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Public policy - asian american (ethic studies)

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Public Policy and Asian Americans Although not exhaustive confinements binding human beings essentially exist in four forms. As evidenced in the issues underpinning public policy and Asian America, is explicit that human beings have initiated and always push for means to liberate themselves from these confinements in terms of restructuring their lives through developing policies to guide their social, economic and political aspects (Emerson 28). History and Geography as observed by (Emerson 36), have been significant confinements to the lives of most Asian Americans: the Asian American population is characterized by at least three other demographic features; emergent patterns of geographic dispersion, historic patterns of geography concentration and an on-going pattern of striking population diversity. Similar to the assertion of Ali Shariati, (Emerson 67) affirms that through the public policy and Asian Americans, most Asian Americans have attained freedom after comprehending how historical forces operate and have shaped their lives. Issues of sentencing of the coloreds, racial profiling, and abuse of women were rampant in the past. However, after pushing for freedom, it culminated into the Public policy and Asian Americans; thus, historical issues of oppression have been appropriately dealt with. Social class and class structure is prison to human beings. In a demographic survey conducted to identify the geographic distribution of Asian Americans, it became apparent that pacific islanders, a group of Asians were mainly concentrated in urban areas. Most of them shared common values and had similar social class structure unlike lower-income Asians. In relation to the final prison, human beings by nature have a diverse range of choices to make in life. In support of this (Emerson 87), notes that we are free as human beings either to act in the right way or wrong way. This depends on the personal choices we make in life either to cause harm or good to others. This is a prison that has been facing most Asian Americans. According to the public policy and Asian Americans, Asian youth gangs work in conjunction with gangs. Groups have thus been established to work with corrective action departments in order to sensitize police officers on issues that are specific to Asian American youth. In order to consolidate power, hegemony is necessary if not a prerequisite condition. However, contrary to the observation made by Ali Shariati, the best hegemony is one attained through consent of individuals involved. Emerson (89), bases her argument on the idea that hegemony obtained through coercion, cannot be long-lasting in the contemporary society that is essentially characterized by democratic approaches to such controversial issues. In addition, (Emerson 56) affirms Gramsci’s conception by affirming that human beings have a significant say, and as such they shape, express, and where necessary dictate the best practices to be ruled under. In addition, in line with public policy and Asian Americans, Asians themselves through their electoral groups assist in identifying, supporting, and grooming Asian Americans for federal, statewide, and even local positions (Emerson 78). According to this policy, electoral groups assist in grass-root mobilization, fundraising, endorsements, and getting out the votes. On practical analysis, this in essence is a true depiction of Gramsci’s conception of hegemony in order to consolidate votes through the use of personal consent and even in some circumstances through coercing individuals. The concept of hegemony in solving public policy issues should follow a reformist approach based on conception that it is only through a reformist approach that one can convince others on reason and as a consequence win their consent. Adopting a radical approach may imply elements of using force to consolidate acceptance and as observed by Gramsci, hegemony obtained through force cannot be maintained and secured, more so in the contemporary society, without attaining consent.
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