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Poetry slam

Poetry Slam Poetry slam, an emerging new social art trend, is a competition of poetry recital in an open crowd, originated as an entertainment to acertain social club. This is merely poetry with different rules and presentation. With these differences, is poetry slam considered the evidence of the progressive evolution of poetry or it is completely a new trend of art borne by commercialism
A significant matter to discuss to discern answers in the issue is the nature of the subject. Poetry slam is a poem recital in an open crowd. Its rule is to forbid using costumes, props, and music background. Originally, a performer was being given three minutes time duration, but now varies depending on the preferences of the set-up.
Traditional poetry can be considered incorporated in the package of the Poetry Slam. Also it can be consider that Poetry Slam perhaps a progressive form of traditional poetry. Whatever it may be, it is apparent the existing relationship of the art of poetry to the Poetry Slam, aside from the terms itself.
The Poetry Slam started way back November 1994 in Chicago. It was credited to Marc Smith the creation of Poetry Slam, which then he primarily called Monday Night Poetry Reading. Thus this gained popularity among poets and non-poets alike.
The thing that is much noticeable in the emergence of the Poetry Slam is that they are inevitably being hosted or performed in bars or in clubs. In fact, Marc Smith had launched the trend in Get Me High lounge, and later then moved to Green Mill, a tavern and jazz lounge, where it permanently hosted. Thus then emerged along the controversy that Poetry Slam is meant to be more of a commercial trend than a new form of art of poetry.
Bob Holman, a known ” slammaster” for highlighting the popularity of the Poetry Slam by bringing it in New York at Nuyorican Poet Caf in 1987. Critics, including Marc Smith, said that Holman brought out the worst part of the Slam Poetry for dragging it in commercialism through the 1997 National Slam by making his record label Mouth Almighty sponsoring the winning team (Eleveld 2003).
On the other hand, Poetry Slam, with its emergence and existence is inevitable to be considered in one of the new form of the art of poetry. It is a fact that growing number of schools has enhanced their approach of effective teaching poetry in class by using the Poetry Slam technique.
” I feel that this kind of creative event is important to young people as it gives you more experience and provides an excellent opportunity to perform poetry. . .” said Charlie, a student of Middlesbrough stated upon championing an interschool Poetry Slam competition (BBC Tees 2007). This has proven the unusual interest of young people have effectively evoked to a long lost art of poetry.
The purpose of the emergence is best to quote Bob Beagrie, a founding member of experimental art, saying “. . . it gives people a sense of ownership over the spoken and written words.” (BBC Tees 2007). Thus could only mean that Poetry Slam is really the evolved form of a traditional poetry from, in the same manner of its receptivity from the demographical audience.
Conclusion. Poetry Slam, with its strong points leading the evidences of its being the evolution of the progressive form of poetry, is actually making its way to form its own era itself, just like during the time of Shakespeare and the likes. Although being criticized for its commercialism phase, this very trend is highly recommended by some academic institutions in sparking the interest of the young people towards poetry.
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