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Personal ment Reflecting upon my varied learning experiences over the years, I have realised that in this era of ever-rising competition in every sphere of life, it is essential to always develop oneself continuously. In this process of development, obtaining invaluable knowledge through professional courses has become an ever-rising phenomenon amid students and learners all over the world. These courses not only facilitate to enrich professional knowledge but also enable to immensely develop personal skills and abilities which in turn can enable to render a successful career ahead. I have also realised that in order to enhance employability, these course are unparalleled.
Thus, by considering such ever-lasting virtues, I have decided to apply to MSc International Business Management course for completing my master degree. I would able to enhance my knowledge of learning by a considerable certain level which would also assist me to develop various levels of understandings.
I am very much passionate and thrive in performing along with succeeding in challenging scenarios. I can easily understand the concepts and ideas and am capable to develop myself by creating solutions to the problems. In order to develop my skills further, I have decided to study the management course after passing my graduate level studies. The course offered would enable me to possess ample opportunities to gain an in-depth knowledge regarding corporate culture and courses in management thus assisting to face tougher situations in larger organisations.
Furthermore, I would gain invaluable leaning opportunities during the MSc International Business Management course to comprehend the varied challenges that are faced by global companies and their managers to ensure the sustainability of their organisations. Thus, I can transform myself to be a global citizen or an individual possessing pertinent knowledge about the global business arena. It can also facilitate me to realise the aspects that enable global companies to internationalise in the multination business environment. Through the learning of both theories and concepts along with practical evidences, I can develop strong abilities to perform efficiently in a global organisation in future. Through the course, I can also gain valuable knowledge regarding the fields of innovation management, international business investigation and market research.
Apart from gaining certain long-term benefits from the course to develop my knowledge, skills and abilities, I can also significantly contribute to my fellow learners during the course, which can facilitate in more enriched learning environment. I can contribute by means of imbibing certain possessed skills and abilities such as communication, team work, time management and research amid my co-learners which can help them in their career as well. Furthermore, I possess certain skills of dealing with various customers by handling immense workload in different critical situations, having an experience of two years as a supervisor in a Telecom Company. Skills such as time management and teamwork are essential to imbibed by each learner as they crucial in corporate organisations in order to maintain the effectiveness and sustainability. Thus, I can pass on my own experiences regarding these aspects consequently contributing in my fellow learner development as well. Thus, it can be inferred that the course of MSc International Business Management will not only enable me develop as corporate professional but will facilitate me to enhance my social skills as well.
Coade, N., 1997. Managing International Business. Cengage Learning EMEA.

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