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Pillars of society matrix

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June 11, Society Pillars Pillars_factor What was Read What was Observed Community’s Impact on Pillars Technology’s Impact on Pillars
Dallas Texas government’ police officers ensure peace and order in Dallas. Police defended the high technology security setup during the Muhammad_Cartoon show (Fernandez, 2015). The police protection occurred after two Texas residents fired guns during the show on May 3, 2015, disrupting the economy.
The police presence focused on preventing a future attacks within the vicinity of the religious event.
The Dallas community’s safety and security required strict police protection during the cartoon show.
Technology’s CCTV cameras and internet enhances the government’s safety/ security successes during the Dallas, Texas’ cartoon show.
Marriage/family factor
Two gunmen on May 3, 2015 opened fire in front of many event visitors. The Police immediately shot dead the two gun attackers to protect the families visiting the Dallas, Texas event to ensure the economy within the cartoon show area thrives profitably, especially my African American family (Reuters, 2015).
The quick killing of the two gunmen prevented the massacre of families visiting the cartoon show.
The community’s need for protection from gun attackers contributed to the quick killing of the two Dallas gun attackers.
Police use the internet and CCTV cameras to monitor the movements and entry of the two gunmen, ensuring the killing of the two gunmen before they could shoot and kill families visiting the cartoon show.
The same Reuters news indicated the two gunmen were Islamic Jihadist fanatics, the police officers’ killing the gunmen prevented the disruption of the Dallas cartoon show’s economic advantages, people paying to visit the show (Reuters, 2015).
The two gunmen opened fire in front the cartoon event crowd, forcing the police to kill the gunmen before they could massacre the people visiting the important religious cartoon event.
The community’s desire to protect themselves from extremist Islamic Jihadist killers enhanced the police prevention of the possible cartoon show massacre.
The police used the internet and the CCTV cameras to monitor the activities of the two Islamic Jihadist members, preventing the murder of the Dallas cartoon event visitors.
A proposed law reduces the number of Dallas high school education years (Smith, 2013). The school savings will be used to pay for the pre-kindergarten school expenses. With better education polices, the Dallas high school funds enhance pre-kindergarten economic funds.
The senior year’s celebration-based activities are reduced. Pre-kindergarten pupils will benefit from the additional funds.
The community’s desire for financial help of the pre-kindergarten pupils contributes to possible acceptance of the new education program.
The teachers use technology to enhance the topics taught in both the high school and pre-kindergarten classes.
The Dallas community should ensure the four pillars of society contribute to the safety & security of the people. The government’s police officers ensure prevention of future attacks on the cartoon show. The police protection ensures Dallas families are safe from the religiously Jihadist Islamic attackers. The Dallas government plans to reduce high school time period. The lesser time period allows the shifting of the education funds to ensuring more Dallas children can enroll in the pre-kindergarten classes. Evidently, the four pillars of society, especially the Dallas, Texas community, must cooperate in the ensuring of the safe and secure Dallas environment. The four pillar’s coordination ensures the Dallas economy continues to thrive profitably.
Fernandez, M. (2015, May 11). Security at Muhamad Cartoon Event is Defended by Police. New York Times.
Reuters. (2015, May 4). Gunman in Mohammad Cartoon Attack in Texs Monitored for Years. New York Times.
Smith, M. (2013, June 20). In Dallas, 3 -year High School Diploma Would Expand Preschool. New York Times.

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