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Network basics

As per network dictionary, it is defined as a process of mapping one group of IP address to another that is transparent to end users. 3 is a public IP address that will route the schools traffic from the WAN interface of the router and the gateway of a router will also bind [>]

Creational and behavioral design pattern: commands in the function

The square view model is related to the composite class in the algorithm which in turn is related to the color background and the square state of the game. The square view model object is able to position the board which is then passed to the composite class which sets the required state [>]

Case project assignemnt

Kaspersky Antivirus is also the best in terms of preventing threats from compromising a computer. In the process, it compares the performance of the application from the time it was updated with its present state.

Critical chain project management based heuristics algorithm

One, Goldratt method where input buffer and project buffer match half of the magnitude of the critical chain to attain 50% probability the task duration and approximated. Project buffer attempts to lessen the project buffer duration and incorporates it into the critical chain.

Job stress among help desk technicians

The simple rules to be followed by the help desk workers who are mostly it experts include; Help users help themselves One common complaint many IT support employees have is that they spend a lot of time helping clueless users fix obvious problems. That is why departments should make it as easy as [>]

Information technology acts paper

Cable Communications Act of 1984 First act that I am going to discuss in this paper is the Cable Communications Act of 1984. In addition, this act is aimed at ensuring the security of telephone consumer protection act that was passed in 1991.

Software development

The second topic addressed is in regards to IT governance as it relates to organizational investments in the field of information technology. Secondly, IT governance is " defined as the structures, processes, and relational mechanisms for the IT decision making in an organization; consequently the quality of the governance system works to ensure [>]

Advantages and disadvantages of moving files

Then select the file from your computer and press " K." If the file is large, you may have to wait a few seconds for the file to finish uploading. Many versions of Word have a habit of revealing details about your computer and saving deleted text in a way that the recipient [>]

Online gambling

William Hill Betting Company William Hill Online Betting Company Over the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of online gaming companies all over the world. However, betting was not allowed by the government in the United Kingdom at this time hence the reason why the company went through the [>]

Module 2 (slp) nature of health information

They enter data and manage the information in the health informatics system. The integrity of the information stores in the health informatics system is important.

Sma roles

Modeling is the process of producing a model; a representation of the construction and working of some system of interest. The conceptual model is a key means of validating the simulation model and addressing whether the right model is being built.

Explain promotion and the promotional mix

The use of these of apps has boosted the use of location-based services in that users are experimenting the use of the new services more and more. Location-based advertising is facilitated by the rapid and increased use of mobile phones.

Database design

The introduction to database design gave me in-depth understanding of how the idea of database originated from. The diagrams representing the interaction between the programs, user, database and database management system enabled me to internalize the database design concept.

Cyber security

I concur with the response given to the question since it has fully explored the benefits and setbacks of e-government against the benefits of manual storage of information. It is extremely essential that cyber security be considered a vital issue in a meeting of the United Nations.

Pros of security camera’s installation

The use of cameras for security has become common in many countries, and the perpetual use of security cameras in present-day has led to the raising of privacy issues. Installation and use of security cameras are an invasion of privacy, and to maintain people's privacy security cameras should not be installed.

Why environmental & ecological engineering is important

Importance of environmental and ecological engineering Environmental and Ecological Engineering plays important roles in the environment and consequently quality of life among living things. One of the reasons for the engineering's importance is its scope of developing models for exploration of environmental resources.

Cloud computing and ethics

When law firms resort to cloud computing, it simply means that their all confidential client information is no more housed within company premises but it is now placed somewhere in cyberspace, which by no means law firm may ever even identify and that is precisely where the crux of the issue is. In [>]

Erp implementation

A number of major business processes of the company were either paper-based or manual, and Denver Consumer Services struggled with the problem of depending solely on one staff who understood the reporting and architecture of the system's legacy. Hashi Lube's executive management relied on the advice of Panorama consultants in the assessment of [>]

Tracing internet communications

Since there is a display of the name of the sender, it is possible to navigate through the inbox through their names to find the messages from that particular sender. This is not an easy process, as one has to navigate through many messages in both the " inbox" or " sent" items, [>]

Technology management

A service catalogue is aligned with business needs if it provides the customer an extensive view of the details of the IT services delivered to them. SCM is customer-oriented management of service delivery, and provides a link between IT services and the business.

