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Public health and the law

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a legislative law that was created under the Highway Safety Act. The act outlined various approaches to preventing fatalities related to the operation of motor vehicles (RRBC, 2008). The act designed a campaign to prevent injuries inflicted on the public members by motor vehicles.
The Federal Commercial Driving License (CDL) Laws
The administrative law demands that all commercial drivers must possess a CDL. It considers serious commercial vehicle violations like exceeding speed limits and the main vehicle violations such as driving under the influence of alcohol (WTAO, 2009).
The laws on insurance
These laws ratified by the legislature necessitate the covers on the motor vehicles against accidents and the relevant liabilities connected to the incidence of the insured peril. This ensures prompt treatment of passengers, pedestrians, and rehabilitation of the vehicle.
These laws, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, the Highway Safety Act, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration enabled several changes in the planning of motor vehicles and the highways (WTAO, 2009). The laws defined the relationship between the human, the motor vehicle, and the highway to reduce the possibilities of crashing. The new safety features were included in vehicles such as rests, energy-absorbing steering wheels, shatter-resistant windshields, and safety belts (WTAO, 2009). The situations of the roads were upgraded by incorporating well-designed delineated curves, the employment of road signs and utility poles, improved lighting, additional barriers separating the roads into different lanes, and the application of guardrails. The highways, therefore, offer enough space for driving hence minimizes the chances of crashing vehicles, which has been a common source of fatal accidents. This has reduced the new designs of vehicles especially the seat belts reduce the magnitude of injuries that could lead to disability.
The Federal CDL Driving Laws have assisted in lowering the prevalence of accidents caused by alcoholism among the drivers. It has coined the standards that require proper skills, training, and qualifications for CDL applicants (RRBC, 2008)
The passenger protection laws are administrative laws with varying requirements and are subject to penalties on non-compliance. These safety-belt use laws that allow the traffic police to stop and check if there is a violation. The child-safety and booster seats are also in practice to protect the young during accidents (WTAO, 2009).
The federal and state governments have to take part in motor vehicle safety. Since 1925, the number of accidents and related fatalities increased tremendously until 1966, when the situation was reversed upon the intervention of the federal and state governments (RRBC, 2008).

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