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Physical therapy assignment

Physical therapists help people of all ages to recover from various things on a daily basis. Although they may always have a lot of paperwork to do, and can sometimes work long hours, they are paid fairly well and they receive the satisfaction of helping people which makes this an honorable and rewarding Job. Someone that Likes to help others would most likely enter this profession. Physical therapists provide services to people that have injuries, disabilities, and functional challenges or limitations. They also rehab people from diseases that have caused problems with functions.

They provide tests, evaluations , diagnostics, prognostics, Interventions, and anticipated goals (Careers In Health Care 259). The goals help the patient to get better and make them want to try harder. They work with people that have lower back or neck pain, headaches and osteoporosis. They also help rehab people from sports injuries or people that have Joint and soft tissue Injuries Like sprains, strains, hand Injuries, fractures and dislocations (Careers In Health care 260). Treatment goals need to be established, or the patient will not cover much (Encyclopedia 8 and 9).

Physical therapists can have Pita’s, or assistants. They clean and prepare the work area for when the next patient arrives for therapy (Careers In Health Care 264). Many people stay In this Job for over five years. There Is a lot to learn, and a therapist can do this Job for life. It also works as a good part time job (Career Cruising 2). Physical therapists work around eight to ten hours a day, which is forty to fifty hours a week (Career Cruising 2). Typically, when a physical therapist arrives at work, they check their vocalism and schedule, and they tart to prepare for the first patient.

Before lunch, they see about five patients. During lunch they would check their vocalism and email while they eat. They then see about two more patients and then do the paperwork from that day. After all of the paperwork is done, they can finally go home (Career Cruising 3 and 4). If you want to become a Physical therapist, In High school, taking classes Like statistics, history, and a foreign language would help (Encyclopedia 9). Also, upper level math, English, and science classes should be taken (Career Cruising 4).

Syracuse university is one college that offers this program. During freshman year at Syracuse, there are many classes that need to be taken. In the first semester, Foundation of Human Behavior, Writing Studio 1, General Biology, Intro to Exercise Science, and Pre Call or Cal/Soc and Life Science 1 need to be taken. In the second semester, a Human or Social Science elective, Personal Health and Safety, General Biology, Public Speaking or Presentational Speaking, and Cal/Soc and Life Science 1 or 2-depending on If you took the first one during the first semester-need to be taken.

During phoneme year, there are a few less classes that need to be taken, but not by much. In the first semester, Intro to Sport Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Statistics, Nutrition In Health, and an experience credit In PEP need to be taken. In the second semester, a Human or Social Scientist elective, Anatomy and Physiology 2, a PEP elective, and elective of choice, and Writing Studio 2 need to be taken. Junior has the most classes to take out of every year. In the first semester, Bio. Psychology or Drugs and a lab, Physiology of Exercise, FAA and CPRM need to be taken.

In the Second master, Motor Learning, Prevention and Care for Athletic Injury, Scientific Principle of Conditioning, Writing Studio 1, Writing Studio 2, General Chemistry and a lab need to be taken. Senior year has the least amount of classes to take. In the first semester, three electives, PEP 5, and Analysis of Human Motion need to be taken. In the second master, two PEP 5 classes, two electives, and an experience credit need to be taken. Some electives that Syracuse recommends are minors in management, coaching and nutrition, and Pre-Med/Pre-PET Prep (Syracuse University School of Education 1).

To get Master’s degree, which is required to become a physical therapist, eight hours of general biology, human anatomy and physiology, and chemistry, and six hours of two different exercise science classes are required. Thirty six total hours of classes are required for a Master of Science degree (Syracuse University School of Education 3). A doctoral degree would help you to get a Job easier and faster than someone with Just a Master’s degree (Career Cruising 4). After getting a degree, or even while in the process of getting your degree, a national physical therapy licensing exam needs to e taken and passed (Encyclopedia 9).