Call of duty – differences from other rpg shooter games, gaming theories based on which cod continued to extend its gaming series, players’ connection while playing cod

CoD is a series of games which changes game scenario and gameplay with each series but its core setting is the same: WWII; With the exception of the last two series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which are based on modern times. Call of Duty 4: [>]

Information security – application supporting statement

Information Security Degree The Opportunity According to a March survey conducted by Acumin Consulting Ltd.and, the Information Security Professional's compensation continued to rise even during and after the recession. Information Security must be part of the means to a company's achievement of mission and goals.

Microsoft zune vs apple ipod

The Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune: Playing the Same Tunes Differently People enjoy listening to music because it can relax and soothe one's nerves and at the same time, pump up one's energy. The two most popular media players in the market today are the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune.

For the first time

1 General Problem Statement of the How the proponents will develop an online information system that will provide efficiency in processing information and a module to update the customer's needs for the catering service events.1. 1 General Objectives To be able to develop a web-based application for Belle's Catering Services improve the processing [>]

Conducting training sessions

At the same time, task E also depends on task B, hence, will only commence after task B is completed. A-C-G The critical path therefore is when the project comes from task A to C to G.this is the longest path that the project can take to a successful completion.

Thought piece

Nevertheless, for individuals incapable of adapting to technological and social change, he suggests the formation of the territories of the past which are no-change, future-free, encapsulated zones subsidized by the public at large. Moreover, he asserts that the ecological, psychological and economic costs of modernization need to be measured.

Answer the following questions

Answer the following questions Question The OSI strategy grew out of a necessity for international networking principles and is deliberated to facilitate interaction between software and hardware systems despite variances in underlying architectures. The OSI framework has also assisted in the expansion of network communications by generating a standard for other gadgets like [>]

Information systems in organizations – case study

The system also contributes to very high annual net sales of up to $3billion as stated in the study and an approximate of two billion shares daily. The system handles a very large amount of information including trading information such as algo-trading which includes the use of an electronic platform to enter trading [>]

Internet and criminal activity

A new user of the internet is the target of the phishing. In the next, the hacker sends the link of the webpage to random users via emails.

Information security and assurance

The basic ides idea of cloud computing is to allow the companies to get charged for only the services and time they have used a particular service, which is a source of attraction for a large number of business organizations. Without a doubt, cloud computing model provides a wide variety of tools and [>]

Business intelligence terms

The info object catalogue is used as an aid in organization of info cube objects. A key figure is a type of the info object catalogue.

The age of information technology

While emerging information and communication technologies have strengthened the Internet community, we lack of economic and policy issues that must exist to sustain the growth and expand the scope of the Internet. Although the term of broadband has been widely used in the telecommunication and computer industry, we might entice to find out [>]


30 September Videoconferencing Technology Videoconferencing is one of the most valuable and important technologies that have been introduced over the past few decades. The best feature of videoconferencing is that it provides the users with the opportunity to conduct group meetings.

Cis 375 week 8: 2: usability of ipads and websites

Usability of Websites and IPad al Affiliation Usability of IPad and Websites Introduction The following is an analysis on theusability of iPad and websites from the perspective of the users experience in using the iPad. The gestures have the advantage of giving the users access to the variety of the features in the [>]

Summarization also known as associations information technology essay

The important tasks on the way from data and problem to an optimal business solution are data mining, data analysis and optimization tasks. Data mining techniques can be applied to problems of business process reengineering, in which the goal is to understand interactions and relationships among business practices and organizations.


Computer Sciences and Information Technology Response Data resources refer to the components of IT infrastructure that represent all the data available to a business. With the increased mobile revolution in the business world, it is difficult for any business to ignore the impact of such changes.

Career options

The salary of a web developer ranges from $1500 to $3000 per month. Response I agree with the post because the ideal duty of a computer programmer is to develop programs for organizations or companies.

