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Proud of being an indian

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I am an Indian and what am I proud of? What if I were to list five points? umm…. , *India’s diversity in flora and fauna Oust a while before it reads only flora) *Cultural differences (toooooooo many really) *Tourism spots?? (l must have visited , what, five or six of them?… the foreigners know them better! ) *Growing Economy (growing since God knows when? : S) *Indian Cricket! (the real pride of the Indians) Something we have been writing since decades in essays? India is perhaps the world’s largest developing country.

I don’t know when we shall be classified as a developed one. When one compares India to the United States of America or the United Kingdom or russia, it will always remain developing, I fear. It is because Indians that can make a difference are not in India. India is severely lacking in a strong backbone comprised of accomplised, educated and hard working citizens, who are now living abroad in one of those developed countries. I am aware that India has its own priced possessions (Reliance, Tata, Raymond, HCL, Maruti Udyog etc. Even so, we are yet to walk away with a victory in the International RACE. The fact that India is a developing country does not lie in Just that. We are recognised for being the world’s largest population, behold, we even topped the list of countries with largest murder count this year and we are a hotspot for terrorist activities. With such drawbacks, a weak government (that announces rise in prices of almost every commodity. Good heavens, my parents cannot stop cribbing about that! running the orld’s largest democracy and a lethargic police force (Aarushi’s case and several others prove Just how ineflcient and incompetent they can be), what can an Indian expect? Wouldn’t Indians rather choose to live a much more comfortable life that marks lesser danger (reminder: Mumbai blasts 1993, Western Railway bombings 2006 etc. ) and earns them better money for the same amount of work done? Even worse: Being Indians we lack knowledge about our own country’s achievements and beauty.

Tourists know India better. They have seen more of India than we have. I know several people who have chosen to spend their vacations abroad rather than explore Indian culture and landmarks. I am myself way behind on that one! We respect Amitabh Bacchan and Rajnikanth more than our Prime Minister, social workers and NGO officials. Indians who are powerful in terms of education and wealth dream their lives abroad in future years. Welcome the deadly truth: How do we expect India to prosper when our minds rot?

What India needs is for its citizens to participate in national development, political ctivities and employ Gandhi’s Swadeshi philosophy. Indians can go to the extent of causing riots and burn posters when a cricket match is lost. It is that flame that burns within the heart that needs to be diverted for better rationale, the development of a young country. My parents tell me, ” You are so much more capable. If only you worked harder”. I feel the same way for India, a country that is so capable yet so much in a mess. Atleast be drawbacks of our country and see no good from it).

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