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Personal fulfillment essay

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In my opinion, personal fulfillment is helping myself, pushing myself, and accomplishing whatever I set forth to do and if there was a reward at the end I worked for that. Also, being able to help others if I am able too. Wanting something and wanting to do something is not a bad thing, as long as there is good intentions. Most people today due to TV, want to be dripping in diamonds, drive expensive cars, and live in big houses.

And with that is why I feel TV personal fulfillment is bad. I feel that the way we see personal fulfillment on TV, is bad because most of the time it is material things or something is given to them. The main reason I feel personal fulfillment viewed on TV is bad, is because they make you think if you don’t have 4 or more cars parked in your drive way and live in a home that has 5 or more bedrooms you cant be happy.

These things don’t make you happy, they don’t let you see them not happy and wishing to live a “ normal life”. The kids that watch them on TV look up to them “ want to be them” and think if they act and do the things they are they will have these things too. People is society believe material things make you happy due to the way the media portrays it. You can be a average Joe work a 9-5 have a decent car, live in nice size home and be perfectly happy.

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