Economic analysis of the new system

Economic analysis of a new system Economic analysis of a new system New System Investment and Implementation Costs In sum, it is clear that when deciding to implement or practice new systems within an organization, the managers need to realize that new systems require a lot of capital. In addition, they also incur [>]

Bro: a system for dectecting network intruders in real-time

The system has system designs that are meant to emphasize high speed monitoring, clear separation between the policy and mechanism, and real time notifications. Bro is abstractly divided into an event engine that enables the reduction of stream of filtered packets to the stream of high level network events, and an interpreter specialized [>]

Web 2.0 and beyond

Web development and design that enhances communication and facilitates information sharing on the World Wide Web is termed as Web 2. One of their advantages is the ease of access of information and communication.

An open source network intrusion detection system

The next component of Snort known as the collection engine will collectivizes evidence from the hosts and networks that is an input for a forensic investigation team. The primary focus is to analyze and report issues related to packet headers in network traffic.

Open and closed source systems

Open Source Operating System Open-source software is computer software which is available with not only the source but also the right of redistributing the source code along with all the modifications and the works derived. Currently, there are a huge number of categories of the open source software that include but not limited [>]

Network communications

Servers provide possibility for working of a network and nodes are computers which included to the network and they should be connected. All these networks can be created within some location, for instance LANs it is networks, which connect computers located mostly in one building, WANs are networks, which are farther than LANs, [>]

Information assurance

Integrity refers to maintaining the validity and reliability of information that is to be used for decision-making. Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation of the information processing infrastructure is vital to the survival of an organization.

Erp implementation and readiness process

The readiness assessment process is the most important stage in the entire process and will predict whether a company will successfully implement the ERP or not. This led to the introduction of the ERP program to the company in order to integrate all the information and help in quick decision making.

Green computing project

This can be done in a number of ways including the design, production, use, and disposal of tools and equipment used in the Information Technology sectors. Some of the necessities for the accomplishment of this project are discussed in this section of the paper: a.

Software requirement elicitation process information technology essay

Index Terms ___Requirements, Elicitation, Techniques, responsibilities Software requirement engineering is a process of requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, requirements specification and requirements management. In this model they have related all the important aspects of requirement engineering process to software development process for finding out good and correct requirements from variety of sources that can [>]

Storage device

Computer storage refers to any hardware devices whereby data can be held and it is categorized in two group's namely primary and secondary storage Primary storage Primary storage is the internal memory or the main memory in a computer device which is stores data for short periods of time while the computer is [>]


This comes into existence as the address provision in the Internet is not in comparison as hierarchical to telephone dialing strategy, a number of the routers contained in the service provider main networks partake in exchanging of information around a number of IP prefixes. Springer Science & Business Media.

Reflection on social media

Since use of social media is a very important element of work in my organization, management assumes huge responsibility of training the workers in the use of social media to ensure that the policies are complied with. My organization achieves this by introducing the new employees to the policy of our hospital on [>]

Computer security

8159 entries include a buffer overflow How many of all the CVE entries mention Internet Explorer? The number of entries that mention SQL in the CVE database is approximately 20822.

Career in information systems

One of the key reasons behind my decision to pursue a career development course in parallel data warehousing is that I desire to establish a business in Data Warehousing and Process Improvement field in the long run. With reference to the concerned discussion, it has been viewed that the technological system is measured [>]

Using e-book in higher education

It deals with the evaluation of the appropriateness of the certain Information System by analyzing the acceptance behavior of the target users, in order to make advancement and improvement which means to be equally acceptable and adequate for the users of different IT applications. Attitude toward using the E-Book As according to the [>]

Internet has actually had a negative effect on non-western societies

The universal spread of the modern technology comprising of the information and communication technology is usually perceived as a postmodern era indicator of globalization as well as a prerequisite of the intensive global interactions of individuals as well as the exchange of goods and services, capital and information. In addition, the internet has [>]

Introduction to databases

For example, dropping the primary key employee_id from the employee table would be unacceptable because it is being referenced by foreign key employee_id on the job_history table. Moreover, it is unacceptable for the same foreign key to refer to multiple primary keys.

New top-level domains

Whereas one article brings out the basic ideas associated with the general press on what the new domain system is going to be about and its potential benefits and challenges to the banking industry, the other tries to clear misconceptions that may be associated with the new domain system. The new domain system [>]

Computer input and output devices

Computer input and output devices Computer input/output is the sending and receiving of information between the computer and the external world normally the human using it. The data is converted into codes that are understandable by the computer and displayed in a format understandable to the user within a time frame of milliseconds.

