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Answer No I think ‘ The Nursing Crisis; The Solution Lies Within’ is the most effective essay of all three because it is written in a more thoughtful and clear manner as compared to the rest of the essays. This essay has a proper introduction to the problem, a wide range of evidences, and proposed solutions. Although the two essays also convey the meaning easily to the readers, but the structure of this essay provides more convenience in reading and understanding the content. The author has identified some key problems related to the field of nursing and provided enough evidences from authentic sources as a support. In the end, the author has provided a plan of actions to overcome the problems. Moreover, the author has given some suggestions to make young people aware of the importance of nursing profession, as well as to encourage them to join this profession.
Answer No: 2
Part A:
The opening paragraph of the first essay was okay as it clear communicated the problem areas. However, there should have been a proper closing paragraph to generalize the problems and solutions.
Considering the nature of the second and the third essay, I feel that opening and closing were appropriate because letters and memos do not need anything in the opening and closing paragraphs other than the original motive.
Part B:
I do not see any issue regarding cohesive devises in the essays as all of them have been written professionally. The only issue that I have observed is regarding third essay in which ‘ I’d’ could have been replaced by ‘ I would’. For example, ‘ Division for six years, I’d like to propose…’ could have been replaced by ‘ Division for six years, I would like to propose…’. Every other thing, such as, connective words, transitional sentences, and paragraphs seem to be correct.
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