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Resort management

Resort Management The resort feasibility analysis of Small and Medium Mountain Resorts in Austria by Kohl & Partner is professionally prepared. The report is structured to have different sections, which provide the company profile of Kohl & Partner and its services, a review of Austrian Mountain Resorts, identification of factors affecting small and medium resorts, and few cases of successful business operating in the region. It is well documented and graphically supported presentation that is easy to follow. The report provides up-to-date information about the Austrian mountain resorts that has been collected by the company. It highlights the key factors that lead to the success of businesses in different mountain resort locations in Austria. Furthermore, it supports these factors by providing case studies of three different resort locations in Austria.
One of the major flaws in the presentation is that it does not address challenges that are faced by small and medium resorts. It only focuses on the factors that are presently prevailing in the Austrian but fails to address factors that could affect the future of this industry (Hinteregger). The audience or users of this conference document could easily follow the report, but the analysis report does not provide details of different services and events that take place in this market or steps taken by the Austrian government to promote tourism. Furthermore, The report Moreover, an interesting element of comparing Austrian resort industry could have been compared with other locations in Europe that compete with the Austrian resort industry and services.
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