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Psychoanalytic family therapy

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Three known forms of managed care that patients or clients have exclusive discretion to choose are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Primary Care Physician. In all the three forms, clients chose from a list of doctors desired to manage their health. The chosen doctors then stand the right to make any decision such as to refer a patient to another specialist. Since the given doctor is to deal with the patient directly, they need to understand personal constructs and understanding of the patient. This becomes easier when applying Psychoanalytic Family Therapy (Nichols, 2013). With Psychoanalytic Family Therapy, individual therapists are able to analyze self-psychology of patients to understand the cause and nature of an underlying problem. Despite the complexity of the theory, charges for services offered by Psychoanalytic therapists vary with variation in the conduct of the individual therapist. This exonerates simple reasoning that complexity of Psychoanalytic Family Therapy makes it expensive than other approaches.

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