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College Research activity WRT102 – Research Activity Part One This is the first part of the research activity. We shall focusattention on Kate Chopin’s “ the storm”. This is a short story authored in the year 1898 by this author who was a feminist. She is ranked as being among the initial female writers who established writing about the liberation of women. She has several literary works to her name. In most cases, her works consist of themes like physical sufferings of female community members. She has literally aired issues regarding women’s subjugation and oppression in both sexual and spiritual fronts (Chopin 76).
“ The storm” contains some ideas related to our current study. Kate Chopin lived in the period of time when women had to mandatorily ‘ display high standards of good conduct.’ The community immensely cherished and believed in principles of good quality and general women purity. Women did not possess strong liberty comparatively to men in expressing and exercising their sexual requirements. Unlike her former works, the “ storm” is laden with sexual issues. Sexuality was far from being a subject of discussion and deliberation when she penned the short story. This is why it failed to get published in the course of Chopin’s lifespan. In this work of fiction, she extends her capability over the prevalent themes evident in her work. A storm springs from the suffering which female characters undergo in earlier works. A physical storm exists inside and outside Calixta’s house. The storm is symbolically used to unravel the innermost feeling of Calixta who is the protagonist (the main character). Chopin uses physical storm to cover the vulgarity of the sexual affair between Calixta and Alcee. The couple carries on with their affair without getting embarrassed. In the story, female characters share their grievances as a whole (Chopin 76).
Kate Chopin makes use of the written word of literature to campaign for women’s rights in the society. In this short story, she had to use the symbol of a storm. Had she directly used it, she would have “ awfully diverted from the stipulated rules of the society.” The relationship between Calixta and her husband Alcee is used purposefully. It signifies the possibility that there would come some time when the common women would be freed of her burden. This is illustrated by the fact that their affair is peaceful. However, there comes a time when Alcee starts ignoring her. This casts light at the marital dissatisfaction present during that time, even now. Religion is also challenged. The story is set in Louisiana, a state full of catholic believers. Her characters practice adultery (an anti-catholic practice). Therefore, religion is also a developmental setback in the society.
WRT102 – Research Activity Part Two
In this research activity, we shall examine a novel by the title of “ the binding vine”. It is written by yet another female writer. Her name is Shashi Deshpande. She is one of the feminist Indian women who ever wrote in English. The novel displays women in their quest for gender balance. Male characters exercise exploitative dominance over women (Deshpande 39).
The writer deftly discusses and exposes female challenges and agony which women have to experience. This is because they are living in a society which is dominated by males who unleash both cultural alongside social constraints to them (the women). Still, the novel vehemently seeks and appeals to the female characters to be patient. This hints at possible stability of both male and the female genders in the future (Deshpande 39).
WRT102 – Research Activity Part Three
The ideas contained in both the primary (that is “ the storm”) and the secondary sources (that is “ the binding vine”) can be stringed together. In both sources, the plight of women is well addressed. They are seriously campaigning for their place in society (Chopin 76).
In their campaign, they face many challenges. The issue of marriage is also presented. Women have no say in their respective marriage institutions, but they do not tire to bargain for their freedom. This is significant in the sense that it foreshadows about future togetherness and existence between the two genders (Deshpande 39).
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