Current issues in information technology

The focus of this research will be to highlight the evolution of marketing strategies within businesses as it relates to communication based on the influence of social media. The study will analyze and evaluate the impact of social media on business performance.

Process management

Windows has a market share of around 90% and Macintosh holds a share of 8% and Linux is found in around 2% of the computers. Accordingly, Linux is the cheapest of all the OS because in the case of Windows and Mac each user has to buy a separate license to use the [>]

Pop culture and technology

Pop Culture and Technology Pop Culture and Technology Part The minority report utilizes several different technology concepts and the one I found to be most interesting is the one involving automated driving. The technology is fairly simple and involves the in cooperation of lasers, maps and cameras that are sufficient in ensuring that [>]

Db 3

From the video showing a narration of the newest of the International Ford Plants in Brazil, it is quite evident that Ford is making use of technological processes in its supply chain in South America to take a competitive advantage in the industry. A vital facet of the strategies used in the supply [>]

Windows vulnerability

This report highlights the details of attacks conducted using this vulnerability, the systems that are vulnerable to this attack, the consequences and effects of the attacks, document some cases where such attacks have taken place and finally explore the fixes that exist so far. Impact of this Vulnerability The uncontrolled and unauthorized access [>]

Impact of big data on data management functions

Running Head: Impact of Big Data on Data Management Impact of Big Data on Data Management Date of Submission Impact of Big Data on Data Management Introduction Big data is a very important development in the realm of information technology. Big Data is a novel data management technology that is capable of including [>]

Discussion question

In such a situation, the designers are looked at in the form of labor as that is their main purpose and thus the loss of two designers will result in the reduction in the amount of labor that is available to the manager for the project at hand. Time The schedule of the [>]

Semantic web is an extension computer science essay

In this paper we present survey on the search engine generations and the role of search engines in intelligent web and semantic search technologies. Information retrieval, Intelligent Search, Search Engine, Semantic web The Semantic Web is an extension of the current Web that allows the meaning of informationto be precisely described in terms [>]

Intellectual property

The ethical dilemma in this case is whether to abide by intellectual property rights or proceed with the project under the state's immunity from such ethical issue. List the Global impact of the ethical dilemma -It has cost the world a lot of money to the unscrupulous businessmen.-It has attracted strict patent, copyright [>]

The future of privacy

Systemic instruments come from the engineering process from networks to machines to computers to codes to protocols. PET may be implemented such that the deficiencies of one are covered by the strengths of another.

Distributed systems security

In the AFS system, servers store data on sub trees in the file system and use the Kerberos in the provision of the authenticated access to all trees. Login The security of a distributed file system calls for the use of unique and assigned id for every user in the system.

Apply the process of normalization to third normal form in a multi-table entity-relationship

Third normal form-A relationship is in third normal form if and only if it is in second normal form with no non-identifying attributes that are depending on other non-identifying attributes. That is, in third normal form, a relationship does not allow transitive dependencies.8.

Health informatics

Health Informatics Health Informatics Introduction Health informatics is the process of designing and adopting effective information based on the available innovative services. The process focuses on resources that facilitate the optimization of stored, acquired and retrieved data in the health sector.

Cis 375 1 week 3: using technology as experience framework

The web interface acts as a platform through which a story is told to the world, through this platform the donor is engaged and can validate the need to make a donation. Basic information such as the vision, mission and the purpose of a charity organization conveyed through the website helps the donor [>]

Information policy

Employers and the state should create awareness programs on cyber safety and ISP required to communicate cyber safety issues to their customers Making cyber security training such as annual information assurance mandatory for all is not feasible. One of the measures they should take is to blacklist a computer and users who use [>]

Software engineering paradigms and models information technology essay

The software engineering paradigm which is also referred to as a software process model or Software Development Life Cycle model is the development strategy that encompasses the process, methods and tools. The objectives of the use of software engineering paradigms include: The software development process becomes a structured process.

Sql server authorisation policies information technology essay

Authorisation Rules allow or reject access to certain objects by describing the subject to which the rules apply to, the object which the authorisation refers to, the action which the rules refer to and the warning explaining whether the rule allows or rejects subject access. Assignee is the role to which the privileges [>]

System development of disscusion questions

Choosing the appropriate UML modelling tool ensures the success of a software system and it's very important to have the right criteria. Inter-modelling UML tools How can one determine the actors in a Use Case Study Diagram?


