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Promotion strategies

MDP2. Develop more successful promotions and communications of programmers Bell has been incredibly successful in promoting its touring theatre production, people who responded were fully aware of the production and the response was certainly overwhelming. The respondents aren’t aware of many other programs such as the online resources for students. It fails to catch the attention of the people because of its flawed marketing technique. It fails to catch the attention of the respondents because of the limited exposure that it gets and as an inevitable result of which the respondents fail to acknowledge wonderful opportunities. Another important factor which affects the respondent’s interest is because their inclination towards performance, it is very common for them to completely neglect the other programs in the general newsletter. Many a time they just have a glance and most of the time the other programs get completely neglected. The general newsletter is perhaps the most effective way of communication; it has been successful in marketing almost anything. All most all the donors recall getting a newsletter and this goes to show that it is very effective. The lapsed donors were unsuccessful and this goes to show that the donations received by Bell aren’t quite utilized the way it is meant to be utilized. Bell can undoubtedly improve on its communication, their financial report can be provided to the donors if not on a monthly basis but at least on a quarterly basis.
MDP4. Provide an empirical basis to inform strategies and action plans for greater donor retention/acquisitions
The donors stop contributing towards the organization because of two main reasons, they either run out of money or they lose the desire to help the same organization over and over again. If they run out of money then it is still acceptable because upon recuperating, they will again start helping the organization. If they stop because of lost interest in the organization, then they can be retained by improving the communication system at Bell. They should be assured that the money received from their donation is utilized in the best possible manner and once this is done, they will certainly never lose their desire of helping the same organization over and over again. There is cut throat competition in the arts and cultures section and Bell needs to be at its very best in order to retain the donors. Many donors are captivated by Shakespeare performing arts and Bell can capitalize on it by showing a lot of zeal towards Shakespeare performing arts. This would certainly please the donors and in this way Bell can retain and even add new donors to its list. Ticket incentive can be provided to the donors in order to win their favor and in order to attract new donors. This is a great way of adding new donors and it can be tried in order to rope in new donors. Bell Shakespeare should mainly focus on theatre arts in order to satisfy the current donors and in order to lure new donors. This also calls for a change, Bell should cut on other unnecessary activities and focus on theatre arts in order to attract people from all age groups.

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