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Style of policing most prevalent in the community

The most prevalent style of policing in the community is the watchman. This is so as this is the type of policing found in areas, which do not have development. It entails overlooking some offenses on cultural, social or legal grounds but maintenance of public order is still paramount (Edwards, 2005).

The importance of the Field Training Officer concept

A FTO is an individual senior in rank and has experience mostly found in organizations. They have a task of training and evaluating probationary or junior members. The importance of the FTO concept is that it gives the new law enforcers some lessons that they never had an opportunity to learn in class. They provide supervision, assistance and training to the new officers with a purpose of acclimatizing them (Delattre, 2002).

Importance of the FTO within the police department

The sole imporance of FTO within the police department is the provision of a continuous training, assistance and supervision to the new officers who might be less accustomed to the activities taking place on the streets. In addition, the FTO rate the new police officers according to their suitability in dealing with real life situation. The rating depends on how the officer responds to crises, interaction with criminals and their interaction with the criminal justice system (Delattre, 2002).

Working personality

Working personality refers to how police officers look at their world. It also includes the police officer’s judgments of what is wrong and what is right. In addition, it includes the behavior of a police officer. This is how he responds to a given problem (Gerber, 2002).

How working personality is developed and functions

From the above case, working personality develops through the influence of the Field Training officer. They are insstrumental as they are the ones who introduce fresh police officers to the field (Gerber, 2002). The police officer under training and supervision of a Field Training Officer will emulate what the FTO advices and practices. It is as if the working personality is passed from one individual to the next.

Detection of cynicism in the FTO’s remarks

The FTO’s remarks contain some cynicism. There is detection of cynicism, as the FTO believes in keeping things the way they are. From his remarks, it is evident he fears change as it can be accompanied by death.

Impact of an FTO cynicism on a police officer’s performance of duty

The FTO’s cynicism will result to a negative performance by a police officer. Cynicism from an FTO influences the personality of a police officer, and it will essentially lead to lack of trust for human actions by the officer. This is because although the cynicism is counterproductive, it ends up been harmful to the police officer.

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