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Reactions on gay marriage

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Task: Reactions on Gay Marriage The president of Chick-fill-A, Dan Cathy, d his stand against gay unions. He emphasized the company’s customary culture of supporting the heterosexual family unit. He claimed that being gay invites God’s wrath on the nation.
This issues falls under the customer environment because it largely affects the customers who visit the premise. The majority of customers swore that they would never return to the premise due to such comments. However, it was an expression of the freedom of speech.
Adam Smith yelled at a female employee of Click-fill-A. He disliked the president’s comments about gays (Cote 1). He believed that recording himself ambushing the female worker would send the message about relaxing the restaurants stand. There was no legal action taken against the man. He acknowledged his mistakes by apologizing online and offering to make restitution on harm caused.
Smith lost his job despite his apologies. This happened after his own-recorded video went viral on the internet (Cote 1). Vante disowned his reactions by claiming that the reactions did not reflect their opinion. Furthermore, Vante had requested Smith to maintain “ Radio Silence” and not post an apology video. He posted an apology that had significant retaliatory responses of hate mails and threats to the other employees (Cote 1).
Making public statements on behalf of other people can be costly. This is true where the utterances made touch on sensitive topics that may realize economic, political and social costs to the third party (Cote 1). Moreover, personal views may not reflect the opinion of other groups or people.
Putting personal information on social sites can compromise a person’s security (Cote 1). It can be costly to ones public image and employment credibility especially when the decision made is infamous. The results of this can be embarrassing and hurtful to the individual.
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