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Qualificaiton framework

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Question There are 8 levels of education and qualification after the high school level. Level qualification recognizes skills, ability and basic knowledge to apply learning with supervision or guidance. Level 2 qualification recognizes the competency to attain understanding and knowledge of a subject area of study or work. In addition to this, level 2 qualification helps to perform various tasks with some supervision and guidance. Level 3 qualifications identify the ability to attain and apply range of skills, understanding and knowledge in several complex situations. This level deals with detailed understanding and knowledge. Level 3 qualifications are quite appropriate for the students who wish to go to the universities or the people who wished to work independently in an organization.
Level 4 qualifications involved in-depth analysis of high level of knowledge and information. This level deals with specialist learning. Learning at this level is quite appropriate for people who used to work in managing, technical, professional or development job (Watkinson 108). The qualification at level 4 is equivalent to academic certificates of higher education. Level 5 qualifications recognize the competency to increase depth of knowledge and understanding. It helps to enable to formulate the solutions to the complex situations and problems. Level 6 qualifications recognize high level of skills and knowledge. This level motivates students to generate innovative ideas to give a solution to the problem. Level 7 qualifications recognize highly developed skills and knowledge. This level helps students to provide original and in-depth responses to the unpredictable and complicated situations and problems. Lastly, level 8 qualifications recognize leading practitioners or experts in a specific field.
Question 2
Doctorate degree is the highest degree that is awarded by an approved educational organization or a graduate school to a skilled and most competent student (Brown 107). Generally the duration of doctoral program vary in length between 4-5 years depending on various subject areas and areas of research work.
A Master’s degree is an important academic degree that is granted to the individuals who have high-order overview of a professional practice area or a specific field of study. Duration of Master’s degree vary in length between 2-3 years depending on the subject areas.
A bachelor degree is an important academic degree that is conferred to a student by a university or college. This degree is provided to those students who complete entire undergraduate curriculum. Duration of Bachelor’s degree vary in length between 3-4 years depending on the subject areas.
Diploma is an academic certificate that is awarded by a particular educational establishment in order to show that a student has comprehensively completed a particular course of study. There are several types of Diploma courses, such as 2 years of diploma and 3 years of diploma. Advanced Diploma is another course that takes 18 months to complete.
HND is a diploma certificate given for a particular vocational training which prepares a student for a successful future career in a specific area. HND is 1 year full time study course.
HNC is an academic qualification certificate recognized by several professional and technical institutions. HNC course curriculum is short-term unlike other degree and certificates. HNC is considered as part time academic course that takes 1-2 year to complete.
Normal certificate is recognized by several educational organizations for the students who try to do a professional course beside academic curriculum (Ashwin 96). Normal certificate course takes maximum 1 year to complete.
Secondary education certificate is the specific certificate beyond the elementary grades that is provided by a school, preparatory school or a college. Secondary education curriculum takes 2-3 years to complete depending on the education structure of different countries.
Question 3
Level 8
Level 7
Level 6
Level 5
Level 4
Level 3
Normal Certificates
Level 2
Secondary Certificate
Level 1
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