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Republic with king brian boru,the 9th king of

Republic of Ireland is a country inWestern Europe, it only occupies five-sixths of ireland’s total mass the otherone-sixths of it is Scotland.

The whole country is slightly larger than WestVirginia. Sixty Six Percent of Ireland is Farmland, and the population mostlyresides of on the eastern side of Ireland. The population is  4.

773 million . Ireland’s landscape has a select few mountains it’s mostly hills butthe special landscape is the gigantic mountain of Carrauntoohil , It stands atCarrauntoohil is actually able to be seen all throughout ireland. The capital of Ireland is Dublin, andsome of the other major cities share a very distinct Aroma such as the uniquemusic and gallick food, people, and the beautiful countryside. The Nationalcurrency of ireland is Euros which are compared to the us dollar is aboutNineteen cent less than the us dollar. The Native language of ireland is gallickbut the national is irish, english.

The Three main waterways that surroundireland is the Irish Sea , Celtic Sea, and the North Atlantic Ocean. Ireland has avery distinct culture, and religious spectrum the are a mixed religious culturethey are mostly Roman Catholic 78. 3%. They are mostly Irish natives in irelandat 89%. The prime minister is leo Varadkar and chief of state is Michael DHiggins. The Irish can trace their history back to when the celts first landed on theisland back to 600 bc to 150 bc.

They were invaded by Norsemens in the 8thcentury, which was one of the first major enemies the Irish had. They finally endedafter a three hundred  year battle withthe Danish people with King Brian Boru, the 9th king of Ireland in the year 1014A. D. Then the Normans launched an attack to claim Ireland and that was the lastbattle in Ireland for Seven struggling Irish centuries of food famines andrepressions. Ireland had major struggles leading up tothe 1800’s. Farms were  struggling to makeends meet so things had to change in Ireland very fast. They started leavingIreland to find better life and they moved to the united states around bostonarea.

The people that stayed behind  inIreland were the loyal and the backbone they fought through the famine thatkilled hundreds to thousands over a span 100 years. Around 1960s the famine wasno longer a problem, They had a new uprising of violence in Ireland. No longer did the Northern Irelanderswanted to be a part of ireland they wanted to make a country of their ownbecause of the political side of ireland. So in the north the irelanders took arebellion, and made a small militia to protect their cause, create their owngovernment that still advised by those of the original country and GreatBritain Provinces. Northern Ireland was accepted to the europeans as a countryin  1973 and has been a country sincethen. Ireland also played a more neutral role in world war I and  II they sent little troops to actually fightinstead ireland was used as a naval port side and where troops from Canada andUSA would come to rest and train before moving west to fight.

Ireland also became a country of poverty a bit in the futurein the 2000s. When the banking system collapse shortly after joining theeuropean union. Ireland took thoseeconomical struggles and with the help of United States nationals, Ireland wouldfight back for economic stability and get ireland back on task and theirfinancial problem would eventually end in the year of 2008. Today Ireland standsunder Great Britain, and its dominance as a superpower but the financial wouldstabilize and ireland would have more success and leave all the unforgettableand dreadful years of pain and struggle and bounce back stronger. As of 2017and, According to WWW. Oecd. org the economy is booming with a growof 20 percent since 2000s.

Thereare many distinct features the of the beautiful country Ireland but one of themost amazing times of the year is around St Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick was anirish patron saint who is said to believe to bring christian to ireland and iscalled as a hero for doing so so. There is A Lot of great things about st patrick and hisspecial  accomplishments that Is why heis celebrated by the christians and nonchristians.

Saint Patrick’s Dayoriginated in Ireland and was brought over to America. Since its coming to the states inthe late 1880s, Saint Patricks Day has had a major impact in larger cities suchas Chicago, Boston, and the biggest city in the United States , New York. The mostfestive city of all is know other than “ The city of champions” Boston. In Bostonit’s just all green, green, green just like Ireland they smother themselves inbooze and sing the songs of Eire(Ireland) and her great savior SaintPatrick. The Ethnic distribution in Boston turns out that a city of millions isRoughly fifthteen percent irish and they are proud of it. The best thing about Boston is thatthe Boston  Bruins embrace their love ofthis irish culture every game around this time they wear green jerseys andduring their game they are surrounded by a sea of celtic green in honor oftheir heritage.

The city however that may have a lower irish  population but they definitely  celebrate all of it to the fullest ischicago. Since 2009 Chicago has dyed the chicago river and completely turned itgreen this was made possible by the 44th president  Barrack Obama wife michelle obama. Chicago is the first city to do thisbut the ancient irish would dye their rivers green in honor of SaintPatrick.

However The New York City irish and non irish go all out. MIllions ofGreen and the Knicks Turn their jerseys Green and they took on the celtics forthe last three years on or they day after saint patrick’s day. Which is whysaint patricks Day that came from the great land of Eire is now a nationalholiday in the USA.  Other than the amazing irish holidayis Gaelic football and Irish Sports. Gaelic football or irish rugby is one ofIreland’s most premiere sports and has been around since the 16th century.

Gaelic Football consist of two teams of fifteen players on a pitch. The teams are allowed to kick punch or passbut they cannot throw the ball. Gaelic football similar to soccer is played on afield or as they call it a pitch and they wear uniforms called kits. GaelicFootball is ran by The GAA or Gaelic Athletic Association, There are more thanTwenty Five Hundred clubs and the championship game is called  Senior League Championship game or The GaelicCup.

Another Great sport is Hurling whichis mixture of Hockey and lacrosse. Hurling consist of two teams of 15 theobjective is to put the ball pass the keeper into the net. Hurling is also ranby GAA and has over 1500 clubs as well and the female variant is called camogieIt is played on a pitch. Hurling was developed by irish farmers as a pass timeas the crops did not grow as fast in the winter. Ireland is a majestic and beautifulland. There isn’t a place as heartfelt and green a place as loyal and mean asEire. Ireland has some unique and brilliant sports. Ireland  music and dancing i hope i can go someday andexplore all the great options. My research about ireland and my heritage wasamazing and taught me a lot of cool things about ireland      Work Cited Page

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