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Reflection on personal performance in business strategy game

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Business scheme games affecting direction procedure before corroborating the determination to be made. Lesson learned taken from the concern game, from the procedure and the content from the instance ( industry and state of affairs & A ; status of the concern ) .

Management Procedure

Planning was the first procedure taken. Reading and understanding the relevant information was necessary and plays a important function in be aftering procedure. Expectation was established in the planning, and followed stepping procedure until all facets have been determined, including all peculiarity in production ( capacity, theoretical account, etc. ) , transit ( transporting ) , labour, etc. Planning is critical, and it was indicated in the concern scheme games, in which it required rather some clip to accomplish an understanding. Time was besides a factor should be considered, and it drove the treatment on the planning to obtain the understanding. Organizing was besides needed in the game to obtain optimum procedure. One sentiment was listened and it organized the treatment and the way of the procedure toward certain scheme. Other sentiment was taking in to consideration, whether support or as devil protagonism to the scheme.

The procedure besides managed by forming the flow of treatment to focus on on the scheme with already decided to be focused on. One individual plays function as organiser at one clip became a beginning individual or follower in the other clip. This attack of forming made the advancement of the treatment in the one focal point that describes the scheme taken which leads to the determination. When a member played the function as organiser, so the member did directing the procedure and content harmonizing to the chosen scheme, and besides can happened that the scheme can be changed harmonizing to the expected consequence and sing premise of scheme of the rivals. Some times in the procedure, one or more member can hold their thrust traveling down. In this state of affairs other member did motivated the squad to maintain up the winning spirit. Controlling was besides involved in the procedure, by focal point on one thing and forfeits in other thing, align with the scheme. These four procedures of direction were implemented in the procedure of deriving the concluding determination and in finding the content to be made ( such as production/manufacturing, transportation, labour, monetary value, etc. ) , in which the concluding determination was made by consensus.

The experience in the game gives the acquisition point in practicing of implementing direction procedure, planning, forming, directing, and commanding. Within a given clip, group should be able to make planning ( including crafting the scheme, and set up the end ) , forming the procedure ( including agreed on the route map of the procedure, listening and showing sentiment, and seting to the features of the group ) , directing ( including bash and accept way, actuating others, do or originate determination ) , and commanding ( to be aligned with scheme ) .

Management Functions

Strategy plays a critical function in the procedure, and purpose to do the company have distinction that creates competitory border comparison with the rivals. Decisions are determined align with the chosen scheme. Strategy such as increasing market portion and or increasing monetary value to obtain more net income, and or have a low cost production by traveling the fabrication to the low cost location, and or take downing the labour cost, and or increasing the quality of the merchandise, etc. , were became the issues discussed during the procedure. Any determination made in the procedure should be linked to the scheme and finally to the expected consequence ( end ) .

Marketing direction enterprises plays of import function in the procedure. Attention was put in the advertisement or publicity plan. The determination on the enterprises was made in relation with other enterprises, and enterprise should be congruity to be able to make expected impact.

Operations direction was besides applied, in order to hold efficient and low cost production, to be able to take down the monetary value, or set stressing in better quality of merchandise and hence adjust the monetary value to a higher figure. Having different locations of fabrication was besides portion of consideration in operation direction, including the yearss needed for transportation, and stock list degree.

Fiscal direction was critical. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, the success of the scheme, whether the program was achieved of non, was determined by facts and figures which was analyzed and interpreted in footings of fiscal. The state of affairs or status of the company was sing of profitable, safe or potentially belly-up, and whether the scheme was effectual or non was determined from Numberss including fiscal ratios. Production program and realisation, exchange rate, labour cost, merchandise sold or unsold, inventory degree, monetary value, etc. were contributed to the fiscal status, and will be analyzed farther for finding following scheme ( for following tally ) .

Human Resource was besides had major function in the determination procedure. Number of labour involved, salary and inducements, were several factors considered in human resource map. During the treatment it was besides considered incentive factors as the factor that can hike the motive of the employees, in which can increase the productiveness and finally proportionately can take down the cost.

Experience in the concern games told that the direction maps will be more effectual if it was take into consideration in incorporate manner. The scheme made was comprise of many maps of direction,

Working in Teams

Team work was a factor that can smooth the advancement of the pattern toward a productive manner. At one clip one member took the function as leader, and expressed the thought or sentiment which regarded as mention that was supported or argued by other members. The leader than usher or direct the procedure toward obtaining acceptable or best solution. Other member played function as follower, tried to understand point of position of the leader, and gave sentiment to enrich the information for holding the determination. In one procedure it can happened that the function of leader was switch from one member to another member, and take the treatment toward the determination.

Working in squad in the concern games demonstrated by listening to other sentiments or thoughts and, gave part to the group by making analysis and showing constructive statement and thought or sentiment to the group. In the procedure of doing group determination, group tried to obtain consensus, with all group members support the determination.

Experience and Lesson Taken to Working Topographic point

In taking unit in the on the job topographic point, it is of import to hold clear ends for the unit, which are determined in the procedure of public presentation planning that normally take topographic point at the beginning of the twelvemonth. The ends comprises of organisation ( unit ) aim, and single aim which should be clear and mensurable ( mention to SMART Goals rule ) and cascaded from top to bottom, means that the ends are aligned from executive or director place to staff place. Having a clear ends or outlooks will do all employees within the unit know precisely what are expected to be achieved and will do the monitoring of public presentation become more effectual, and finally it will do the rating of the accomplishment more effectual. Leader should be able to specify the ends, which reflected what the unit wants to be, peculiarly for the several twelvemonth.

For the unit, scheme than decided to specify what is the best manner to accomplish the ends or replying how to acquire at that place. Leader should be able to find the scheme, which should see of holding different manner of making instead than merely following the same thing. Strategy should hold put into consideration chances and obstructions that can potentially will be faced along the twelvemonth. For the unit public presentation, flow of work, service degree understanding, figure of employee, preparation and development plan that will hold impact to the quality of work, compensation pattern, etc. should be considered in order to hold effectual scheme.

Every people in the organisation have potential, and leader should set attempt to unleash the potency of the person and back up them to execute in their work. Many enterprises of betterment or plans come from the people in the unit that can give positive impact to the unit. Motivation is needed to maintain the work spirit non fall to the lower degree. Leader should make training to guarantee people in the unit understand and on path, do certain that people move to the same way with same scheme. Every map of direction can be implemented to accomplish optimal consequence. Pull offing the operation implemented to guarantee effectivity and efficiency of work. Human resource direction will assist in guaranting what unit do are aline with the concern. Financial direction can be implement whether in concern or support map, for case to mensurate Return on Investment of certain enterprises.

As member of direction squad, we should lend in a positive manner by giving sentiment and thoughts, or making what has been decided fruitfully. Discussion should be conducted in contributing manner, listen what other people say and express sentiment to make to the determination. When determination has been made, member should follow and committed to execute the determination in efficaciously. Success of the unit is besides determined by the competence, public presentation, and part of the members. To hold an optimal consequence, member should be able to look the intent as unit intent non single purpose. This rule can make synergism between members in the squad and can lend more to the public presentation of the squad.

The concern scheme games provide inspiration that can be applied in the on the job state of affairs. Having rivals that can impact the consequence of one group convey the message that in set uping criterion, one unit should non look into inside factors, but should besides see outside factors. The capableness of the unit can be seen otherwise and will take to different ends and scheme. Scheme can be different if the external status is supportive and indicates chance and will be different if the external conditions are non suiting. Macro and micro analysis can be conducted to hold a more comprehensive analysis for obtaining effectual and right determination.

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