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Writing a 5 Pages Essay on Sociology

Writing an essay on 5 pages is the best option for revealing a work’s topic. First of all, it is necessary to determine the favorite topic and collect information about it. In this case, it depends on your imagination and desire. You can write about video games in the aspect of modern culture and art.

Therefore, you should understand the genres and directions, roles, and significance of such games in society’s life. To compose a successful essay, you should make a plan in advance. A good essay should consist of several parts: outline, introduction, main bodies, and conclusion, following writing norms. In addition, a student can perform an essay either in a persuasive or argumentative type. He or she prompts the idea with the help of arguments and facts, or feelings and experience.

The introduction is one of the essential parts of an essay, which attracts the reader’s attention. It is a kind of thesis of the entire study. The main body describes an author’s ideas about the subject. Having decided to discuss phenomena and paradigms of social conflicts, you should highlight the critical moments. For instance, write here about urban marginality, the spread of race stereotypes, class, and gender inequality in modern society.

Additionally, about how certain groups and organizations are formed as a result of several manifestations. About the interaction of these moments on poverty and wealth of the population. Finally, about Karl Marx’s concept of capitalist society and how the above aspects interact with each other. Such a comprehensive paper will create a strong impression of your awareness. The last thing is the conclusion, analysis of the results of the study. Show the relevance of the subject with a catchy quote.

Moreover, students studying sociology uses the American Sociological Association’s format in their research works. ASA-style formatting is considered the main citation method along with the APA and MLA styles. By taking a look at the sample work in this format on our website, you will learn more about it. You will get an essay written in accordance with the certain requirements. There, each paper is unique in its own way with no plagiarism in it. Samples are indicated in pdf and word formats for better reading and understanding. Thus, the database guarantees excellent quality of the provided examples.

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4596 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Sociology to Boost Your Creativity

Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies

One of the fascinating issues in human history is the discussion as to why some nations gained power and others failed in that area. The author takes the dig at the same traditional question of why the Europeans countries colonized Africans and why Africans were unsuccessful in that count?

Japanese culture

The Japanese culture is the combination of Japanese-ness and western-ness. The American was in the belief that the Okinawa people were different from that of Japanese people.

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Understanding individuals and society

Our assumptions influence the way in which we understand people and society, because when we assume something about a person or group then we may let our biases and prejudices get in the way of what we really see, i.e.because of a racial stereotype for example " All Spaniards are lazy" we may [>]

Annotated biblography on pride and prejudice assignment

This is still a major factor in today's world as women are seen as the weaker class. In the beginning of the story Mr.

Value orientation theory

Human nature The US culture is a mixture of good and evil, but it is strongly influenced by rationality, people's actions are guided by reason and self-control. The US society is predominantly individualistic and puts priority to materialistic values.

Rethinking the federal bias toward home-ownership

The author of the article points out that America's policy structure is flawed for the fact that it has drastic consequences- Borrowing in the country is subsidized which led to the great housing bubble. The most important aspect of rental housing in America is that rental units are not single family dwellings-they are [>]

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The diversified geographical distribution

This also depends upon the geographical distribution and climatic conditions and lately to the developmental aspects of the society. The cultural diversity is analogues with the biodiversity; it is vital for the long-term survival of life on earth and also imperative for the long term survival of humanity.

Benefits and challenges of virtual collaboration in discussion boards assignment

Virtual collaboration in a discussion board can present a number of benefits and advantages. Through the use of discussion boards in many classes I will continue to learned a new way of learning and interacting with others.

