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As an excellent graduate in commerce faculty, it is my great honor to work with so many talented colleagues with versatile skills in professional accounting and advisory areas. More importantly, now I have enough confidence in assimilating this multiculturalenvironmentand master my current profession as soon as possible. Describe your Expertise. What do you enjoy most working with us?

With the firm theoretic basis of accounting, marketing, planning and other relating knowledge as ell as my advisory and consulting practice, I have the ability to manage different clients involving in various problems and provide strategies to them. The most enjoyable part for me is that, I am always meeting with tough but exciting tasks which definitely exert my potential capability, both challenging and rewarding. Draw your Timeline about working experience. 2016– I achieved my first consulting project with satisfactory results and Joined the current consulting team as an associate. ? 2015– I completed my summerinternshipn PAW’S advisory group as an assistant. Introduce your unique Qualifications to us. 2015– I successfully passed the CPA exam. 2013– I finished my bachelor degree and was enrolled in the University of Adelaide as a postgraduate to continue my master degree of accounting in business profession. 2009–1 began my 4 years study in marketing profession at the University of International Relations (Beijing, China) as a freshman. What about your personal life outside the office? Balancing work and personal interests is indeed necessary.

I always do sports to keep it and go shopping once a week to enhance my appearance. Sometimes I would like to travel with my friends to different countries and places. How can we improve you? It is a combination of challenge and opportunity working here. I was lucky enough to be offered this unique position from which I have the chance to contact different clients from all over the world. At the same time, the comfortable and friendly working atmosphere encourages me to work with full energy. Why not Join and become one of this lovely team? It is the best choice I have ever made! Profile By Leviathans

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