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As a Filipino citizen in Philippine country, what have you done to the development of the country? Are you willing to die just for your beloved country? Do you know what the early Filipinos do for the freedom of the country? Do you know who is Andres Bonifacio and his greatness? I have a simple essay all about one of our Philippine hero’s Andres Bonifacio and I hope you like it. Many Filipinos know who is Andres Bonifacio but aside of his name many of people doesn’t know what Andres Bonifacio have done and his achievements for the freedom of the Philippines. Andres Bonifacio was born in the land of the courage in Tondo, Manila, He would be our first president but he was betrayed by fellow Filipinos and executed with his brother Procopio at Mt.

Buntis, Maragondon, Cavite. Andres Bonifacio is a symbol of brave and strong Filipino. And through his strategic plans, innate communication skills, he was able to organize the poor, the uneducated, masses and together, they fought for freedom. Without the Katipunan, did you ever ask where will we be now? As a youth and a student, the legacy of Andres Bonifacio for us is to be strong and brave, be confident and never give up in any trial in our life.

Let Andres Bonifacio be our inspiration to be strong and to compete to other country. Andres Bonifacio proves that lack of formal education never stopped him to continue learning and practicing his knowledge. He is a self-taught revolutionary makes him strong. As a student, you don’t need to be so knowledgeable to be a leader, all you need is a heart of being a leader and effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, leadership is defined by results not attributes.

Me as a future worker and seaman will follow the footstep of my favorite national hero, I will work hard to earn money even if my work is so hard to give my genuine love for my family. I will make Andres Bonifacio as a guide and a reminder that love for my family is also love for my country. “ Keep in mind that always the true faith and love in God is also love for people to own country, and also the charity”.

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