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REFLECTION PAPER Reflection Paper Identify and describe the concept or concepts in the scenario using correct terminology from the course. If the concept is closely associated with the writings of a particular theorist (such as Freud, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and so on), then provide that information. Explain how the scenario fits the concept.
According to Sigmund Freud, in this essay on “ The Sexual Aberrations”, he noted that the sexual object and the sexual aim are two separate components (Sigmund, 1962). The sexual object refers to the desired object which in this case is a person of the opposite sex. The sexual aim refers to what acts are desired with the said object. In addition, Freud noted that there could be deviations from the norm with respect to these two components. Hence the sexual aim could deviate in desired acts with the sexual object (Sigmund, 1962). This is seen in the nature of activities that Carl would like to engage in with Sybil. Carl’s sexual aims have deviated from what they were and are considering a change in the sexual object so he can simply fulfill these aims.
According to Freud, most people often associate some forms of sexual behavior with animals and the insane (Sigmund, 1962). They consider this form of behavior abnormal and unacceptable. However, he goes on to note that abnormal sexual behavior also exists among normal people. Deviation from sexual aims often shifts towards preparatory sexual aspects such as looking and touching (Sigmund, 1962). This is represented in Carl’s desire for oral sex. He goes further to note that even people with normal human behavior have got abnormal sexual behavior thereby justifying Carl’s sexual needs to engage in more activities than they are normally used to.
Identify and describe the general perspective or approach to human sexuality that the concept falls under (such as gender theories, instinct theory, developmental, and psychodynamic). If the concept does not fit into one of those categories, then at least identify which part of human sexuality it deals with (such as gender, psychosexual development, and so on).
This concept falls under the psychosocial approach to human sexuality. Under this approach, human sexuality is perceived to be governed by psychosocial factors such as motivations, attitudes and emotions among others. The social conditions of the individuals are learned through other social experiences and precede the biological factors such as hormones and instincts in defining sexual attitudes and roles (Francoeur, 1991).
It can be implied that Carl had founded his approach to sexual activity through a series of learned social experiences as observed in pornographic movies. His views of such literature has fashioned his perceptions on how sexual experience should be.
However, Sybil perceives sexual activity as a factor of emotions preferring not to engage Carl in his preferences because it would make the entire process uncomfortable. In addition, she feels betrayed because Carl will not take her emotions into consideration, a process which significantly affects her motivation to engage Carl. These psychosocial factors have downplayed the biological factors of human sexuality that places emphasis on instinct. Sybil does not let human instinct to engage in sexual activity to come over her desire for psychosocial satisfaction. The biological role of sex in this case has also been suppressed as the couple has postponed having children for three years.
Examine and explain how U. S. social policy has been influenced and/or affected by the issues and concepts identified in the selected human sexuality case study.
The United States social policy has been influenced by the psychosocial needs to engage in sex as portrayed in this case. It is illegal to import any pornographic material into the country. It is also illegal to produce any pornographic material within the country that is meant to cause sexual excitement (Rist, 1973). This is partly because pornography affects the way couples will relate to one another. Most of the sexual activities that Carl would wish to engage in have been sourced from the pornographic content that they have been watching. The situation has spiraled out of context to the extent that the couple is willing to evaluate their relationship status because of unsatisfied sexual desires.
In addition, the pornographic content has made Carl with to explore various sexual activities at the expense of the comfort of his partner. Pornographic content often displays people engaging in outrageous sexual activities making it seem commonplace and even enjoyable. This created a façade that makes couples seek to try out such acts without thinking twice.
The rate of divorce and separation would likely increase as a result of such unrealistic expectations from their partners (Rist, 1973). In a bid to preserve the integrity of the family and maintain the elemental structure in society, the government has banned the sale and distribution of such material.
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Rist, R. (1973). The Pornography Controversy: Changing Moral Standards in American Life.
Sigmund, F. (1962). Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.

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