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Quote & character matching

“ To take vengeance on a farmer is easier than slicing a banana” The Road to Salvation by Premchand“ when a fellow’s in the grip of anger all his sense gets jumbled up” The Road to Salvation by Premchand“ Scholars, holy men, and poets sizzle with jealousy when the see other scholars, holy men, and poets” The Road to Salvation by PremchandJhingurA Road to Salvation – Sugar Cane FarmerBuddhuA Road to Salvation – The ShepherdLakshmiA Road to Salvation – The goddess of wealthHariharA Road to Salvation – The leader of the tanners“ A daughter born, to her husband or death has already gone.” Giribala by Mahasweta Devi“ Having a daughter only means having to raise a slave for others” Giribala by Mahasweta DeviAulchandGiribala – Giribala’s husbandBangshiGiribala – The doctor’s assistant who calls Giri’s father “ uncle” BelariniGiribala – Giri’s firstborn daughterPoribala, Rajib, and MaruniGiribala – The rest of Giri’s childrenChuyiaWater – The 7 year old widowAuntieWater – An elderly widow that is nice to ChuyiaBad DidiWater – The HBOC widowShakuntalaWater – Like a mother to Chuyia, helps her escapeKalyaniWater – the beautiful young widow with the puppyNarayanWater – the handsome scholar and Buddha enthusiastRabindraWater – Narayan’s friendGulabiWater – the pimpSandanadaWater – The Priest“ In this vast landscape he had loved so much, he was alone” The Guest by Albert CamusDaruThe Guest – The schoolmasterBalducciThe Guest – The old gendarmeThe ArabThe Guest – prisoner“ The settler lucky enough to be allotted the lush warm valley… wonder what unsuspected vein of richness he had struck” The Old Chief Mshlanga By Doris Lessing“ All this land, this land you call yours, is his land, and belongs to our people” The Old Chief Mshlanga By Doris LessingMercyTwo Sisters – The promiscuous sisterConnieTwo Sisters – The older sister of MercyJamesTwo Sisters – Husband of ConnieJoeTwo Sisters – taxi driver who likes MercyAkosuaTwo Sisters – Connie & James’s babyMensar-ArthurTwo Sisters – Member of Parliament; dating Mercy“ No, its just that women allow them to behave the way they do instead of seizing some freedom themselves” Two Sisters by Ama Ata Aidoo“ He hates tears, for like so many men, he knows it is one of the most potent weapons in women’s bitchy and inexhaustible arsenal” Two Sisters by Ama Ata Aidoo“ Count, Mercy, count your blessings” Two Sisters by Ama Ata Aidoo“ Even an Osu was full of pride nowadays, thanks to the white man” Chike’s School Days by Chinua Achebe“ It was like a window through which he saw in the distance a strange, magical new world. And he was happy.” Chike’s School Days by Chinua AchebeSarahChike’s School Days – Chike’s mother, and OsuAmosChike’s School Days – Chike’s father, married an Osu girlMr. BrownChike’s School Days – White missionary; supported Amos in marrying an OsuThe divinerChike’s School Days – A man of great power and wisdom“ Then he drifted into the hands of the colonial regime and cooperated.” Wedding at the Cross by Ngugi wa Thiong’o“ She felt so powerful and strong and raised her head even more proudly” Wedding at the Cross by Ngugi wa Thiong’oWariukiWedding at the Cross – Love of MirariamuMirariamuWedding at the Cross – Obedient wife who did her duty to GodDouglas JonesWedding at the Cross – Mirariamu’s fatherDodge W. LivingstoneWedding at the Cross – New name for Wariuki when he because successful and religious“ Human beings can hate each other more than death” Punishment by TagoreChidam RuiPunishment – Married to ChandaraDukhiram RuiPunishment – Married to Rudha, killed herRadhaPunishment – The older Wife of Dukhiram; KilledChandaraPunishment – Wife of ChidamRamlochan ChakravartiPunishment – Pillar of the village; Chief source of legal matters“ If I lose my wife, I can get another, but if my brother is hanged, how can I replace him?” Punishment by Tagore“ To hell with him” Punishment by Tagore

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