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Essay on transport focuses on relevant issues that reflect a personal or common opinion on a given topic. Themes covered in this type of essay may include modes of transportation, public and private, active and passive travel-specific transportation, and others.

Specific databases are geared towards helping students write works containing helpful information, samples, and finished works. The website contains over 100 examples and is relevant to different levels of learning. Referring to the source can guarantee the quality paper since some ideas can be used as a basis for autonomous work. Transport essay examples are also freely available here and can effectively help.

Topics of Essays on Transport

Topics that an author can refer to in this kind of essay can be narrowly focused or broadly targeted; it all depends on the specific situation the writer intends to highlight. For example, broader topics may address the transportation challenges:

  • Traffic
  • Pollution
  • The importance of transport
  • Future transport perspectives

The problem of traffic congestion may be covered in the essay examples of this kind. It is vital to put forward a thesis about the existing problem. Then one has to underpin it with arguments and, possibly, suggest ways to resolve the situation. The next problem is also crucial, and everyone is aware of the deplorable situation on the planet as a result of the culture of pollution from transport. The increase in the number of cars contributes to an increase in the concentration of harmful substances which interact with the electron transport chain in the atmosphere. An essay on transport pollution can provide horrific data and note the possible consequences of not resolving the situation.

However, transport is not only harmful, its significance for the daily life of people is difficult to overestimate, and this should be covered in an essay on the importance of public transport. The future of the transport system and possible changes can be discussed by covering the following topic. So the general prospect is the search for new types of fuels for internal combustion engines that do not pollute the environment. This possible outstanding development can change the world for the better.

According to the IELTS guide, there are several types of essays, one of which is argumentative.  It can be noted that such essays are predominantly argumentative since they are intended to draw attention to crucial issues and convince the reader of the ideas presented. In terms of structure, the text of this type of essay also contains elements of an explanatory essay since it must clarify the position on a particular issue through consistently presented concepts. The structure can be following:

  • Introduction
  • The main part (body) containing arguments
  • Conclusion

It is vital for this type of essay to present a rebuttal that offers ideas that contradict the central thesis. Argumentative essays can also vary; a short essay can be more challenging to write. They may not require enough space for the necessary argumentation that has been planned. The key to writing a short essay includes only the most relevant information needed to substantiate the point of view.

To conclude, in order to write quality work, it is necessary to process a lot of information, refer to sources, follow the format, and use citations. The samples presented on the website can become an excellent foundation for future quality work.

Considering the variety of topics available, both transport essays and essays on various other topics can be found here, so this database can be recommended for use.

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108 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Transportation to Boost Your Creativity

Sample article review on spatial arrangements of land use

Jean-Paul Rodrigue asserts that the main impact of urbanization has been the proliferation of urban land use. Furthermore, how the land is used will also determine the capacity of transportation systems to cater for the needs of the urban area.

Neutral messages and the direct plan essay

Neutral messages and the direct planPositive messages encourage people; they add value to the life of the receiver and a concomitant feeling of fulfillment to the sender. With this plan, the main idea is presented early in the message to attract the attention of the receiver's interest and encourages him to read the [>]

Applied research methods

Language barriers may not be a hindrance as well as convenience due to instant responses by the respondents, and the benefit of gaining the respondents additional information. Question Two Regarding the dos and do nots of constructing questions, it is important to note that, few questions trigger better responses.

The highline: a new destination essay sample

According to the " friends of the high line", in 1934, " the high line opened to trains. It was hidden in the darkness, to be completely ignored and representative of a very difficult New York City." Then the line just sat.

Good example of linear and integer programming modeling critical thinking

Of particular interest to the problems of the IP due to the fact that in many practical problems, we need to find an integer solution due to a discrete series of values of the variables. Therefore, we can consider all possible combinations of integer variables and check whether they satisfy the constraints, and [>]

Transportation in the philippines

About 14 percent of the 158, 810 km of roads in the Philippines are paved, this is in spite of the difficult mountainous terrain. The LRT is the best way to get downtown and get around in Manila.

Slide 2 essays examples

The barriers to siRNA delivery are multiple and depend on the targeted organs and the administration routes A diagrammatic representation of the barriers involved in systemic SiRNA delivery. This is also an important step in the delivery of SiRNA to the target cell.

