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Psychoanalytic personality assessment

Each individual is distinguished by their own uniquepersonality. Personality is developed in different stages of a person life. There are several theorists who have tried to decipher the different types of personalities and determine the meaning of each. Freud, Jung, and Adler were known as sterling psychologists. Although they were sterling their views onpsychologyvaried. To compare and contrast their psychoanalysis theories, Freud, Jung, and Adler perspectives on personality was similar but dissimilar at times. This assessment will compare and contrast psychoanalytic theories of Freud, Jung, and Adler.

The assessment will also explain the two characteristics in which I agree and disagree. This assessment will describe the stages of Freud’s theory and explain characteristics of personality using these components. This assessment will conclude by describing the use of at least three Freudian defense mechanisms with real life examples. The theories Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung shared is called psychoanalytic theories. These great men main theory was to decipher human behavior. They focused on many aspects of understanding of psychology.

Their main focus was to discover a person’s previouschildhoodexperiences and decipher the color a male of female would view a current experience. Freud established the theory that focused on psychosexual progress. Adler established human psychology. Jung established the analytical part of psychology. Freud psychoanalytical insight was broken down using three characteristics Id, ego, and superego (Friedman, Schustack, 2012). Freud describes Id as the foundation of personality. Id is demonstrated as not being affected by the external world (Friedman, Schusstack, 2012). The id hold the main physic force and motivations, which referent urges or feelings.

The second characteristic Freud describes is ego. Ego demonstrates an individual actually having to with the external world. A person ego is controlled by real life encounters for example, going work, taking care of the children, socializing, and running daily errands. Freud believes that a person ego reflects reality principles, which are real life situations. Carl Jung believes that ego is the facet of an individual’s personality. Jung also believes the ego personality is a conscious action of self control. The third characteristic that Freud demonstrates is superego.

Superego is the characteristic thatjoins moral valuesand society values. Moral values are taught by our parent who allows a person to know right from wrong. Society morals influence an individual personality by theenvironmentthat they live among. Superego is a person conscience that telling them from within what ethical decision or action you need to make (Friedman, Schustack, 2012). Carl G. Jung comes from afamilyline of ministers on both his mother and father side. Jung theories’ regarding personality was peculiar and somewhat different. Jung personality theories consist of a person’s thought and childhood encounters.

His focal point was less on sexuality, and more on historical, spiritual, and supernatural occurrences than Freud’s psychoanalytic psychology (Friedman, Schusstack, 2012). Jung analytic psychology was geared toward three component of the mind: the conscious ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. Jung theory on ego did resemble to Freud’s theory on ego. He believed that a person’s ego was conscious personified by the selfmotivation. Jung also believed that an individual develops this personality at four years of age (Friedman, Schustack, 2012).

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