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These examples include such issues as:

  • Ethno tourism essay;
  • advantages and disadvantages of tourism;
  • hospitality and tourism essay;
  • colonialism and tourism essay;
  • tourism industry and tourist attractions essay;
  • effects of tourism essay;
  • the harmful effects of tourism essay;
  • dark tourism essay;
  • space tourism essay;
  • tourism benefits essay;
  • positive and negative economic impacts of tourism essay.

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  • conclusion;
  • list of sources.

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Conclusion for my project

This is because the more the number of dark tourist centres, the richer the history of the town. Aim The aim of this research is to relate the history contained in each of the dark tourism centres to the increased demand in dark tourism in Prague.

The european tour operators case essay sample

As Thomas Cook and TUI are both UK based businesses, and political environment of UK is one of a most attractive and stable comparing to the other areas of world, matters such as war against terror and enlargement of EU have had a consequence on the political stability of the authorities. This trend [>]

Marketing plan for islands souvenirs essay sample

The development of successful souvenir design has a great significance for the promotion of tourism and cultural industry development in a country.*Customers/Consumer behavior The key is that designers must be good through differentiation and segmentation of the souvenirs, looking for a new meeting point to meet people's needs, to taking the initiative to [>]

Travel to europe

I knew I would not get this chance later and I wanted to make the most of it. The Architecture was amazing; I was Just taken In by It.

Netherlands travel and tourism market analysis essay sample

This report provides an extensive analysis related to tourism demands and flows in the Netherlands: It details historical values for the Dutch tourism sector for 2008-2012, along with forecast figures for 2013-2017; It provides comprehensive analysis of the travel and tourism demand factors with values for both the 2008-2012 review period and the [>]

Rural diversification essay sample

Also, the Lake District has become a popular tourist destination and as a result of this, lots of farm diversification has taken place, such as gift shops such as ' Kirk Allan's gifts' and ' Grasemere Crafts' in Ambleside. Tourism: There is a lot of tourism in the Lake District, and companies have [>]

Tourism’s economic impact on switzerland essay sample

Switzerland is a mixture of cultures from Romanesque, French, German, and the Italian who bring into these country diverse cuisines and cultures from the expensive Europe Hotel and Resort Tourism Switzerland has the advanced state-of-art hotel industry in the cities across the country. The Vaud and the Valais are the main producers of [>]

San francisco the top three stops to make

Then there are the water activities, exploration of the areas just outside San Francisco, such as visiting the wine country, and the many other things to do in and around the city. One favorite is from the top of the Marin Headlands, which offers the fun of a hike and some exercise with [>]

Food tourism

The Global Report on Food Tourism, the latest in the UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai 4 UNWTO Global Report on Food Tourism The aim was to try to obtain a series of conclusions regarding some of the initiatives that are going on worldwide in Food Tourism for possible inclusion in the the public sector [>]

Using examples, critically discuss the importance of gastronomy to at festivals

Food festivals in the UK is a good example of food festivals where gastronomy can be used to benefit the tourism sector while improving culinary experience of many people who attend food festivals in the UK annually. Smith, S, & Costello, C.

Destination marketing, bali essay sample

Cruise ships to Bali can be positioned as the best alternative to plane trips and can be an extra way to get people to take up a relaxing holiday to the island. This can help to build a trip to Bali to be an even better experience for people as they can spend [>]

Tourism and hospitality industry of australia tourism essay

Cultural Diversity & Social Composition in the WorkforceStudent NameIntroductionThe importance of the hospitality employment is paramount in both the developing and developed countries alike and this has been confirmed by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Hospitality industry is one of the industries that rely a lot on the cultural diversity and the [>]

Image operations of the shopping centre tourism essay

The main objective of the report is to be able to present the research and findings of Ragwort and Simpsons about the image and operations of Tauranga Shopping Centre. With the findings presented, appropriate recommendations are suggested in order to make the shopping centre more attractive and be able to better meet the [>]

Example of math 136 essay

4)- Euler Circuit: If there is closed a path that crosses every edge of a graph exactly once, then such a path is called an Euler circuit.- Hamilton Circuit: If there is closed a path that crosses every vertex of a graph exactly once, then such a path is called a Hamilton circuit.- [>]