Example of essay on climate, membranes, enzymes and metabolic pathways, bioenergetics and respiration

The hemisphere angled towards the Sun is warmer since sunlight move more directly to the surface of the Earth and less sunlight gets dispersed in the atmosphere. Among the crucial roles is regulation of the motion of materials in and out of cells.

Transit-oriented development (tod) with mixed income housing and essay

Therefore " the negative impacts of automobile travel on the environment and the economy" are decreased because the number of automobiles on the road is decreased. Barriers & edges are fences, hedges or other types of structures that divide parts of the neighborhood so the land-use will remain the same without impacts from [>]

Trend in transport: the role of intermodal transport in the international logistics

In fact, the growth of the amount of freight being traded, as well as, a great variety of origins and destinations promotes the importance of international transportation as a fundamental element supporting the global economy. For this reason they result anyway an important factor that should be considered by a firm in the [>]

Free queuing analysis case study sample

Having obtained the arrival and the service rate, then it is possible to determine the frequency in which a given number of trucks are in the system. As such, the frequency is the power of probability of the system being in use where the power value is the number of trucks whose frequency [>]

Oros is precisely controlled, by the rate

When the system comes across with the aqueous environment water imbibitionby the active agent's results in distortion of the polymer matrix capsuleencapsulating the drug this delivering it to the outside environment. Gelin aqueous media forming semi permeable Working This type of system employs the swellings property of hydrophilicpolymer, which swells and gels in [>]

Cell transport mechanisms and permeability

Your answer: b.oth glucose and albumin Questions: The reason sodium chloride did not diffuse left to right is that You correctly answered: c.the membrane pore size was too small. Your answer: the solute and the MWCO Why do you think the urea was not able to diffuse through the 20 MWCO membrane?

A study on public transportation problems among students

We wanted to do this research to find out the problems of transportation faced by students and the solutions of the problem. Limitations and Delimitation's:- The limitations or delimitation's are the inherent design or methodology parameters that could restrict the scope of the research findings and are out of the control of the [>]

Bad driving habits essay sample

For example, if I am driving home from school and someone passes me even though I am going over the speed limit, I have to pass them, I have to be in the front of the pack of cars. However, if you are driving, the one thing you need to be doing is [>]

Material handling equipment final essay sample

Material handling equipment is equipment that relate to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Maximise space utilization by proper storage of materials and thereby reduce storage and handling cost.

Public transportation vs private transportation

Of course, it is impossible to encourage all people from all over the world to use public transport only. Moreover, we can also provide people with the benefits they can get from usage of public transport.

Essay on sydney public transportation preferences

The relationship between home, place of work and structure of the city is what contributes to the diverse form of transport preference among the public. The journey to work is a multi-dimensional strategy focusing on the daily experiences of commuting between home and the workplace in all the available transport modes.

Advantages and disadvantages of travelling

If we have a car, we need only a map or GPS system and we can simply get into a car and go! Travelling by car is not very comfortable for a driver.

Example of research paper on transportation and network capacity

For better understanding this aspects and for identifying how the transportation industry adapted or needs to adapt to the dynamic globalization process and to the changing economy, this paper aims to answer by providing an in depth presentation of the transportation issue, by analyzing the causes and impacts of the capacity in transportation, [>]

City road analysis

Homelessness is the most obvious inequality and there is no area that is free of it, in Ballygall Road there is two homeless people they are both originally from the area, they are well known to all the locals and are treated with disgust and are avoided completely if possible. A drug addict [>]

Traffic is terrific on roads

In Delhi, it is just not the number of moving vehicles that create traffic on roads; a huge number of stationary vehicles parked along the roads are also responsible for traffic congestion. Since cars and motorbikes are parked on roads, the amount of space for moving vehicles is reduced significantly, resulting in more [>]

Alayna grant

Finally I had my camera so I could prove to my dad that there were dinosaurs." Well here I go. I said to my dad.

Compare and contrast goffmans and foucaults explanations of how social order is made and remade

He argued that order is made and remade through every day interactions and that the order is created by repetition and improvisation. First impressions are important and Goffman believes that individuals ' put on a show' to try and manage the impression they are giving which helps us to read the situation and [>]

How intelligent transportation development will change the industry

The enhanced technology has increased the vast need for the modification of transportation. The digital technology applied to improving the situations of the road.

