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Phoenix rain customs: truck production

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The goal of this project is to provide the customer with a custom hot rod that he can hop in and drive without worry. It is the goal of Phoenix Rain Customs to make this truck as dependable as possible so the customer can take the truck around the lock down the street to a local car show or be able to drive it across the country and have the vehicle as reliable as a new car.

Phoenix Rain Customs is assuming there will be minimal body work to be done because the body is in overall excellent shape. Risks that are taken into account are that will have to go deeper into the body work and the suspension depending on what the customer wants. There is a budget of 50 thousand dollars approved of by the customer with the provision of an additional 10 thousand if needed.

The timeline involved is that the customer would like it finished ND tested by the end of June 2014, so he can take it on a trip during the July 4th holidayGoalsTo provide customer with a new vehicle that has all the modern safety components Provide customer with moderntechnologyand environmental comforts while retaining era correct styling cues Provide customer with modern reliability and with mild street manners This project will create a one of a kind vehicle that will incorporate modern design elements while retaining era correct styling cues.

This project will involve several different vendors ranging from body and paint vendors located in the Tacoma Metro ere. The parts vendors will be located throughout the United States. Phoenix Rain Customs will coordinate with vendors locally and nationally to order and receive parts in a timely manner. The High Level Deliverables are as follows: Initial Assessment Body and Paint Interior Drive Train Electrical Assembly AQUA Project Deliverables Milestone Deliverable 1. Initial Assessment Vehicle in Shop and Stripped of components. Remove engine and drive train. Order new frame and suspension.

Order new wheels and tires decided upon by customer lead time of sixty days deeded by manufacturer to custom cut wheels. Sit down with customer and go over plan and colors for construction of vehicle. 2. Body And Paint Get body panels media blasted to assess how much body work will need to be done Order new bed components Send frame and suspension for powder coating Get body panels and cab to paint shop to start body and paint process. 3. Interior Order new seats and send to upholstery shop for recovering Order new gauges and dash components Order interior kit. Coordinate with Stereo installer and order stereo components 4.

Drive Train Order new engine and drive train combination Receive frame back from powder coating Install new brake system Install suspension system Install new drive train in frame 5. Electrical Install new wiring harness in truck Rewire all interior components Test electrical 6. Assembly Receive cab and body panels back from body shop Put cab and body panels on frame Install new bed wood and hardware Install new interior and dash assembly Install new glass and seals Inspect truck for fit and finish Have unit buffed Take on test drive/ assessment Have customer come in and give assessment

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