Feasibility of hotel to implement changes in strategy

The strategy of the hotel to cope with influx of guests is feasible because the hotel has already moved to a system of having multi-skilled works to cope up with the needs the hotel has proved this also by having them call stuff from other hotels and restaurants to the do the job. [>]

Expressions of miami vacation

Despite this rush, it can be accessed that the people waiting in these long lines are not disappointed owing to the lovely weather and the welcoming and warm staff of the parrot island who are organizing and managing the entrance and tickets really well. Children are seen playing in the park of the [>]

What effect does tourism have on jamaica

But with the amount of people visiting, our country is susceptible to a number of problems resulting in an over To truly understand whether or not our islands natural resources are being degraded and if the nationals are being exploited or becoming violent and unlawful or experiencing trouble from the investments and developments [>]

5 inspiring lessons from the cubs’s journey to the world series

The grit, resilience, hope and triumph seen in last night's game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians is a great reminder to the rest of us that anything is possible. Never giving up, relishing the pressure and setting highgoalsdrove these players from the bottom to the top.

Transport and travel behavior mauritius tourism essay

Transportation is an essential component of the economy influencing the development and welfare of the population. These include: The public infrastructure division of the MPI & TS is in responsible for the implementation of Road, Bridge and Government Building infrastructural projects.

The barrens quest: film summaries assignment

In the issue of the Canadian industry, some species of birds and animals are found on the brink of extinction. Documentary " The Barrens Quest" reveals the concepts and main notions that are contained in the course of Tourism.

The tourist arrivals in kashmir tourism essay

Tourism plays an important role in the economies of a number of countries and can have a significant contribution to the economy of the state. Indian1274674Foreigner37166Total1311840Source: Department of Tourism Kashmir Road3533Foreigner33633Total37166Source: Department of Tourism KashmirTourism being a service product has to adopt the principles of Service Marketing.

National tourism organisations

Economic considerations of the government in coordinating the National Tourism Organizations is compared with the private capitalistic enterprises that are usually not ready to continue during the times of disasters when the profits are low. As the custodian of the tourism activities records, and in the key ministries, tourism organizations are able to [>]

Sunset on a beach

A smile begins to erupt my face when the view of the ocean is seen, then pulling up to the perfect parking spot in view of the ocean. The atmosphere the beach has from the weather, the feeling, and the view is what draws one in like a melody.

Activities in los angeles

Most people see shopping as the most exciting experience in Los Angeles, especially because of the large shopping malls with a variety of products. There are several outdoor recreational activities in Los Angeles.L.A.'s 75 miles of coastline and desirable weather provide a perfect outdoor experience for people who enjoy the sun.

Santorini – climatic onditions and economic factors

Similarly, the number of tourists also vary from one month to another.the main prominent seasons in Santorini are summer and winter. Summer begins in May and temperature peak measurement increases to 22 degrees Celsius as the rain drastically falls to an average of 7mm.

Medical tourism: study case of ijn

This paper is in agreement with the argument, which is to develop the marketing strategies by focusing on the emotional benefits, and assess the effectiveness of the strategies by measuring the satisfactions of the customer. The main purpose of the council is to coordinate promotional activities of medical and healthcare tourism industry in [>]

How developments in molecular biology might help the survival of mankind (800 words)

Developments in molecular biology has brought tremendous benefits to the survival of mankind and the technology promises major breakthrough in some of the most challenging problems facing humanity currently. Some of the application of molecular microbiology includes prevention and treatment of diseases, production of new protein products in addition to modification of plants [>]

Introduction to the development of travel + tourism

By the mid 1950's the car was becoming more of a major role in public transport and many people took to driving further away than the original holiday resorts of Blackpool, Scarborough, Brighton etc. The invention of the jet engine then came along and people discovered holidays in the Mediterranean where the weather [>]

