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Research paper on database design

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Database design is simply defined as the production of database that is thorough. It requires an understanding of both the business functions you want to use and the ideas along with features used in that particular business function. This paper discusses data types for completing a database design in which various languages may be used.
There are different data types. According to Gordon (1991), when designing a database there is a need to think of a field data type as a set of qualities that apply to all the values that are contained in the field and that determines what kind of data the values can be. An example is text fields where values stored can only contain numbers, letters, or even punctuation characters (Gordon 1991). There are also data types that begin with “ n” prefix, where it stands for National language character set. Ayewah (2008) states that by using this there is the passing of an nchar, ntext or nvarchar value contrasting to char, text or varchar. Unicode is used in database applications that are designed to ease code pages that go past Western Europe. Unicode is designed to make extended characters that are set to simply get into the columns of a database (Ayewah, 2008).
Hubel and Wiesel (2009) say that one can adjust the space each record uses in a table through changing the field size property. They add that the size of a field can be changed for storing text data though it has smaller effects on the amount of space to be used. A major problem in Unicode data is that since the requirement is a 16-bit character, a lot of the same ANSI coding assumptions that will break on DBCS will also do the same on Unicode because Unicode enabling isn’t an automatic process (Churcher, 2012). Therefore, through this research it necessary that one should know the data type to use to come up with a good database design.


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