What is the portobello road famous for

The changes that have affected Portobello road in the last decade have a had a great impact on the local community along with the future proposals which have been outlined for the area by the council in order to improve the area. Many of the residents questioned felt that the area had changed [>]

Pothole and roads

Repaving the roads in Fayetteville would be a big investment in many ways, not only would it improve the towns look, but it would also make it safer for the community members to drive on the roads. According to Midweek " Ball estimates that most pothole damage runs between $800 and $1, 200 [>]

Traffic: road and public transport

One of the first benefits of such a measure is that the heavy taxes would discourage car owners from using their cars because it would become very expensive to drive. It is said that the high volume of vehicles, the inadequate infrastructure and the irrational distribution of the develpoment are main reasons for [>]

Causes of road accidents

The unworthiness of some cars on our roads also invariably leads to road accidents. Fatigue driving is a known cause of road accidents by long-distance drivers.

Essay on you can make the topic from the reading

However, the poet contradicts himself in the next set of lines of the poem where he states that the level of wearing of the two paths was " really about the same". The fact that the mood of the poem is also not particularly uplifting is also a modernistic element.

Factories may contaminate and pollute residential areas.

Negative effects from development and modernization such as the construction of factories in residential areas will lead to many problems and pollution to the surrounding communities. For example thermal pollution will lead to the increasing number of infectious disease-causing vectors since the river and air temperature is conducive to them.

Supporting statements essay sample

In the present era with the advancement of technology, drivers have developed many habits and distractions that make them dangerous drivers on the road.- In a hurry so they speed up more than the limit.- Using cell phones or other hand held devices while driving - Eating while driving is another dangerous habit [>]

Road traffic control

Our class boys were given such an exposure to the traffic rules by being posted on the Traffic Control duties, every week on Sunday when the rush in the market and cinema halls used to be the maximum. We used to line the roads, leading to the Bazar from the four directions and [>]

Good research paper on lake moeris quarry road-egypt

The Lake Moeris Quarry Road built while the Old Kingdom of Egypt between 26th and 22nd centuries the oldest paved road of the world and is testimony to the excellent sense of planning and execution of the ancient Egyptians of that period. The 8-miles of the main road was built by placing [>]

Reflection essay on road safety

To avoid these, a driver should be careful not to break the road safety rules and maintain the road safetyculture. However, there are traffic laws that may prevent these kinds of accidents to happen, but it is still up to the driver to follow the road safety rules and maintain road safety culture".

Three day road summary

She's one of the last of her clan to live in the bush, having fought off going to the reserves and governments wanting to take the Indian out of the Indian at the time. She hears that her nephew who's been sent off to the war has the war has left him damaged: [>]

Example of research paper on traffic in usa

The major cause of traffic including jams in the United States is the large number of vehicles in the highways in the states capital. The contributing factor to this is the State of roads in the in the country.

Reckless driving

Although, driving defensively is the global demand for using cars, still there are some drivers practicing different kinds of reckless driving behaviors on the streets. Reckless driving is one of the major causes of vehicles loosing control.

Critical thinking on nature of logic and perception

Thus, this is something that I need deal with as it is what I just perceive to be and yet it is not the reality of the situation. It is getting the better of me as I am almost convinced that it is the cause of my current situation.

The decline or the collapse of the tang reign and its impacts on international trade essay example

The Tuque tribe controlled the Silk Road within the early Tang rein, allying with other states within the Western frontier against the administration, and disrupting trade. Later, the Tang dynasty overpowered the Tuque Tribe, and reopened the route, consequently, promoting trading activities and booming trade with the west.

4×4 vs. 2×4 handling in sand literature review examples

Off-road vehicles require the wheel with the most traction to get the most power. It is advisable to track the tire tracks of the vehicle in front.

