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Planet and jupiter

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It’s amazing to think how Jupiter got its name. The ancient Romans most powerful god, was named Jupiter. They believed he ruled the heavens. In one way, the planet Jupiter also rules the Solar System. It is bigger than all the other planets combined! Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun. So, if you travel to Jupiter, you would travel away from the sun. As you get closer to this beautiful planet, you will see the planet covered in orange, brown, and white stripes. These stripes are actually made from icy clouds. The clouds are different colors because they are made from different types of gasses.

The size of Jupiter is incredible. 1, 400 Earths can fit inside it. If Jupiter was the size of a soccer ball, then Earth would be the size of a marble. Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System, then Uranus, then Neptune, then Earth, then Venus, then Mars, and last Mercury. Even though Jupiter is so massive it rotates faster than Earth, which is the third closest planet to the Sun. Finally, you should know that Jupiter is the best planet in the Solar System. Would you believe that the storms on Jupiter last for more than 300 years?

Jupiter has storms named The Great Red Spot and The Little Red Spot. The Great Red Spot has lasted for more than 300 years. Little Red Spot is smaller but it’s still severe. It’s incredible to know that the winds on Jupiter reach up to 400 mph. Experts found out that The Great Red Spot is twice as big as Earth. Some day those two storms are going to join together and make one big storm because they get closer and closer each day. Have you ever wondered if the planets in the Solar System have their own mini Solar System? Jupiter has its own because it is the biggest planet in the Solar System.

All the planets are Callisto, Lo, Europa, Ganymede. Lo is Jupiter’s biggest planet . It has volcanoes on it and it is made of lava. Europa is the second largest planet. This planet is made of all ice. Now you know what Jupiter is like and all the facts about it. You should do a project on Jupiter because it is fun to learn about and has so many interesting facts. Jupiter is my favorite planet in the Solar System. It’s also the biggest planet. Always try to learn more about the Solar system and space!! Jupiter is amazing!!!!

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