The galapagos and sustainable tourism

I had forgotten how as a child I regarded the sight of this natural behaviour with awe, and for a fleeting moment I was reverted to a simpler time and place, memories of parents, home, a sense of renewed wonderment and peace, that everything was bigger than you were, and not just in [>]

The executive selection: patravi traveltec ii

A worthwhile addition to your watch collection, it was designed with the passion and craft of renowned watchmaker The Patravi TravelTec II features a distinctive chronograph with three time zones, and boasts water resistance up to 50 metres. Finished with a rose gold case and lightweight titanium pushers, this watch will ensure that [>]

Gastronomic tourism essay examples

Often, the message of travel shows exemplifies the consumer culture, that is, travel shows are well-structured to influence the audience to take on roles of the consumer by traveling themselves. Instead of using this medium to educate the audience, it offers glossy images of people, places, and culture to feed the concept of [>]

Current challenges facing hospitality today tourism essay

The ILO has been cooperating with those organizations in response to the mandate given by the Tripartite Meeting on the Effects of New Technologies on Employment and Working Conditions in the Hotels, Catering and Tourism Sector in 1997, aiming to provide a methodology for the production and presentation of tourism-relevant labour statistics to [>]

Report on factors, issues and impacts of hospitality and tourism industry of maldives

2 Introduction to hospitality and tourism industry Assignment Prepared by: Mauroof Zakir Today tourism is the largest industry of the Maldives which gives 60% of foreign exchange along with over 30% of Gross Domestic Product of the country. World Economic rescission World economic rescission is one of the external forces that affect the [>]

The al-masjid al-haram mosque as a historic tourist destination

Indeed, the Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque, which is one of the holiest places in the history of Islam, is situated in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. I have to admit that the experience that we had when we visited Al-Masjid Al-Haram Mosque was out of this world.

Cst problem

Child Sex Tourism Child Sex Tourism Tourism is one of contributors to the growth of the economy and most countries such as Thailand, South Africa and Brazil rely on this industry. The stakeholders should be able to know how to identify the occurrence of any child sex trafficking and what to do to [>]

Tourism botswana

However, Botswana two mall economies are coming to a fork In the road and the ability to maintain the growth that their economy is experiencing will be directly determined by which path the country ultimately chooses. Conservation efforts will be important " Because tourism has a tendency to destroy or at least endanger [>]

How the centre meets its customers needs tourism essay

On the 1st of July 2012, the general manager asked for a report on the research of image and operations of the Tauranga Shopping Centre and to make recommendations on how it could be made more attractive and better able to meet the needs of the customers. A five point Likert scale was [>]

Tourism early tourism essay sample

Travel for business such as trading The invention of money, writing " wheel" by the Sumerians facilitated travel and exchange, of goods.2. During the Industrial Revolution: The Industrial Revolution brought about major changes in the scale and type of tourism development.

Location factors appropriate to the development tourism essay

The city's efforts should be focused on growing accommodation stock to create opportunities and meet these new market requirements" Glasgow City Marketing Bureau Given that the development is hoping to take advantage of Glasgow status as a first class conference, shopping and cultural destination and also the 2014 Commonwealth games; then the following [>]

Special interest tourism

Tourism trends and factors in holiday interests The rapid growth of the travel and tourism is one of the most important social and economic phenomena in the last decades. Market segmenting is dividing the tourism market into different groups of people with similar characteristics, motivations and needs in order to respond with the [>]

Inbound tourism of south africa

Inbound Tourism of South Africa There are two main factors in recent history that contributed to the increased number of Inbound Tourists to South Africa. There are also a couple of strategies put into place to improve the Tourism market in South Africa as a whole.

Portfolio analysis: hilton international inc

In considering the principles of vertical and horizontal integration, Hilton International Plc, has undergone several transformations in terms of mergers and acquisitions to enable it to earn the international accolade it now prides of. The Hilton Hotel Corporation later changed the name to Hilton International Plc in the year 2009 Task three Economically, [>]

Tourism course issue

PLAN OF THE THESIS The primary purpose of the study is to identify and to understand the factors why do students choose their Tourism Management course. Later, it describes the primary purpose of the study, which is to investigate what drives the students to take the Tourism Management course and to understand the [>]

The changes in the global pattern of tourism

I think this is due to the climate in the Med. I feel this shows just how big these changes in the pattern of tourism are.

