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Recruiting new employees to work by carl robins

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Carl Robins is faced with very serious problems as the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Thiscase studyanalysis will show the many problems that evolved when he attempted to recruit new employees to work for Monica Carroll. After reviewing the issues at hand, we will discuss the possible solutions available for Carl to rectify the situation and the proposed solution that he should take. Carl Robins is a competent employee of ABC, Inc. As with any new position a person is involved in, he will face challenges.

However, it is not impossible to overcome these challenges.


In early April, Carl recruited fifteen new hires to work for Monica who is the Operations Supervisor. After recruiting them, he scheduled orientation to take place in June. This was in the hopes that the new employees would be able to start working by July. Approximately one month before orientation, Monica contacted Carl to check on the new hire process for the fifteen recruits. Once Monica was assured by Carl that everything was under control, Carl decided to check on things himself.

At this point, Carl is unaware of the problems that he will be facing once he gets into the project.


The first problem that arises for Carl is when he checks on the new trainee files and realizes that the files are not complete. All new employees went through theinterviewprocess and filled out paperwork. Unfortunately, the paperwork is not completely filled out for their applications. To make matters worse, the files should have transcripts to go with them, but they are missing. The problems just get worse when he checks deeper into their files and realizes none of the trainees had drug screening on file.

Once he is done looking at the new trainee files Carl checks the orientation manuals and realizes that there are only three copies of the manual. Carl is supposed to have at least fifteen copies of the manual so that each new hire can have a copy for their own. As he goes through the orientation manual he also realizes that the three copies of the orientation manual that he has is missing several pages from each one. It seems that the problems with the new employee orientation just keep piling up for Carl. The next problem to arise is just as frustrating as the previous problems.

Carl checks on the training room that he is planning on using for orientation. When he walks into the room he sees Joe, fromtechnology, setting up computers all around the room. He finds out quickly that the training room has been reserved for both himself and Joe for the month of June so that Joe can train employees on a new software. It has been a very stressful day for Carl and after all of the issues he has found concerning the new trainee orientation, Carl panics. Many of the problems that Carl has found concerning the new employee orientation could have been avoided.

Carl is a recently hired employee himself. He should have kept up with the progress of the new employee orientation and checked on the files for the applicants. ABC, Inc. should also have made sure that their new employee was capable of doing his job efficiently. If Carl had stayed on top of his project, the problems that he faced would not have occurred.


There are several problems that Carl is facing with his new employee orientation. The first problem is that the new trainees do not have complete applications on file and are missing their transcripts.

To fix this problem Carl has more than one possible solution. For the incomplete applications, Carl could have the new hires finish them on the first day of orientation. If this solution does not work, he could mail the applications to the new hires, have them complete the paperwork, and then mail or fax it back to him. To correct the issue of the missing transcripts, Carl can contact the new employees and ask each of them to bring copies with them when they report to orientation. After dealing with the issue of the incomplete applications and missing transcripts, Carl still has to deal with the next problem.

None of the new employees have been to the drug testing clinic for their mandatory drug screens. This problem can be fixed with minimal effort on Carl’s part. All he would have to do is call the new hires, let them know where the clinic is located, and give them a date for their drug screen to be completed. Once he has spoken with each new hire, this problem will be solved and Carl can focus on the next issue with the new employee orientation. The next difficulty that Carl faces is the problem with the orientation manuals.

Carl only has three copies of the manual, which are each missing pages, and he has fifteen new employees that need their own copy. It will take some effort on Carl’s part to rectify this problem, but there is a solution. Carl should take one of the copies of the manual that he already has and find out what pages are missing from it. Then, once he knows what pages he needs, he should get those pages from the other two manuals and add them to the first copy. This will make a full copy of the orientation manual, which he can then use to make fifteen copies of for the new hires.

The last problem that Carl faces is probably the most crucial of all of them. Carl has found out that the training room for the new hire orientation has been double booked and will also be used by Joe for computer training. There are two options Carl may choose to try and fix this issue. Carl could go to scheduling and find out who booked the room first. If Carl originally booked the room for orientation, he could force the technology department to vacate the room during his allocated time so that he could still use the room for the new hire orientation on the 15th.

Another way Carl could fix this issue would be to talk with scheduling and find out if there is another room that he could possibly use for the orientation. If there is another room available, Carl can book the orientation for that place and will not have to push technology out of the original room. This solution will also avoid any possible confrontation between Carl and Joe from Technology services, which is great for work place drama. No one likes a stressful workenvironment.


In order to ensure that these problems do not arise in the future, new procedures should be put into place when hiring new employees.

When hiring a new employee, the applicant should have all paperwork completely filled out at the interview. This will save time and difficulties in the future. Transcripts should be collected at the second interview and put in the file with the application. When a new applicant is hired, the new employee should be given 72 hours to report to the clinic for drug screening. Drug screening is mandatory for each applicant. In the future, applicants will be given deadlines. This creates organization in the company and will assist recruiters in the future when hiring new employees.

There should be a master copy of the new hire orientation manual on file at all times as a back-up for copies when there is an orientation. When scheduling orientation in the training room, there should be a second room also reserved in case of an emergency. These new procedures should be typed up and filed in the new hire orientation file. These proposed procedures will help ensure the success of new employees throughout the company. In anycareerpath there isresponsibility. Many times we face problems in our jobs.

No matter what we have to do to overcome these obstacles, there is always a sense of accomplishment when we finish a task. Carl faced many obstacles when he attempted his first recruitment for ABC, Inc. These problems have solutions and Carl should be able to salvage the orientation without too much effort on his part. The incomplete applications can be completed and transcripts attached. Drug testing can be administered. Orientation manuals can be copied for the new employees and the training room can be salvaged. These solutions are manageable.

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