Qatar’s struggle to reduce traffic accidents

20 SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to identify the reasons why traffic accidents are so high in this region of the world, and to determine the possible impact that they can have on society and humanity. The number of accident casualties in Qatar has risen to 40, 000 per annum, which [>]

The road summed up

The boy and his attempts to help the helpless, the father and his struggle to stay alive, and thefamilyat the end of the novel are all acts of the struggle of humanity. I am the one." I was never very sure if the eason why he wanted to help others was because of [>]

Driving a car for the first time essay example

Slowly release the pressure on the brake pedal and the car will start to move slowly. I was told to take my foot off the brake pedal and used the same foot to press the gas pedal gently and the car started moving faster.

Drunk driving: its effects to the society argumentative essay sample

This problem would contribute to the dilemmas of the superhighway and the people involved in the accidents. It is because the effect of drunk driving costs the lives of the intoxicated drivers and the innocent lives as well.

Contrastive and comparative analysis & conclusion research paper examples

The way the word is woven to form sentences befitting the theme, and at the same time, conveying the message is an art in itself. Though different in their styles and contents the central theme of ' journey' is maintained in both the literary works.

Three day road by joseph boyden

In the book Three Day Road, it is clear that Xavier enables Elijah's actions before and during war that lead to Elijah's eventual death, causing Xavier to fall ultimately responsible for Elijah's death. As they walk closer to the Marten, it is clear to both characters that it is still quite alive and [>]

Reflection essay on the road not taken

The poem " Road Not Take;" byRobert Frostexplores decision making as part of a complex nature of human race involving contradictory emotions of fear for unknown future, regret for the possible wrong choice and acceptance and pride in defining an individual. After experiencing the fear and regret in making decision, the tone of [>]

Safe driving

It's not always the road that complicates your safety; in the story it refers to Peggy wanting to visit the liquor store. Drivers are responsible for just about everything that happens to it and in the car.

“the road not taken” by robert frost essay sample

" The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is about the decisions that a person makes in life and how it affects their life. The theme of " The Road Not Taken" is that the choices a person makes in life slopes one's future experiences.

Cause and effect essay

Many people die due to fatal accidents in Afghanistan because of lack of experienced drivers, standard roads, traffic control systems and existing of corruption in governmental agencies, are the substantial causes for fatal accidents in Afghanistan. One of the main causes of road accidents in Afghanistan is lack of experience and understanding of [>]

Abbey road and beatles

The Beatle's started out as four normal people and then in the 1960 they all come as the group called the Beatles. Today we are going to look into the early years of the Beatles, the raising fame of the Beatlescareerand the end of the Beatles.

Good literature review on compare and contrast two literary works from this course that share the same theme

A Comparative look at the theme of nature in the poems " The Oak" Alfred Lord Tennyson and " The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost Both Alfred Lord Tennyson's The Oak and Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken deals with the theme of nature. In " The Oak", it is clear that the [>]

The road to success

The heart that is the building block of the road we are to hit, the road to success. No matter what your goal is, it is important to realize that as soon as you begin your Journey down the road to success, you will encounter a series of brick walls.

Creative writing on road rage

Road rage is a situation in which there is a form of violence on the roads. These is enough to trigger a road rage situation now that one or both the drivers flout and ignore traffic rules and in the process lead to destruction of their vehicles.

Good example of symbolism of the journey research paper

Eliot's epic poem ' the Waste Land,' to Phoenix, the protagonist of Welty's ' A Worn Road.' Sykes writes that as in much of his epic poem, ' The Waste Land,' T.S. Sykes, in his article, ' Welty's A Worn Path,' reflects on the characterization of Welty's Phoenix as the epicenter of the [>]

Develop road safety culture

However, there are traffic laws that may prevent these kinds of accidents to happen, but it is still up to the driver to follow these rules. The only solution to avoid these kinds of problems is to develop a road safety culture in general people so that they follow the Safety rules and [>]

Good essay on a good man is hard to find

The children insist on visiting the plantation and their father is forced to turn back towards the direction of the plantation. This sets the basis of the family's encounter with the Misfit.

The road not taken essays example

Looking at the surface of the poem, one might believe that it describes the differences in the road as being of primary importance. The other is not mentioned explicitly in the poem, and only the speaker, the traveler, comes through in pronouns.