Lotteries and turf club horse racing tourism essay

In response, Lee reasoned that the challenge for Singapore is to have the city-state catch up with world leading city such as New York, London and not to fall behind in the competition. Most of these problems can be traced to the influx of foreigners into the country due to the opening of [>]

The applying problems and resolving to implement sustainable tourism

The applying problems and the resolving to implement sustainable tourism In this day and age, tourism is one of the largest industries, with an increasing number of tourists all around the world. To most people, sustainable tourism, that is the most important way to success in sustainability, is still not widely understood despite [>]

Tourism in india

7 In 2010-11, the travel and hospitality industry faced the challenge of a significant decline in corporate travel due to serious cost cutting by global corporate houses, as well as the fear ofterrorism, and a lack of a sense of safety post the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. The industry also witnessed an increase [>]


Skating is done in the Skating oval, one of the recreation facilities in Halifax. Parks and forest In Halifax, there are public gardens and recreation centers.

Expansion of london heathrow airport tourism essay

They argue that the CO2 emissions will outweigh the economic benefits of the expansion, so the expansion could seriously weaken the UK's role to play its part in tacking climate change.[6] [9] Due to Heathrow Airport's congestion issues and the rise of international competitors like Paris, Frankfurt and China, the third runway is [>]

Report on travel industry

Source: a= cruiseTitle of the article: World cruise Means Prestige For Lines, Profitability For AgentsDate of the article: January 15, 2013 As reported by Tom Stieghorst in travel weekly, Ace cruise lines have assorted sentiments for world cruises that sail for months. This newsy article reveals that a world cruise is a [>]

Role of government and support agencies essay sample

Nature of government involvement in the UK and Abroad: UK Creation and maintenance of tourist boards are put in place to ensure that there is a proper promotion and development of tourism to and within the UK.' Visit Britain is the national tourism agency, a non-departmental public body which is funded by the [>]

Paraguay tourism

The Brazilian economy has been predicted to become one of the five largest economies in the world in the decades to come. Fair Trade tourism as a special kind of responsible tourism in which it is the traveler who gets near the culture and people of the place and tries to get in [>]

Desert tourism in dubai

For most people, when tourism is mentioned, the sandy beaches of Hawaii, The wild of the dense Brazilian and African forests and the fun in Los Angeles and Vegas ring a bell. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing is the body that is charged with the licensing and the classification of [>]

Overview of traffic at uk airports tourism essay

In addition to its business activity, the region is also a major tourist destination, offering a variety of historical and cultural attractions and being the gateway to the Alps, which established itself as one of the most attractive destinations for leisure in Europe. Lyon is also home to the international headquarters of Interpol, [>]

Case study example

Firstly, Julia is the contractor in this transaction and thus reserves the authority to negotiate accommodation reservation deals on behalf of the hotel with the hotel's interests being the main concern. Considering Jon was not totally on board with holding the meeting at Monte Sereno, giving in to a rate of $99, a [>]

Potentials of tourism essay sample

The long-term vision of the currently ruling government is to make Ethiopia one of the top ten tourist destinations in Africa by the year 2020, with an emphasis on maximizing the poverty-reducing impacts of tourism, and utilizing tourism to transform the image of the country. Ecotourism rates to a responsible travel to natural [>]

Essay on a journey by bus

I was looking at the houses, trees, and meadows through the window with a cheerful mind. The Journey by bus was really a pleasant one.

Summary (maple syrup)

Firstly, the fact of the matter is that maple syrup is only produced within two nations of the entire world; Canada. One of these professional organizations that helps to monitor the production of Maple syrup in Canada is known as the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.

Asia and tourism

17 Aug 2014 Air Air in Bangkok is slowly blowing into the town from the Gulf of Thailand. It is the central power for most of the ruling classes in Thailand and neighboring localities.

