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Pramanik containers and the bottleneck assignment

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Printing plates were hard to locate when required for repeat orders which lead to constant delay in start of work. Shank and his crew often had to work overtime to complete the orders due to mismanagement of plates. Biennials is not ready to spend any money to upgrade the system but puppyish wants to improve the storage of plates. He should look to outsource storage and delivery of plates to external firm and introduce ERP technology for the same. WORD COUNT: 120 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Paranoia containers Pat Ltd, established in 1977 was a family based business owned by Biennials Meta in Iambi.

They used to manufacture customized aerosol containers and was the sole supplier of cans to BBC Pharmacy, a large NC since 1977. An informal meeting between Biennials Meta and Moan Sings, purchasing director of BBC Company had initiated the business partnership and within a year’s time Paranoia supplied aerosol cans to BBC Pharmacy. Paranoia had created a value on its own through product quality and fast service. Many new customers tied up with Paranoia because of its ever spreading capability and quality service (for which they were known) which resulted into an annual sales of about RSI 315 million by 009.

Biennials was also interested in bidding for new business and supply aerosol cans to Radiant healthcare who were entering Indian market to sell deodorants. Paranoia used to manufacture aerosol cans according to specific customer requirements biz. Size, shape, diameter of cans. These requirements were met by installation of 4 high speed automatic fabrication machines which operated at a rate of 25 cans per minute. The printing department had to decorate cans according to customers specifications and this required a high-capacity machine which could print 300 parts per minute.

By 2010, Puppyish Meta son of Biennials Meta Joined his family business after completing his family managed business (FM) program. On his first day in the company he walked into the printing area and saw Shank, the head printer sleeping on the Job and also observed that operation management in printing department was in total mess. Printing plates required for printing process were hardly found in time resulting in delay of entire process. Upon enquiring from Rakes the Accounts Assistant of the company he got to know that plates used for new orders were kept in storeroom after use to be subsequently used in repeat orders.

But there was no proper mechanism in place for arrangement of plates so they could not be located easily. So to compensate the time lost in finding the plates employees often worked overweight to complete the order. It resulted in extra costs as workers were paid overtime wages and new plates were made only in emergency orders in case old ones were not found. Paranoia received about 60 orders per day and manufactured 30, 000 cans per day. It had produced nearly 30, 000 designs during last 15 years. Plates of all these customers were maintained for use in case of new order. Maintaining accounts of such vast data required meticulous work.

But Shank insisted that they should hire another person to maintain the registers as he was already busy running the machine but this was not acceptable to Biennials. Puppyish decided to deal with the problems and discuss the same with his father. Puppyish wanted to restructure the storage operations of plates in his company, but further investment is not acceptable to his father. So Puppyish has to come up with a concrete plan whether he should introduce technology for data maintenance of printing plates, reduce the extra costs which are paid for working overtime or he would hire extra employees to maintain the registers of plates.

PROBLEM STATEMENT Improper management of print plates records leading to unnecessary load on the employees of printing department resulting to the low efficiency and extra costs. Biennials was not ready to make any investments in upgrading the present system. OBJECTIVES: 1 . To improve operation and time managing department of printing division with minimum extra cost. 2. To store and locate printing plates in an efficient manner. 3. To introduce technology for maintaining data of printing plates and customers orders. 4. To reduce excessive work load on employees. OPTIONS: 1.

Buy a new warehouse or rent it to store printing plates. 2. To introduce technology like ERP system to maintain computerized data of printing plates. 3. Hire extra people to specifically maintain printing plates registers. 4. Outsourcing the work to some company so they can maintain data storage of printing plates properly. EVALUATION OF OPTIONS: OPTIONS o c s 1. Buying a new warehouse will require lot of investments initially as well further operations costs for running the facility as well buy new equipments. It would be beneficial for proper maintenance of plates, cost incurred would hinder its implementation. Introducing ERP system will professionalism the system. It would store information of each and every plate and employees will be able to prepare printing plates whenever customers place their orders. But it will require huge setup cost and they will have to hire employees and train them. 3. Hiring employees for maintaining record of plates will be a better option keeping cost factor in mind. Although it will lead to extra costs but it will be negligible as they were paying Shank and his crew overtime wages. Also it will reduce unnecessary load of current employees and they will be able concentrate properly on their work.

But for maintaining huge amount of data, use of technology is advisable. 4. Outsourcing maintenance of printing plates to external firm will help Paranoia to focus on its core service of manufacturing and supplying aerosol cans which they are known for. Printing plates can be made depending on customers order and the outsourcing firm can maintain the data according to that. This will help employees of printing department to focus on decorations of cans and need not worry about locating plates for every order. But this implementation requires investment and he will have to convince his father who is not willing to spend any money.

RECOMMENDATION: Puppyish should try to negotiate with his father and convince him to invest money in outsourcing firm and to reduce constant bottleneck in printing department. Although hiring new employees will avoid extra costs but recommendation would be to outsource the work to the external firm. As Paranoia is well known aerosol manufacturer company, they should focus on its better quality service and fast service and let the external firm take care of the records of printing plates. This will reduce load from Shank as well as his crews shoulders and they will be able to work efficiently on printing machines.

CONNECTIONAL: Puppyish has to come up with a concrete plan and convince his father and take him into confidence to invest the money into the outsourcing firm by showing him that they are already spending extra cost due to mismanagement of printing plates so they can cut down on the unnecessary spending which is affecting the company and customers not receiving their delivery orders completely due to orders becoming an emergency order. To implement the idea of outsourcing firm Puppyish should ask his team to float tenders to invite firms interested in storing and delivering printing late.

CONTINGENCY PLAN: Puppyish should implement ERP technology in the firm as the data storage of the printing plates will be computerized. It will equip the company and it would help him as the company looks to expand the business in the future. Word count-11 50 UNDERTAKING To Whom It May Concern: l, Rural Augural, hereby declare that this assignment is my original work and is not copied from anyone/anywhere. If found similar with sources, I take complete responsibility of action taken thereof by WAC team. Signature NAME: Rural Augural ROLL NO: 131246 SECTION: B

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