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Public speaking class

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Public Speaking Public speaking is not just an act, but also some form of art. It takes great courage and skill to stand in front of a multitude to address them effectively and deliver a certain message. “ Speaking before a crowd is like riding a bicycle, you ether know how to do it or you don’t”- Theodore Roosevelt (Kraft 34). This statement holds true since it requires a great deal of confidence and skill not just to speak in front of people, but to retain their attention throughout the period. This discourse looks at a recent career talk I attended at a local youth group where one of the speakers, Martin Harris inspired me greatly by his mastery of the art.
The event was organized by a group of young people who had invited a group of professional speakers to come and talk to the young people on various career options. Martin is a senior manager at a law firm and was quite proud of informing us about his position at the start of his speech. He started his speech by joking that the secret to speaking to a multitude of eager minds like his employees is, not letting them know that he is afraid of them.
From his introduction, you could tell that this was going to be an interesting speech as most people decided to pocket their phones and pay attention to this new and vibrant speaker. His introduction entailed him giving a brief overview of his success in his career. From his introduction, it was important to note that a key tactic in successful public speaking is to begin on a light note and capture the audience’s attention.
He then sank into the content of his speech. He carefully outlined to us how he and decided to pursue his career in n law despite opposition from his parents. Martin informed us that they key to a successful career is having passion from an early stage of development. IT was quite interesting the way he spoke with confidence and expertise in about his career. He was quite eloquent and comprehensible so the audience did not have to struggle to hear him well. This I noted is another tip to quality public speaking, being eloquent and comprehensible.
Martin had structured his speech and ordered its delivery using a specific sequence. He started off by introducing us to his career, giving some background information and showing us his progress over the years to his current position in his firm. The speech was ordered in a way that it was easy to follow through in case someone lost attention for a while. This he said was another skill in public speaking. Ensuring that the content you are delivering is well ordered and structured.
His body movement was also very fluid and co-ordinated. He used gestures to emphasize important points such as the need for discipline in your career. Another factor that made him stand out as a good public speaker was how he engaged the audience. He asked us questions why we thought lawyers were corrupt and manipulative. This triggered a short constructive discussion which kept the audience interacted and part of his speech.
In conclusion, I generally enjoyed his public speaking and thought that his mastery of all these factors is what made him unique from the entire speaker who talked about careers at the event. Public speaking is therefore an art which incorporates all these factors and can be used as a tool to effectively pass an important message.
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