Cathay pacific company report essay sample

For Cathay Pacific the company's vision is to become the most admired airline in the world having the motto ' Service Straight from the Heart', and because of this the companies structure is very regime, and emphasises the need for excellent service to all customers. Delivering superior financial returns is part of its [>]

Pestle analysis of easyjet essay sample

The low-fare strategy of Easyjet is exploiting the demands of the customers to travel at cheaper prices. The purpose of this EU-wide scheme is to cap emissions from aviation and this will come

An entrepreneur air-express company in pakistan essay sample

However, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Awan is now faced with a number of questions regarding further expansion of the firm. In addition, the linkages created would be beneficial to the expansion of TCS; yet, such a virtual platform should not cost much.

Firefly pricing strategies essay sample

Firefly created a successful mix of product, placing, pricing and promotion which is beneficial to the company. In marketing mix pricing, Firefly has carried out penetration pricing, competition pricing, psychological pricing and optional pricing causing customers to feel that the service provided is worth their share of money.

Srm a strategic service vision for air asia bhd essay sample

The major purpose of a strategic service vision is to serve as the vision of a place and purpose of the company as well as to link the entrepreneur's idea and the unmet needs which will eventually allow the company to achieve its goals. For example, Air Asia is a service winner; hence [>]

Business economics assessment – passenger airlines

Nevertheless, the process of reducing operational costs and the exploitation of economies of scale are consequences of the market structure identifiable for the firms in the industry. The Market Structure of the Airline Industry According to the Competition Commission, " competition in the airline industry takes place on a number of levels and [>]

The effects of tourism and its impact in the philippines.

Why? For me, the rapid growth of mega malls in the PH is not that beneficial to the country because it takes away the opportunities for other small time investors to produce and to build new businesses. Discuss the impacts of tourism destination to a country and relate the positive and negative impacts [>]

Environmental scan essay sample

Internal Factors The environmental scan of Garuda Indonesia Airlines is starting with the internal factors of the company.1.1. 1 Image of the company Garuda Indonesia Airlines is the national airlines ofIndonesia.

Taj sats air catering ltd. review

The TAJ Group of Hotels belong to the House of TATA and is the leading hotel chain in India. SATS is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and is one of the leading providers of catering and ground handling services in Asia.

The strategic analysis of easyjet and easy group essay sample

The second one is by constructing a Growth-share Matrix for the Easy Group to better understand the balance portfolios of its different Easy companies in it and then the core competence of Easy group will be discussed in detailed. 4 Technological skills As one of the first airlines to embrace the opportunity of [>]

Free essay about music: thinking about music and social change

Jackson wrote the song on a Sunday, two months after the wake of the September 11th attacks, as a way of reaching out to the society and offering hope. The song brought a sense of hope and healing to the victims of the terror attacks that day; the survivors, their families, and every [>]

Technological strengths and weaknesses

The American Airlines is the largest airline in the world. This section presents a general PEST analysis of the American Airlines which will give a feel of the current business environment in which the airline operates Political While the airline has not been under direct control of the government since the deregulation in [>]

Airline fleet and multimodal transportation

Hartline & Ferrell, 2008) There are many reasons that contribute to the triumph and the consistent success of the airline and one of them is that with the passage of time the pioneers and the kingpins of the company did not encourage any considerable alterations in the business model that the organization followed [>]

Singapore airlines reviews and flights essay sample

By the time this plane was be hijacked.the hijackers got into the cockpit, the plane a ready was in Singapore's airspace, the was pilot had reported the hijack to the control tower. 12 In the wake of taking control of the lodge, the pioneer of the offenders chatted with the pilot, Manager Lim, [>]

High-flying labor relations at southwest airlines essay sample

The mission of Southwest Airlines to their employees is that they are committed to provide their employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Summary and Conclusions In conclusion, Southwest Airlines management knows how important it is for them to work with the labor unions in order to [>]

Essay on international disaster management

According to a communication and security officer at the airport, the fire was enormous that it overwhelmed the efforts of the fire brigade team. Disaster preparedness is the act of marshalling all the resources in an organization to effectively and timely respond to a disaster and mitigate it in the shortest time possible.

