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Post-war administration

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During his term he fortified Bell trade act and also the Parity Amendment in the constitution and on 1947 he signed the Military Bases Agreement. But during his time he earned a distrust from people because of graft and corruption issues. Manuel Rosa tried to destroyed the rebel group which Is known as Husband but he only created widespread anger among peasants.

But his power dealt last long, e died on heart attack, on April 15, 1948 while giving his speech at the Clark Air Force base. He died at the age of 56. And He was succeeded by his vice president, Ellipsoid Squalor. Leopold Squiring during his term poverty was present. And because of Inflation salary of people cannot come across with the expenses of the people. Farmlands were ruined by plagues. Housing is one the problems since war destroyed severely places. Rate of unemployment is really obvious due to the businesses of Americans established In the country. Leopold Squiring formed the agricultural Cooperative

Financing Administration, he created farmers cooperative marketing association and set a new tax policy that increased tariff rates to protect economic industry. And he tried to negotiate with the Husks. But still some problems remain unsolved. During his term widespread of graft and corruption was present. Leopold Squiring was defeated by Ramona Massage’s. He was known as ” the guy’ because many considered him as the president who can act as a common man, a president who has the heart for his people. He even opened Malignant to the public. Massage’s. Ramona Massage’s made a laurel-Langley agreement between the

Philippines and the united States approved. He also submits R. A no. 1400 or the Land Reform Act of 1995. Ramona Massage’s also created establishment and development of cooperatives and credit agencies. Massage’s was a strong opponent of the Communist-led Hug guerrillas, and he reorganized and strengthened the armed forces In a campaign to crush them. But he died In a plane crash In March 1997 and he was succeeded by Carols P. Garcia. The main focus of the Garcia administration was on economic independence from foreign interest. An industrialized, self- sustaining country is what he wanted in his country.

And should not depend or rely on the products of foreign companies. Since there’s a great number of exports than Imports, It makes the Philippines highly dependent on foreign products. Garcia created the ” Filipino First Policy’ a law that was passed by Garcia administration to give priority to local over foreign investors. He was known also for his Pollen-serrate agreement, law that shortened the original 99 years lease of US bases In the country to 25 years. And also he created the Austerity Program, this programs alms to fix the widespread graft and corruption.

But he was criticized by foreign countries for his OFF first man that will come into your mind is the former President Carlo P. Garcia. Doodads MacDougal succeeded Carols P. Garcia. More than 20 years Ferdinand Marco’s ruled the Philippines with a very strong power. He promised to help the country gain and rise from poverty. December 30, 1965 one of the unforgettable date in Philippine History. It was the start of the Presidential term of Ferdinand E. Marco’s. In his first term, Marco’s tried to strengthen the financial situation of the government and improved agricultural production to be able to provide food, especially the rice.

And he ratified the Foreign Relations of the Philippines. And in the year 1969, he was easily reelected as the Philippine president. The only and first president to win a second term. Marco’s administration faced difficulties and challenges on economic, government led to slumping economic growth and criticism spread over the U. S economic position in the Philippines. For the time being a new constitution replaces the American-authored constitution of 1935, government and opposition political leaders agreed to this. According to this constitution the president is limited to two terms.

Marco’s declared Martial law on September 21, 1972 specifying the need for national security. Congress disappeared, opposition leaders were arrested and strict censorship imposed. Economic and military aid to the Philippine government were provided by the U. S. And in mid-sass’s happened the severe economic recession due to the continued borrowing and inability to pay the foreign debts. Monopolies were established. Marco’s and other associates controlled these monopolies through the system ” crony capitalism”. Marco’s had a vision off ” Bagging Lifespan (new society).

In order to implement this vision he bravely declared martial law. This vision is his dream that poor and privileged will work together for the common aim of society. Many agreed that During Marco’s regime the Philippine economy is at its best and for some it was a nightmare. Marco’s regime is one the unforgettable happening in the past. But The 20-year rule of Marco’s ended when the people power movement happened in metro manila because of the willingness of Corcoran Aquinas to free the country from dictatorship. Corcoran Aquinas took over and became the President of the Philippine

Republic after the regime of Marco’s. Corcoran Aquinas restored democracy in the country. He was the first Lady president of the Philippines. New constitution was approved and passed in February 1987. She restored the presidential form of government and the bicameral congress. Her administration strongly emphasized and concern for civil liberties and human rights and have peaceful relationship with the communist and Muslim secessionists. She focused much on the economic policies to bring back the health and confidence on creating market-oriented and socially responsible economy.

Her administration faced a series of coup attempts and also experienced natural disasters. Her term didn’t last long, her term ended in 1992 and was succeeded by Fidel V. Ramose Economical difficulties that arose from the lack of foreign investment was his first he wanted to be solve. During his administration the Philippine took pleasure from the stability of economic growth. He also made peace with Mindanao hostiles. He became an instrument in securing peace with Muslims. A strong campaign for nationalism was also present. Because of the old frequent brownout. He also created R.

A 7638(charter change of the dept. Of energy), Republic act 7648 (electric power crisis) to effectively address the electric power crisis in the country. And the first RPR-US forces agreement , he also enacted the R. A 8042 also known as the Magna Cart for overseas workers or the Migrant workers act and also the Deregulation and Prevarication of Major Industries and he also created Agrarian Reform Program. He persuaded people to be more nationalistic and he was able to constituted foreign relations with many countries that helped Philippine market opened to foreign business.

After his term Joseph Stared succeeded him. There was a throng administration during his administration but in the latter part the admit failed to capitalize the gains of previous admit. Foreign investment declined when he was accused of influencing an investigation in the stock market manipulation. Stared Administration was known for pro-poor. He made retrieve the development of the economy. But Stared failed in making the economy survive, during the Asian financial crisis. Unemployment rate was present. But issues and problems occurred in his administration.

He was impeached and people demand for his resignation. Many problems occurred, country has been to its ups and downs but through these Presidents the country is able to stand. Some presidents contributed a lot and some failed to reached what they want for this country. Past events is now written in history we should not take it back anymore. What matters most now is that we learned from it and the best thing to do now is to help the leaders of this country and make the Philippines as one of the leading countries not only n Asia but also in other part of the world.

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