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Pollution management

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Pollution refers to the existence or introduction of a harmful substance to the environment. Pollutants are of different types depending on their origin, effect, property and controllability. Examples include stock pollutants and fund pollutants among others (Blackburn, 2007). Stock pollutants are those that are non biodegradable. They include heavy metals and some plastics. Accumulated stock pollutants are those that increase in size when excess emission occurs.

Stock pollutants normally contaminate the ground and air when burnt. Fund pollutants, on the other hand, can be absorbed by the environment to some extent. They only become dangerous when their emission exceeds environmental integration limit. An example is Carbon dioxide. Fund pollutants typically pollute the air (John, 2012).

The Izaak Walton League proposes the use of macro invertebrates to determine whether a stream is under pollution or not. These organisms are strong indicators of the quality of water. They live at a certain point of the stream for a long time. They also differ in their level of resistance to pollution depending on their taxon. The part of the stream with an excellent quality of water will support organisms from all the three levelsof pollution tolerance, those that are sensitive to pollution, those that can tolerate pollution and those that can somehow tolerate pollution.

These organisms live at the stream bottom (Blackburn, 2007). We will divide the volunteer group into three; those that will collect data from the beginning middle and the end of the stream. Then they will be told what to do. It is from the data collected that we will analyze the amount of pollution biologically and how large, long or obscure the contamination has been. It is from these results that we will draft a report with attached evidence to the funding council and request for financial help to prevent the pollution, clean up the creek and put in place preventive measures against further pollution.

The case of the Niger Delta The Federal Republic of Nigeria lies on the coast of Atlantic in West Africa. It has a dense population. Marginalization and balkanization of people, environmental despoliation and conflicts were always brought about by oil discovery, its use and production. Despite the delta being a source of oil, it is unfulfilled in terms of development. Environmental devastation threatens the delta. Its fiinancial situation worsens on a daily basis.

Nigeria’s mangrove forest is under threat. The delta’s swamp forest is becoming extinct besides this ecological devastation. There is also some political marginalization and oppression of the people through denial of rights (Blackburn, 2007). A suggested solution, which has yet to be implemented but would result in a win/win situation, requires that all the stakeholders forget their past and focus on the future. They should establish a solid foundation and adopt real order by dealing with poverty issues, environmental devastation and political injustices.

They should also offer training as a priority, and this will ensure economic and social justice. Hill (2001) goes on to assess environmental pollution on an international level. This includes air and water pollution among others. He addresses the sources of pollution and contamination impact. He also discusses how the government, corporate and persons are responsible when it comes to the pollution prevention. Some of my personal goals include not using non-biodegradable plastics, teach my immediate neighbors on ways of preventing pollution and ways to reduce pollution by planting trees (Hill, 2001).

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