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Our company will be holding a ten hour 2 day training course for the new company wide compliance system. This training will be hands-on and conducted in person at the riverside life arts building located at 4036 University Avenue riverside California. Training will take place upstairs in the main banquet hall. Training will begin at 10 a. m. on Saturday the 6th of December 2014. The second training session will take place at 10 a. m. on Sunday the 7th of December 2014. Travel accommodations will be made through Amtrak for all management that lives out of the state of California. For management within the state of California we will be paying drive time at your normal pay. All management scheduled for training will receive hotel accommodations at the Marriott hotel located at 4275 5th St. Riverside California. Hotel accommodations will be located a short five minute walk from the training site to make things more convenient. Breakfast will be catered and will be open at the riverside life arts building at 9 a. m. before training begins. We think this approach is the best so everyone can learn on a full stomach. This will also give everyone some time to sit and talk with our development team.

There will also be a catered lunch directly fallowing training sessions each day. This is to insure that all training was understood by all who attend. If anyone is unsure of proper training please let a team leader know so that a one on one session can be scheduled to fully clarify training of the new system. Each day of training will be approximately five hours in length and we will cover training, questions, and answers. It is encouraged to bring material for taking notes to reflect back on after training is complete. There will not be any online tanning courses so all management must attend training sessions. There will also be online video tutorials covering all of the training material we go over in our training sessions. After each day of training we will give out some homework that must be completed so that we can build a database of proper training and understanding of the new system.

This is to insure proper training and continue to make improvements on future training projects. All management will be given the current version of Microsoft SQL server 2008 r2 and the current report builder 3. 0 to complete reports with. After training is completed all management will reeve a questionnaire this is to be filled out and sent to our HR department. This will help us assure proper training of the new compliance system. It will also allow us to get feedback on where the training can be improved from a user level stand point. Every questionnaire that is completed will allow one hour of free tech support for their specific location. This will be available by phone or Webb assistance for ninety days after the new system is put in place.

•Total project duration will be from 12/1/2014 to 12/8/2014 Number and type of resources being used with cost:
1. All managers for each location. (There will be two managers from each of our four locations. Riverside California, Denver Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada, and Phoenix Arizona.) For a total of 8 trainees at $46. 36 per hr. for a total of ten hours = $3708. 80. (Info from: http://www. bls. gov/oes/current/oes_nat. htm )

2. Travel accommodations for all management. (Riverside California 0 Amtrak tickets and $20 for drive time for 2 people = $40 total, Denver Colorado 2 round trip Amtrak tickets $344. 00, Las Vegas Nevada Colorado 2 round trip Amtrak tickets $200. 00, and Phoenix Arizona 2 round trip tickets $230. 00.)for a total cost of $814. 00 (info from : http://tickets. amtrak. com/itd/amtrak).

3. Work stations with Microsoft SQL server 2008 r2 or newer and report builder 3. 0 networked to small server for all trainees. (Total of 8 work stations) costing 399. 99 each for a total of $3199. 92. (Info form http://deals. bestbuy. com/? ref= 30&loc= KW-4327).

4. New ERP platform running on windows 7 or newer and acting as a small server. 1 work station acting as host.) Total cost $399. 99 (info form http://deals. bestbuy. com/? ref= 30&loc= KW-4327 ).

5. Projector and screen to highlight key features.( 1 projector and screen rented from champion production Riverside California). Total cost $150. 00

6. Banquet hall booking $500. 00 each day for a total of $1000. 00(Info from http://www. thelifeartscenter. com/ )

7. Hotel accommodations for trainees and development team. ( there will be 8 trainees and 6 people on the development team for a total of 14 people) so 14 rooms at 139. 00 each for a total of $1946. 00 (Info from : http://www. marriott. com/reservation/rateListMenu. mi )

8. Local caterer for breakfast and lunch. (Braun catering riverside California) total cost for both days $489. 95

9. Development team. (local development team selected from the riverside area) Two 3 person teams to head up the training course). Total of 6 people at $46. 28 per hr. for ten hours = $2776. 80 (Info from: http://www. bls. gov/oes/current/oes_nat. htm ). •budget or cost summary is a total of $14, 484. 51

•Method you used to identify tasks effort estimates.( methods will be internet searches with Amtrak, hotel, catering, workstations, and hall booking. Also referencing the GOV site: http://www. bls. gov/oes/current/oes_nat. htm Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Find out how many managers we need to fly in and who will be commuting. Make all travel arrangement’s and hotel reservations. Book banquet hall. acquire all work stations, software, projector/with screen and all networking equipment. Arrange onsite set up. Make sure all managers and development team get to their hotel rooms the day and evening before training. Get questionnaire and disperse them at end of training.

All training of management of new system. As well as all current rules and regulations, system organization, resource locations and implementation. Training of the new SQL language, teach management how to properly create reports using the new SQL. Answering any and all questions from trainees. One on one help, for people having trouble understanding any of the training given.

Communicate travel plans with project manager. Travel and make check-in time at hotel. Attend and complete both days of training. Receive and complete questionnaire to be sent to HR department. Project Gantt chart

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