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Personnal reference

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Recommendation Letter want to study nursing for various reasons. Nursing is quite an important and sensitive field that requires a total commitment and dedication towards it. Gurus of nursing recommend that only those students should make their career in nursing when they have interest & attitude towards it, and they are hard working.
I have been asked to provide a character reference for Ms. Giovanni Jackson as she was used to work under my supervision. First time I met her at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital where she came as a central processing technician and being a lead technician my task was to train her. Her job was related to sterilization, preparing and packaging of surgical instrumentation, and picking cases for the doctors involved in the operating room.
I found her that she is smart, always willing to learn, completes job applications amazingly in a professional and practical manner. She firmly believes on education and because of this trait she stands out in the whole department – she was the youngest technician.
A couple of days back Ms. Giovanni Jackson told me that she wants to purse in nursing and making career in it. It was good to hear about it as I always encourage people when they want to purse and take education seriously – especially a lady like Ms. Giovanni who is quite ambitious and progressive.
Moreover, at the hospital, I observed her closely that she is always willing to participate in any task brought to her and did not afraid to express herself. I firmly believe that she is a quite intelligent, responsible, and optimistic lady. She is capable of completing all the assignments in an efficient and effective manner. I would like to recommend her that she should be admitted to any good nursing school as I believe that she will not disappoint anyone and contribute greatly to the nursing field.

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