The development of air transportation during the 20th century

To name a few, the new inventions involving the airplane technological aspects found in overseas dogfights in Europe lead to the formation of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. All in all, there are many lessons to learn from issues with the post ranging from distrust which was brought along with the complete [>]

Problems at china airlines essay sample

Besides that, in 1968, CAL was declared as the official airlines of Taiwan and start to operating domestic services across the island and at 1969 the airline was enlisted by the International Air transport Association. International passenger and the fright services was the CAL was to concentrate more on it to improve the [>]

Southwest airlines

Much study has been made as to how this system is going to benefit the passengers and the airlines. It has been found that there has been tremendous improvement in the benefits given to passengers i.e, in the fare structure, allotment of seats, concession in the hotel accommodation, priority check in facilities, shopping [>]

Southwest airlines case study essay sample

The turnaround time is very significant in utilization of aircraft and the low cost position of Southwest airlines. The question is can the culture of Southwest Airlines be maintained in the face of these turnovers? 4.

Menu planning essay sample

The purpose of the menu is to inform guest of items available and price, to inform employees of the items to prepare and purchase. The first page of the menu has to include the name of the restaurant and some pleasant appeal to the guests.

Air asia

Therefore, the purpose of this case study is to critically analyze the strategies that are pursued by the company; Air Asia and how they implement this strategy to achieve the organizations' strategic goals. Although there are many airlines that are widely available, it is clear that the rivalry amongst Air Asia and other [>]

Benefits of booking cheap flight tickets from travel agencies vs. booking directly with airlines

The best way to search of the flight tickets is to make the search on incognito mode while booking the flight tickets. It is always advisable to book the tickets in private mode so that the cookies do not increase the prices of the tickets every time you search for the same destination.

Uses of music in the movie argo by ben affleck essay sample

This paper is an overview of the common uses of music in the film industry and the examples as well as effects created in the movie Argo. The use of music is a vital factor in this movie as it has enabled several contrasting events that take place in a film.

Project overview essay examples

The last part of the report is the Conclusion which was derived after the project has been completed. This is due to the indication of an error in the child features whenever a change is made to the parent feature.

Swot analysis air asia essay sample

First and foremost, Air Asia has a very cooperative and strong management team with strong connections with the government and the airline industry leaders. The main vision of the Air Asia that have make Air Asia being successful is the logo of " A low cost carrier which offers five-star service where everybody [>]

Airport and hotel transfer service review

With the help of this service the corporate clients can make it to multiple destinations in the same vehicle. The chauffeurs are experienced and trained to treat the clients in a discerning manner.

Example of baseball card emporium case study

5 Units Cost of In transit inventory = 68. 4 Units Cost of In transit inventory = 27.

The evolution of aviation essay sample

Our ancient man could not remain aloof with the amazement of the miracle of the birds taking to the sky and was deeply passionate to put the wings on his arms and take on to the sky of his dreams. The World War I stimulus and the invention of the petrol engine increased [>]

Airline industry

With the Wright brothers' invention of the first engine powered plane, the need to provide service to passengers in every place in the world has led to the airline industry being a major driver in the global economy. Despite the immense growth and the importance of the industry in the economy of countries, [>]

Hrm at american airlines essay sample

The case takes us through a time line from 1980 to 1992 of the company; of how the growth of the company was followed by changes in the strategy, changes in the HR policies at different time and finally their effect and impact on the employees and the company as whole. 1991: Due [>]

Kingfisher airlines essay sample

OBJECTIVES PRIMARY OBJECTIVES * To study the customer satisfaction level for the various services provided by the kingfisher.* To find out the effectiveness of the services provided by kingfisher airlines in respect of other airlines like air india, jet airways etc. The survey was conducted in the areas of south Bombay and it [>]

Historical snapshot: boeing 747 essay sample

The thing the Wright Brothers do was a revolutions about the world of flight by design the 1st true one of control system that is three-axis control that would result in the world's that the first aircraft that are capable of being controlled with no requiring a such primitive of methods as the [>]

Analysis of airline delay distribution differences

Multiple studies have examined the cost of these delays from loss of business by the airlines to the emotion effectives it bring on to the airlines' customers. This relates back to the current study by showing the importance of knowing if the number of delays have changed from the past, either for the [>]

Road use charges should be introduced in the uk both for motorways and for urban areas

However the increasing demand for road use over the years has added to the number of vehicles on the road, and in turn, increases the damaging effects upon the environment. As is to be expected, at the moment, drivers act according to their PMC curve and the level of traffic on the road [>]