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Pervasive healthcare essay example

The technology in medicine has progressed rapidly from the time when doctors used to visit patient’s home to provide medical care. The current healthcare system is now centralized in hospitals for effective utilization of resources. The present lifestyle and the ageing process have initiated a major drive in developments for the future of health care. Pervasive healthcare is a development in the healthcare field as it emphasizes on making healthcare available for anyone, anytime and everywhere. It is related closely to Biomedical Engineering, Medical Informatics, and Ubiquitous Computing. The pervasive healthcare technology benefits the doctors with analytical and therapeutic opportunities with access to the patient’s previous medical data, and benefits the patients to know about personal health management and prevent any illness.
The pervasive technology targets the consumer mobile devices to encourage healthy behavior. It can not only cure sickness but also provide a path for wellness throughout the lifespan. The pervasive user interfaces provide important health information to the patients. These interfaces have the information of the patient’s behavior, any disease specific characteristics, and encourage the patients to improve the lifestyles and self-treatment. Stress and clinical depression are considered to have affected almost every person in their life and the research in the pervasive healthcare field for stress prevention is still in its earlier stages.
The motive behind pervasive healthcare is to manage illness to maintain wellness. The pervasive technology aims to provide a general user-centered and preventive healthcare that can be available to anyone at any time. The researchers are in the process of enhancing developments in pervasive sensing and pervasive prevention. Pervasive healthcare systems are here to stay for a long time to provide better healthcare benefits to the medical doctor and the patient, and this technology is an example to move ahead to a user-centered and improved health management.

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