Municipality: puerto galera essay sample

The town of Puerto Galera in the province of Oriental Mindoro is located in the northeast portion of the island Mindoro, about 130 kilometers south of Manila. Puerto Galera, one of the oldest settlements of the religious missionaries, was founded in 1574 as the capital of Mindoro.

Journey assignment

Demonstrates detailed understanding of how selected text/set text explores the concept of Journeys Presents a perceptive analysis of the set and chosen text Uses language which is appropriate, sustained, sophisticated and suitable to audience, purpose and form 10-12 Clearly identifies the concept of Journeys in the text. Demonstrates effective understanding of how selected [>]

Misconceptions of a tenth-century muslim traveler

In his essay, the author regarded the sail to the sea of Oman as the most dangerous, saying, " I do not know of one more dangerous than that of the Zanj". Also, Mas'udi used the term Zanj to refer to all the people in Oman, but this is not proper because the [>]

Tauranga shopping centre location and access tourism essay

1 Customers were asked to give rating on the aspects of the centre, its products and services on a five point liked scale.3.2. 2 All staff were directed to give rating on the aspects of the centre, its product and services on a five point liked scale.3.3.

Assistant professor of art history essay

What you see in the pictures could easily be a large whale, a large seal or a prop from an old film, which has not been disposed of properly. I do not understand how this man can have evidence if there was not a monster in the first place.

Joint venture

The entire hotel together with resort projects contributed to the joint venture, counting MGM projects in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Hakkasan projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The amount of negotiating and planning needed to bring this about is reasonably significant.

The role of tour operator in educating tourists tourism essay

Goodwin and Francis stated that the basic role of the travel brochures in persuading the responsible behaviours of the tourist is supported by the Voluntary Service Overseas. Most of the tourism investors, associations and governments sponsored tourist attractions.

Ecotourism in the sultanate of oman: showcasing musandam, dhofar, and sharqiyah essay sample

Musandam and Dhofar are governorates of Oman, while Sharqiya is one of the prominent regions of the country in terms of natural beauty and other environmental attributes that will surely draw the crowd in.1. Aside from the income that could be realized in the continuous stream of foreigners, there is also the added [>]

Nationalism and tourism examples in south dakota

Nationalism and Tourism Examples in South Dakota Nationalism and Tourism Examples in South Dakota A heritage sight is a significant aspect of the formation and maintenance of national identity. Mount Rushmore National Memorial It is a political and the single largest attraction in the State of South Dakota.

Camping and outdoor activities

Although, it may not be easy to develop activities it is worth it and it will return to the country with a lot of benefits. In addition, hiking needs a lot of skills to be developed and that can take serious amount of time which is a drawback and a real issue of [>]

Define a hero essay examples

One set his courage and the noble qualities that lead to the brave capabilities in the performance of the duties as per the requirements. This leads one to be regarded as ideal and more reliable in issues to do with the performance of the key and crucial duties as per the requirements of [>]

Potential for cultural and heritage tourism tourism essay

An investment in cultural and heritage tourism helps build a sense of pride of place, making any city a better place to live, a better place to locate a business, and a better place to visit but, before an investment in cultural and heritage tourism is made, the first step being taken is [>]

Premium travel

The result may be that the cost of travel exceeds the demand for travel, and people will travel less. Some of the factors that will affect Premium Travel in the future include energy prices, political climates, and the world economy.

A memorable journey

My first day of the trip contained making sure we had the everything we needed packed in our bags. The sound and light show, which is in front of the Star Metro Deira Hotel is a splendid and colorful experience.

Effective management of service processes tourism essay

The service business I will be focusing on is Easyjet, the airline service which offers customers affordable and cheap flights to majority of the biggest cities in Europe in order to sustain a success service, EasyJet must ensure that their management of service processes, service people and resource capacity/resource utilisation is imbedded effectively [>]

Santa catalina island trip

The experience made me question the authenticity of the area because the resemblance to Italian and Spanish cultures was not a representation of American culture. Break from Reality: The tour was beyond my imagination, it all felt unreal.

Tourism and it’s negative effects

A second problem is that the tourist resorts are frequently owned by large Western companies and all too often the pro? ts earned from tourism go straight into the bank accounts of these companies. Finally, tourism can have an adverse effect on local culture, traditions and the way of life.

