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Resource management

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Sur Lecturer Resource Management Resources in a company are the very foundation the company is based on. For the CIO to understand the current IT spending, he/she has to consider managing the performance of the company in the IT department. Performance management first focuses on the goals the company has for instance in this case, the company want to be a leader in information services. To accomplish this, the company requires to have a set of measures that will see the company move to the next level. Measures such as the ones recommended by the Cohen Act are very advisable.
The Cohen Act requires that the IT processes be streamlined and that there should be a focus on the results that are produced. Risk management and improving value should be the key measures to be taken by the CIO. The Cohen act also goes ahead to state the functions of a CIO which is mostly taking measurement of the performance in the company. Performance in the company can be measured according to how much it is of benefit to the company. This is a very key area in the performance management process.
The CIO has to develop maintain and facilitate the IT architecture. He should come up with goals and see them through. The CIO should take performance measures to find out the viability of the set goals in regards to the losses the company has suffered and the risks apparent. These risks should be well analysed by the CIO and a plan to execute change should be formulated.
Considering the various roles the CIO has to play, there are various executive decisions that will need to be made in light of the problems and risks noted. One of the problems cited was the company expenditure. The company expenditure will be keenly observed to find out which areas exactly take more than necessary. Once found the CIO should come up with way to improve on accountability and service delivery to the consumers at the very end. With a proper financial report on the expenditure in technology in any given financial year should be enough to help the stakeholders make important decisions that will directly affect the company.
Communication breakdown between the management and the business units on their job descriptions cost the company a fortune and by communicating through the various channels available would be very essential in ensuring that everyone does what is expected of them. Good communication between all the ranks in the company will ensure that the company goals are properly communicated to all that it concerns and this way, the waste in the system will be easily eliminated.
The productivity will be added without incurring any extra losses exorbitant expenditure. The millions of dollars saved will be channelled to projects that best benefit the company. Technology will also be advanced and the staffs are informed about it so that the change does not slow down progress or lower the quality of the services delivered. Changes like this need all the employees to be on board for them to be successful.
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Lecture notes- IT Performance and Assessment Management

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