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Personalization of globalization

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Personalization of globalization implies specialization of target users of certain product with standard interface compliance. Business personalization is a logic selection in a globalization competition. Globalization being integration of political, economic and social aspects across the globe is a force that results in economic growth, democratic freedom and propensity of a country and individuals. It results in exploitation of developing world, environmental devastation and suppression of human rights.

Globalization can be personalized incase an individual thinks of deploying a site for activity which includes development of globalization strategy. If one plans to offer a personalized content to specific audiences, then personalized techniques are used in defining strategy and goal (White Paper). In personalization of globalization one has the chance to change the display content. Strong markets require personalized globalization solution in order to satisfy different business conditions across the world.

New level of globalization personalization is needed to meet demand of globalization requirements. Personalization of globalization involves use of unique software capability, services and content based on language, culture, religious, political, business and legal aspects so as to enable customers change their capability, content and services upon preferences. Personalization of globalization can be undertaken through software systems. These are components of personalization.

A fully featured globalization can be achieved through language support packs and libraries which are in a position to store data and presentations (Evjen, et. al, 24). The main blueprints in personalization of globalization include; business analysis, content analysis, workflow and interface design and implementation design. Under business analysis there is formulation of goals, targeting of audiences and content inventory together with personalization and globalization goals.

In defining business goals application of management content enable one to have a vision and strategy in offering a rich content to the users. If the goal of a business is to offer customers with personalized information on products and services, then management application contents will be the main delivering content with effective, quality and consistency. Target audiences are defined so as to help in defining business goals and ensure deliverance of right content to the right people.

Creation of content inventory is necessary in personalization of globalization to support business goals, create content if there is any existing contents (Rima, 37). Definition of goals for personalization of globalization is possible if audiences are identified. If one plans to deploy site globally, then development of globalization strategy is necessary. If one plans to offer personalized contents to particular group then definition of strategy and goals for personalized techniques is important. Analyses of contents represent a logical collection of contents which are managed by application.

Identification of contributors of content helps in identifying business units and departments within groups that have their own contents. Valuable contents are required in enterprise systems. In personalization of globalization content taxonomy is logical and hierarchical structure of classification that explains content being identified is necessary. Content taxonomy classifies contents and should have classification that corresponds to business domain and types of content that are displayed by the content.

Categorization and creation of taxonomy offers benefits in organization content and retrieval focus development content in necessary areas, effective searches and reuse of the content (White Paper). In the workflow and interface design there is analysis of current business procedure which involves production of content and determination in optimization. In personalization of globalization there is audience targeting which creates ability for groups to base their specific set rules and target the contents to certain audience.

Personalization of globalization is experienced when there is localization of website for another market in which translation is the main visible aspect of the procedure. In designing the workflow there should be consideration of transactional and editorial content which is handled locally and globally with business integration on the existing business processes. The main components of designing a workflow is the task being performed and decision of points and branches that occurs during workflow. State contents should advance through the published site (Rima, 45).

The blueprint in personalization of globalization has guidelines and detailed white paper on workflow design. There is need of creating important content management interface for users of content management application since there is use of application on regular basis as an integral part of the work. Task analysis and user followed by creation of prototype and usability tests ensures the design meets users’ needs. Users should have the ability to create new content, edit existing content and find respond to workflow tasks and assign classes and metadata to content.

Designing of content targeting involves definition of methods used in personalization of content to be personalized with the target group which involves taxonomy classification in delivering certain types of content. If one decides to email campaigns or use Web, define section for campaigns, the rules governing how the campaign operates and channels through which it will be delivered should be identified. Blueprints of personalization of globalization include guidelines on campaign design. Results of interface and workflow design are roles, groups and workflow design, interface design and techniques for content targeting (White Paper).

The last part blueprints of globalization personalization is implementation design which comprises of designing the publishing strategy for new content, staging of content across m multiple environments or sites, versioning of content and management of users and groups with access to application of content management. There should be designing of database in personalization of globalization. This database has to include taxonomy content and functional relationships between types of content. Designing content integration comes from external systems needed in designing integration methods.

In personalization of globalization there should be development of change management strategy including planning training for users and planning migration of contents from any existing sites. There should be consideration of how to use measurements and reporting to determine if business goals are being met and fine a tune for the site and its contents once the site is up and running (Microwave Exhibition and Publishers). Conclusion Personalization of globalization is mostly done through internet infrastructure with collaboration worldwide. This personalization involves sources on code on networks which are open and shared.

Personalization of globalization will ensure there is business achievement and worldwide collaboration. People will be in a position to share results and be able to give back to the world. Through personalization people will be able to reuse knowledge and results in business. Personalization of globalization enables global collaboration for open development and stopping direct localization and making global version to business. Personalization of globalization is not more worldwide but specialized on target users. There is personalized business logic selection in areas of competition.

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