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Product development process

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Product Development Process With the growing demand of products, technology and competition, different companies have resulted to a well and steady development of products and services. The development might involve modification of the existing product or development of a new product. The two processes involved i. e. Sequential and concurrent product development has both merits and demerits and also similarity and differences (Grout 2008, 52).
One of the major differences is that in sequential product development process each step that is followed in the process of design must be completed before the next step can begin. On the other hand, in concurrent process, each step is linked to production and testing an aspect that allows the information between the departments to be passed among the steps (Grout 2008, 53). As a result, the activities in the process occur in parallel an aspect that allows any challenge arising to be solved together. On the other hand it is disadvantageous because more resources are used through regular check and instead, the process could have be verified once.
Another difference between the two processes is that in sequential, once the product is obtained, it is taken through the testing process in order to check the usability of the product. This is different in concurrent where this step is omitted an aspect that may lead to inapplicable products in the market. The advantage of this step is that it ensures that the quality of the product or service is maintained. On the other hand, it is disadvantageous because it is time consuming (Grout, 2008).
One of the major similarities is that both processes are designing. In both processes, the product is first designed in order to come up with ideas to be followed in the processes. In addition, quality mechanism in concurrent and verification in sequential product development process are similar. The step involves ensuring that the product that was previously designed has the characteristics that were previously set (Grout, 2008).
Grout, I. (2008). Digital systems design with FPGAs and CPLDs. Amsterdam: Elsevier / Newnes.

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