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There is a degree to which borrowing is something that just happens artistically. In an article in New Yorker magazine, a scientist d Lewis tries to make the case that a play, “ Frozen” is based on her. She recounts one seen – “’In my book,’ she said, ‘ I talk about where I rush out of the house with my black carry-on, and I have to black pocketbooks, and the play opens with her with one big black bag and a carry-on, rushing out to do a lecture’” (Gladwell). She is essentially saying that there are significant similarities between her life as depicted in her book, and what occurs on stage, using this particular scene as an example.
I think, however, that this does not necessarily do a very good job of illustrating her point. When you boil it down to the fundamentals, the similarities in the scene consist of a person a) having two black bags and b) rushing to meet a deadline. The differences, however, are significant. The deadlines are different – a lecture and an airplane. The person in the play has a big black bag in addition to the carry on, instead of just the carry-on. If someone did a poll of all plays written, there would certainly be many instance of someone rushing somewhere with a black bag. And that Lewis chose to highlight this particular scene means that it seemed especially flagrant to her – one usually selects the best evidence to support one’s point. So, while the broad sweeps of this play seem to copy her life significantly, if the details are no closer than this I would say that it is possible the play is in fact original, and uses her life in acceptable ways.

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