about what others think and he is scared of losing his job as a reverend. He also complains about his enemies will know if e surely doesn’t. He states “ If you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it now, for surely my enemies will, and they ruin me with it.” Then he continues “ Abigail do you understand that I have many enemies.” This states that he needs to know the truth so he can see if his job title is in jeopardy. He also states that “ this faction is sworn to drive me from my pulpit.” This statement shows that he cares most about his job rather then his family and friends.

He also feels that he was underpaid for his services. At one time he said to Giles Corey, “ I regard that six pound as part of my salary…You will look far for a man of my kind at sixty pound a year!” Also, Parris preached for twenty weeks about having golden candlesticks on the altar until he got them. In conclusion Reverend Parris is a main character in The Crucible who is greedy, Self-serving, and egotistical. If such people let these three things rule there lives, turmoil is brought about. If only everyone could control their greed, self-serving, and egotistical side, and this world would be a happier and more civil place.

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