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27 January, Personal ment: I am extremely desirous of learning good FinancialEngineering skills. I have earned my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue School of Engineering and Technology in Indianapolis in which I secured a CGPA of 3. 6 out of 4. My background in Mathematics is very robust. As I earned a GPA of 3. 9 in Mathematics, I can safely call it “ my specialty”. Also, I secured top positions in all my Math classes during the high school and also received a lot of awards for the same. During my undergraduate study, I happened to study Finance as one of the subjects. The subjects of Economics and programming classes of C language and Matlab were also part of my undergraduate course of Electrical Engineering. I have the honor of having worked as “ treasury” for my school organization. In addition to that, I frequently open stock market and buy stocks. I also have a lot of knowledge about various engineering, applied mathematics, finance, and economics tools that are frequently employed in problem solving techniques used in strategic planning, risk management, and investment. I would like to mention that I chose to study Electrical Engineering at the undergraduate level so that I would be able to serve in the firm that my father owns. My father wants me to take charge of the work once I am done with my studies. In order to run the business in the competitive market scenario, it is imperative that I equip myself with good skills on the financial side of the business as well. Having realized the importance of Financial Engineering in the contemporary world, I started reading books on the very subject. As I learnt more, my interest in Financial Engineering studies grew further. My father wants me to take complete hold of his business because he wants to see me leading his firm in the right direction in his life. Therefore, I consider it very important to equip myself with the right decision making financial skills. I chose to study the course of Financial Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC) because I see USC as a leader in the very field as well as in the research. Quite frequently, I happen to see the publications of USC in a lot of well-reputed journals. USC is particularly famous for its well developed computer based technology, which facilitates the students in many potential ways. There is a lot of research going on at USC, that I want to participate in. In order to gain a sound understanding of Financial Engineering, I want to pursue my studies in USC as I see it as the best qualified institution in the very field. By undertaking the course of Financial Engineering at USC, I shall be equipped with up to date knowledge, trends and techniques that are frequently used in finance related matters. Studying this course at USC is very important for me and my professional career. I look forward to getting a positive response from USC.

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