Someone that wants to be a physical therapist would major in health and exercise science. They would need at least a master of science degree (Syracuse University School of Education 8). A physical therapist typically works in hospitals, sport facilities, outpatient care centers, community health centers, and offices (Encyclopedia 10). Physical therapists work with patients to rehabilitate them from things that have stopped something from functioning correctly. They sometimes work with a group of people that have animal problems. Sometimes they use their phones and computers, but not often.

They are pretty much always inside, and always on their feet doing some kind of physical activity. They rarely have to travel or work with other co-workers. They only travel if they are working with a sports team (Career Cruising 4 and 5). Physical therapists typically work long hours. A work day can last 10 hours and sometimes longer. Some patient sessions can be really brief, and others can last an hour or longer. They are always interacting with people. The only time they might not be interacting with people is while doing paperwork (Encyclopedia 12).

When you are Just starting out in physical therapy, the starting salary is around $40, 000 to $52, 000 (Career Cruising 2). The top five highest paying states in the U. S. Are California, Maryland, New Jersey, Alaska, and Rhode Island, paying over $35. 00 an hour. The top 5 lowest paying states in the U. S. Are Hawaii, Montana, Vermont, New Mexico, and North Dakota, paying under $29. 00 an hour, which is still a lot. In 2002, the median salary was $57, 330. The 10% lowest paid Pat’s were earning only $40, 200 ND the 10% highest paid Pat’s were earning Just over $86, 260 (Careers in Health Care 261).

Now, the average lowest paid physical therapists in the U. S. Are getting paid around $52, 000. The average highest paid physical therapists are getting paid around $106, 000. The median is around $74, 000. Your earnings depend on your experience, location, employer, and how good at their Job the PET is (Career Cruising There are many people that are interested in this Job, because the Just like to help people. There is no shortage or surplus of people in this profession. There is a to grow a lot through 2018.

The median population of America is rising, so more therapists are needed to help rehabilitate Americans. New positions are supposed to opened up in hospitals that help with the disabled people. There is an increasing amount of Americans that are 65 and older. This group of people usually has many accidents, leaving them incapacitated, illnesses and disabilities (Encyclopedia 12 and 16). The federal legislation made limits on the amount of physical therapy services, which is frustrating for physical therapists. Between 1995 and 2005, there was a 52% growth of therapy services (Careers in Health Care 260).

There are many positives aspects of being a physical therapist. In an interview with an actual physical therapist named Art, he declares “ another thing I like is there’s always the ability to learn. We can take continuing education courses, learn from other staff members, observe surgeries, ask questions to physicians-so I’m always learning new things. ” This quote means HTH the Job is never boring because the atmosphere is always changing, so people who don’t like boring things would like this Job. There are many other positive aspects of being a physical therapist.

One is hat you have to, and can be creative with exercises. You have to be creative because you might have a younger kid to help. Another is that the atmosphere always changes, with new patients coming in and other patients ending therapy (Career Cruising 2). There are also some negative aspects of being a physical therapist. In the same interview with Art, he states “ Another thing I dislike is when I can’t achieve the goals Eve set for a patient. Maybe it’s because of their situation or the limitations, but that’s frustrating when they can’t achieve their goals. This quote suggests that people that et overly mad easily wouldn’t be able to do this Job because it is frustrating when a patient can’t achieve one of their goals. Another negative aspect of being a physical therapist is that they have to do a lot of paperwork. With each patient, there is always some kind of paperwork to do. Another negative aspect is dealing with insurance companies. The companies limit the amount of therapy a patient can receive, which can be annoying because the patient may need more therapy than an insurance company allows (Career Cruising 3).

There are many qualities a person should have to be a physical therapist. A person must be friendly, helpful, able to interact with others, caring, selfless, nice, not have attitude, and have good communication skills. I think that I would be a good fit for this profession because I like to help people and I know what it is like to have an injury. I have been to physical therapy before because of a sports injury I had. When I went, I was really interested in what my therapist was doing and I wanted to learn more about it. When it comes to people that I don’t know, I can be really nice because I want to make a good impression.

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