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Refining solutions critical thinking examples

Original issue

During the latter process of creative thinking where I engaged through a rigorous process of finding a problem through curiosity, I found that I have been prejudicial in my interactions with my surroundings. Informed by curiosity and after thinking retrospectively, I realized that I lost objectivity when engaging with other individuals. This was characterized by dismissal of their ideas without thoughtful consideration. More so, I undermined the arguments and the intellectual ability of some individuals. In this paper, I will refine the solutions I identified during the previous exercise with the aim of getting a working solution that if implemented, will rid me of the bad habit.

Initial solutions

In the process of producing ideas, I came up with the following tentative solutions towards the expressed problem. The first tentative solution towards the expressed problem, was keeping an open mind towards conversation. This implies attempts towards avoiding preformed judgments and opinions about someone. This enhances objectivity when considering opinions and ideas from another person. Secondly, during the literature search, I found that a person’s personality type has an inclination towards my problem. Individuals with the authoritarian type of personality have a tendency towards prejudice.
The third tentative solution was exploring for any inner insecurities within me. There is a tendency to pick on others or look down upon them in order to feel good about one self especially if one is insecure. The forth tentative solution was allowing other people to talk before I did. By doing this, I would first be influenced by their brilliance and intelligence, a fact that would make it extraneous for me as an intellectual to disregard their ideas on prejudicial grounds. The fifth tentative solution was taking up a foreign language. Language is a common manifestation of culture in a society.
Through learning a different language, I would be able to appreciate the cultural differences between different societies. This would help take care of any prejudices that are racially or culturally motivated. Finally, I explored the idea of taking a vacation in a different culture. This would require me to learn the cultural practices that are unique to them.

Critical examination of the best solution

As espoused above, the previous exercise gave forth to six tentative solutions to the problems expressed. Of the solutions established, the best solution was to find out my personality type. From the literature search and interviews with professionals, I am now aware that personality types have a lot to do with prejudicial tendencies. I believe this holds water because individuals who have authoritarian personality types have tendencies towards prejudice. I feel that understanding my personality type will also assist me paint a better picture of my insecurities. This way, I will know why I get threatened by people who challenge my intellectual abilities.

Evaluation of the argument

In order to properly evaluate the argument, I will engage in a three step process:
– Statement of the argument: I believe that I am prejudicial towards others because of inner emotions that are not taken care of. More precisely, I believe that I am insecure about something that I am not aware of and with professional help; I might have a chance at solving the mystery.
– Examining the evidence: Firstly, I have a tendency to take lead everywhere. For instance, I attended once attended a class group discussion where I felt the group leader was not worth the title. I felt that I was better positioned to lead the group. When I think retrospectively about it, I cannot find anything with merit as to why the other individual could not lead the group. Secondly, I do not take instructions very well, especially when given by my junior. More precisely, I do not think a younger person, even if with a higher rank should give me orders. In instances where I follow the instructions, it is more of luck of choice that willingness.
– Examining the argument for flaws in reasoning: It is possible that that my supposition that my problems is prejudice is flawed. If such were the case, then I would be solving a problem that is not in existence. For instance, it could be that, I am blind to other probabilities due to the fact that I am self evaluating. However, the evidence I have adduced to back my suppositions is concrete and when I think retrospectively, I see its credibility.

Revised Argument

Refined solution with implementation plan
In the earlier exercise, learning my personality type was earmarked as the best solution for my problem. However, through a three step process, I will refine this solution for clarity and effectiveness.
– Working out the details: The solution is to be implemented through the guidance of a professional psychiatrist. We will both work on the modalities of an appropriate time frame depending on the exercises he has lined up. I presume that this will be done at the psychiatrist’s office or at a venue agreed by both of us. I will be principally responsible for financing the solution.
– Finding imperfections and complications: Complications to implementing the solution might arise because of time constraints especially because I have to balance a tight schedule. However, I am sufficiently motivated to the process and any complications arising will be dealt with in good faith. I could do this from my house devoid of the help from a professional, but I am afraid that I may not achieve the required discipline to see it through. The solution will change my outlook of life. I am psychologically prepared for such changes.
– Making improvements: Any improvements to be made on the solution will be made in consultation with my psychiatrist.

Final solution

After the rigorous process of refining the solution, I finally contend that I will see a professional psychiatrist to help me deal with my insecurities, unfulfilled emotions and by extension the prejudicial tendencies.

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