Gallus dissuade snails and slugs by corrading

Also, the one that introduced itself in ancient medicine as relaxant andantibacterial is the oregano and it could aid thehuman's safe framework. Whileit is developed as a yearly, clinched alongside colder climates, concerningillustration it by and does not survive the winter, Oregano will be a perennial.

Contemporary views on motivation tourism essay

Motivation is the process of motivating people to actions to achieve the goals. The Equity Theory of motivation is developed by John Stacey Adams in 1963.he suggested that a person will be motivated to engage in an action or a series of action if he perceives that the conditions of the situation are [>]

The development of tourism

This means that many parts of Africa have been able to develop a sustainable part of the economy based around protecting and conserving the animals which they have for tourists benefit as opposed to in the past, where the predominant form of tourism was in hunting these animals. The main thing which needs [>]

Cultural event report

My visit to the Denver art museum was on the 2nd February 2013, the museum was well located in people attending came from all over the country and beyond. The architecture and art involved in the design of the Denver art museum was magnificent.

Extraordinary tourism

The report will define and explore the different dimensions of the growing trend of extraordinary tourism and present different examples of this from a global perspective. Demanding customers and a growing global economy will re-write the market of tourism and the next innovative hotel idea is Just around the corner.

Introduction&background part of three museums

The museum prides as the first federal art collection and includes a collection that captures the aspirations, character, and imagination of the American people. The museum's collection is presented in six collections that include among others the ' American experience' and the ' American art through 1940'.

Hong kong opened disneyland tourism essay

Pechanga Resort and Casino is an Indian Casino located in the suburban of Los Angeles, the central area of the Pechanga Indian Reservation in Temecula, California. It's a town with a population of 100, 097, and the Pechanga Resort & Casino is the one of the key drivers of tourism in this region.

Critically examine the need for tourism policy and planning essay sample

A Tourism policy is usually planned out between the government and maybe some general private company that wants to contribute towards a project." In many developing countries, the state usually plays a central role in formulating and planning tourism development policy " As stated by Jenkins the government is a key figure in [>]

The performance of events managemen tourism essay

2 Brief Introduction to the type of Event IndustryThere are different ways to classify the events, such as the size, the form and the content. It starts with the origin of the word ' event' and the industry of event management, followed by the importance, the influencing factors and the skills of people [>]

Positive aspects of tourism

My second point is that tourism in LEDC'S can help more people get jobs aand get more money in the country. This is sustanable and it gets more money in the country that can be put to good use e.g farming-for crops/foodand there education-money can be put to schooling so more people can [>]

Information communication technology

Information and Communication Technology and Service: A Study of How Hotel Managers and Employees Perceive the Impact of the Application of ICT in Room Division and Food and Beverage Department on the Quality of Customer Service and Customer Retention A Research Proposal Information and communication technology has dramatically changed the tourism and hospitality [>]

Social and cultural negative impacts of tourism in turkey essay sample

Advocates defines tourism as the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited and also refers to the sector of the [>]

Village hotels

Individuals These are the people who work hard the whole week and come to hotels to relax and leave the hotel afresh. They are source of primary income for the village hotels.

The best vacation: trip to china

I had always envisioned the path at the top of the wall to be a smooth walking surface. As I reached the top of a section of the wall, I had to stop and appreciate the spectacular view.

Advantages of tourism in cambodia

In the world, there are a lot of countries to visited, and in one country there are a lot of tourisms that come from all over the world. This translates to a considerable increase in the living standards of the people and a reduction in the rate of unemployment.

Georgia recreation and park association

Georgia Recreation and Park Association Georgia Recreation and Park Association is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1945 to support and promote these two industries in the state of Georgia. The mouth piece of the GRPA is its magazine and other publications.

Global tourism negative impacts of tourism essay sample

This leads to the construction of infrastructure and facilities which are placed in locations which has the tendency to generate revenue in conjunction to tourism. Due to the booming success of the tourism industry, there is an increase of recreational facilities and an increase of construction for the tourism sector.