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Process integration case study critical thinking

The integration process is making changes in the management and the flow of business management, and place more concentration to other hyperlinks. The process is enhanced since it is done repeatedly throughout the project Lifecycle. It is designed to attract customers especially the non-traditional IT, majors together with those interested in the integration process. The prime aim is to meet the employees and customers needs.
According to McAdam and McCormack on the changes of the structures of the organization, there is a need to make particular adjustments to enable the strategic decisions. In management, effective decisions are often desired, to ensure the organization sticks to the achievement of its goals and objectives. Evolution in actual sense does not only mean the biological reality, it is all about the nature attempting to make a difference in the environment John (John, 2004). To adapt to the new changes that may accrue to the firm. The integration process affected the company since they had to alter the structures put in place in ensuring the company becomes more responsive in things concerning the environment, the products, and the products they offer in the market. To ensure that the organization is up to date in the offering of goods and services in a competitive manner.
The focus changed to focusing on their products and the chain integration in supply, from the centric approach. Emphasis was put for the employees to produce and work in different tasks assigned to them in an attempt to improve the teamwork of the organization (Michael, 2003). The process created a major impact in the organization, since the duties are well distributed which show a greater influence in making decisions concerning the company by the management. All the incidences the happenings led to a radical change taken in the organization framework since the entire 23 incidence the Nortel network after they rationalized the products and the mode of production. Major companies are evolving in globally by adopting the new strategies to respond to the ever hyper-competitive environment which requires the adaptation of competitive and involving thinking in an integrated manner.
In order to cover the essentials of the organization for example, in the market, integration, completion, production site and the supplies made (Michael, 2003). As stated by McAdam, R and McCormack the integrated approach as used in business require new and perfect ways of handling such situations- the new environment , processes and the new structures in order to fit into the environment and give a better bearing to the strategic thrust desired for the organization (McAdam, 2001). For example, Nokia and BP were the companies, which performed well in the 1990s because they adjusted to the evolution in tasking changes regarding the environment and pursuit the operations that helped them to make effective decisions. For example, new production site, recruitment of other new employees, and the organization’s required position. For the management to have sound decisions they need the new strategies. Concerning the organization, performance by taking a competitive strategic plan basically the organization adopt the strategy for example to enhance the decisions for the organization and for the new style to be implemented and ensure the work is done , which will eliminate a desired and different organization (Braganza, 2000).
McAdam and McCormick on information technology and in the human resource advised that the management play a crucial role in the creation and enablers to evade various faced by the organization. The process of the supply chain is expected to be the same if the strategy adopted is not abiding by the new regulations on the environment (McAdam, 2001). Therefore the supply chain is influenced by the integration process of their management, since the process consist of their techniques and methods, people and the organization, systems and the data, which has to be fully balanced and competitive. Subsequently involving the use of technology in the management integration is important, organizations can use the enterprise resource planning system (ERP). The system uses an integrated to support the generic business activities into one system. This link will enhance the flop of information across the organization, the management can easily know the state of the organization and enhance the recognition of any challenges that the organization needs to address (Braganza, 2000)
The strategy as well touches on the importance of the organization integrating with other companies in the implementation process. The relationship between the companies sharing the information is inevitable, to increase the information sharing process because the process enhances better management and information about the suppliers. Nortel Networks Corporation as studied by McAdam and McCormick had researched and studied the essence of the business for supply chain management; they did a comprehensive interview with various members of global supply chain by using qualitative data (John, 2004).
In conclusion, the system has brought the clients closers, especially with the use of technology and proper management an aid to make effective decisions for the organization. The business process involves adopting the decision-making strategy, information technology, and the change of the structure. The management finds best results when sound decisions are reached and implemented which in the end yield better results.


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