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Reaction papper

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REACTION PAPPER THE MAHKING OF A WRITER (SALVADOR P. LOPEZ) Every one of us has a unique characteristic and ability in writing of short stories, poems, and essays. An average person can only write simple one as he/she can it well take time for him/her to make a complete sentences in order to have a one paragraph . But for the talented persons especially in writing they can make easily even if it is five or more pages. Human are being compared to animals but human is the most high of all, we can communicate to other and we can express of feelings throw writing. Yes it is easy to write but thought is the most common problem in starting a writings. Feelings of one’s person are hard to expound to a certain thing. A writer must sharpen his sensations to open the sluices by which his mind is fed with an infinite variety of information and experience. It means that a good writer is always applying his/her experiences to its writings more realistic and easy to understand for the readers. A perfect craft of a writer is the fruit of patient and strong determination to finish his or her work. A man will say that he was not born to be a writer. But the true is he/she is just only lazy to make a good one. It is not important to become a perfect writer the most important is you have the passion in writing and determination to do so. Prepared by; Mark Vincent G. Ramirez Prepared to; BSEd III-A Ms, Maluo Napoles

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