Just like in the case of viruses, worms exploit the use of network services to propagate itself to other hosts systems within the network topology. After installation or running of the Trojan horse, it gets activated and starts to alter the desktops by adding ridiculous active desktop icons; deleting files and destroying other [>]

Creating wealth with the click of a button: business world’s transformation because of computers

Like in the business world, the Internet is rising and getting more and more popular; therefore, all sorts of " virtual companies" have come out on the Net and once again, it is only a beginning. Therefore, the report covers two main topics: The business world and computers Why we use computers With [>]

Information technology trends

Information Technology Trends Annotated bibliography presented further on is focused on the most relevant issues of information technologies. The role of modern trends in information technology is important for international employees.

Module review questions

Among the most significant trends in the peripheral devices I expect to see in the next ten years is the adoption of a touch screen, wireless mouse and video cards. In future, I would like to see the sophistication of Product Engineering Software and Enterprise Infrastructure Software.

Standard operating procedure

Click the screen icons and drag them to positions that speak to how you need to move things starting with one screen then onto the next, and afterward click OK or Apply to view changes. Place the cursor on the Settings tab of the Display Properties dialog box, and then click on the [>]

It threats to information security

The threats and the risks brought by the usage of information technology by the business impact the business in different measures. The password policy of the business needs to be strong enough to ensure that it is not easy to access company information.

The effects of technology on the accounting profession

However, with the arrival of the computer, we have seen the structures and operations of many companies, and even entire industries, become transformed by new technologies with the modern information technology system. With all the promise that information technologies have given us, the accounting profession must embrace the changes that come along with [>]

Evaluating the problem

To start with, the user is to follow up a set of potential sponsors, tracking and updating the follow ups based on its outcome and notifying the user about next follow up until the sponsor for the project is decided. The system so devised should be able to notify the user and keep [>]

Summary – lab report example

Summary In the analysis of the trace, it was evident that a Network tab is comprised of tow network traffic views: the detailed view and summary view. Opening and closing a capture allows you to gather credible information on the network that one is analyzing.


The movement of some network hogging applications to the cloud is good to improve the company's performance and provision of services. The applications that should be moved to the cloud computing platform are those such as the processing of payroll services, storage of large amount of data about their clients and other business [>]

Physical design

Review Design Review of diagram for the database Creating database in SQL Server USE [Master] GO CREATE DATABASE [LEASE] ON PRIMARY LOG ON GO Creating Tables CREATE TABLE dbo. Expenses, Expense Management VARCHAR, Expense_Type_ID int,); Conclusion The design has been implemented by SQL Server 12 to create database and tables.

Week 3

The paper focuses on the history of this advancement and what is expected of the future.1. Two devices were invented in the 1950s that improved the field of computer that later led to computer revolution.

Passing data with osi modle

Information relayed from a computer system passes through the application layer in its system which in turn transmits the same information to the presentation layer and eventually to the session layer and so down the physical layer. The physical layer of this computer passes the information upwards to the data link layer 2, [>]

Computer security

Computer Security Kerberos Computer Network Authentication Protocol Kerberos serves as a network authentication protocol that allows for mutual identification, in which case the computer server and the user identify one another in the course of operation. The KDC server searches the principal name in the database and generates a TGT encrypted by the [>]

Week one cyb 634

Cyber competition is where individuals compete through the internet and results are instantly shown and ranked. Transparency is key to any competition where grading and procedure for marking are known and used in the marking process.

Report of what i did last week

The fist role that I performed in this group assignment this week was communicating to the group in time to ensure timely selection of an application and a related technology. I decided to take care of opening statements and purpose of the tool.

The connection between networks and the internet

In a computer network, all data transmitted consist of a node which refers to any computer or digital device using the network links.Q. It describes the way the computers and other devices within the network are laid down and linked to each other.

Microsoft windows server analysis – report example

In order to enable the uses in the company network to connect to the internet hostnames, one has to do the various steps in the configuration of the server. This is followed by enabling the ordering of the netmask on the NS1 server whereas the configuration of the NS3 and the NS2 servers [>]