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Preventing behavioral problems

Preventing Behavioral Problems Preventing Behavioral Problems Teachers in a room setting are bound to come across students with different characters that may be quite unpleasant and therefore much determination needed in an attempt to shape such behaviors to avoid their persistence. Confrontational and non-compliant students will more often than not have poor academic skills and negative attitude towards school as misbehavior is known to originate from academic deficits. Teachers however tend to overlook important strategies that can enable the students’ behavior shaped in a powerful way, and that is why I have come up with various ways in which such behaviors can be dealt with in through good academic management as discussed below.
Such behaviors can be curbed by structuring lessons in a manner that requires active student involvement. This is a very powerful concept in problem management as it will be quite difficult for students who are actively involved in academics to at the same time misbehave in their classrooms. The idea of encouraging student active participation during lessons other than being passive listeners is very mandatory as the students get caught up in the flow of activities and have no time to drift off into misbehavior. Active student involvement can be implemented in various ways: a teacher may pose a question and let the class answer in unison or after posing allow the students time to think and then at random point out on any student to answer. Students with an opportunity to respond to teachers questions and then receive rewards on the same end up gaining a lot.
The teacher can also ensure that they present students with not too easy or too difficult assignments in class as too much simplicity in the assignments makes the learners feel bored and distracted while too difficult ones get them frustrated and upset due to their inability to complete them. A mismatch therefore between student abilities and the assignment can often trigger misbehavior. Teachers are therefore expected to consider students academic skills and adjust the assignments so that students are appropriately challenged and not overwhelmed by work.
From the discussion, it is quite evident how behavioral problems in a class setting can be dealt with when faced with difficult-to-manage students as a teacher. We have seen how powerful active class participation can be in dealing with non-compliant and problematic students, also how class assignments can interfere with academics when they fail to meet the students’ abilities. Therefore, for teachers to have an easy time with their students, they should be willing to take all these into account.
Bambara L. M., /. K. (2005). Individualized support for students with problem behaviors. New York: Guilford Press.

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