Brief assignment

Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context Discuss theories of communication Explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health & social care environments up Explain strategies used in health and social care environments to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal [>]

Individualism in twentieth-century america

Responding to this message requires appreciation of the fact that being accepted in the group while one is individuated will mean to be accepted in the group without conforming to the norms of that particular group. This is the degree to which individuals are attracted to the group and the benefits that are [>]

Domestic violence on poor women in the post-industrial urban northeast and its effects on the girl child now and in her future life

The paper " Domestic Violence on Women in the Post-Industrial Urban Northeast and Its Effects on the Girls" is a dramatic variant of a case study on sociology. The problem understudy in the text is to find out the issue of domestic violence, especially on poor women in the post-industrial urban Northeast and [>]

Envy at work by t. menon and l. thompson

The authors have suggested numerous means to stop the downward spiral, everyone cannot be generous to accept the beauty and smarter characteristics in other's personalities, but in order to be progressive one has to cultivate the spirit of generosity and calm down the voice of envy. The whole motive of the article is [>]

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Maslows hierarchy of needs

The management needs to undertake strategic measures that will ensure self-actualization is met at the workplace. The lowest level of the hierarchy, physiological needs, should be the first to be met by an individual.

The culture of beauty

The " Barbie Syndrome" is a symptom of a society that is focused on looks to the disadvantage of everyone. Ultimately, it is a society that decides what the idyllic human form should be and consequently, it is the duty of the adults to decide to what degree if any, physical attributes define [>]

A study on the effect of internet use and social capital on the academic performance assignment

107~123 A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF INTERNET USE AND SOCIAL CAPITAL ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE* BAE YOUNG Soongsil University This study examined the condition of Internet use and social capital, as well as its effects on teenager's academic performance. The former assumes that the use of media and technology is more likely [>]

The looking-glass self by charles h. cooley essay sample

Out of all the theories that are at our disposal in sociology, this is the theory that interested me the most and here is why. This is one of the very few concepts that is unique to us as humans and the simplicity of the concept of the looking-glass self makes for an [>]

Ethnicity and social divisions

It is very hard to find people from these ethnic groups in the top-level management of prominent organizations; once they get jobs in these organizations and are at the bottom of the hierarchies, it is very hard for them to get any promotions or even job upgrades. This has actually resulted to the [>]

One page journal after watching gangs of new york

Although the battle took place in the narrators childhood, the majority of the story takes place at the beginning of the Civil War and remains focused on the racial strife that continued to plague the city. Despite these deep issues between the factions in the streets, which caused those suffering from them the [>]

Social policy issue

Social Security System in the United s of America Social Security System in the United s of America In the United s of America, social security system is classified amongst the government most successful programs. The government ensures that they take the responsibility of transferring some funds from the general revenue to the [>]

Outline at least three perspectives relevant to sociology

Haralambos and Holborn suggest that in order to analyse any part of society such as the family it simkply has to be viewed in relation to society as a whole. Haralambos and Holborn states the basic function of the family is the effect it is known to have on society as a whole [>]

Read the socialization: from infancy to old age chapter and answer a couple questions

Assignment Assignment The family is considered to be the most important agent of socialization because every individual is nurtured and broughtup to be who he is in accordance with one's familial beliefs and views. As I moved through my childhood and adolescence into adult years, the importance of family as an agent of [>]

Socialization and criminal behavior – alphonsus capone

Socialization and Criminal Behavior - Alphonsus Capone Alphonsus Capone or Al Capone grew up in a rough neighborhood and was a member of two " kid gangs," the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors in Brooklyn, New York. Whatever he did later in his life, in every illegal sense of the [>]

U.s.a constitution and same-sex marriages

Within the context of all underlying conflicting legalities and policies, Federal Courts of the United States experience pending cases, which seek to address the contentious issues affiliated to same sex marriages and the provision of the governmental recognition thereof. The reason as to why the County of California introduces this lawsuit is that [>]

Young adulthood is a period sociology essay

The " egalitarian" marriage tends to shift the traditional marriage which emphasize on husband as the authoritarian and primary economy source in the family away because " egalitarian" marriage focus on equality in partnership, openness in communication, flexible gender role and both husband and wife act as the bread owner in the family. [>]

Communication and speech skills felicia assignment

Instructor Sean Preci Course Dates 04/06/09-05/04/09 Team Members/Personal Information Name Phone Fax Email Chris Mercado 619-403-4534[email protected] Natalie Moraga 619-674-0240[email protected] Felicia Kleine 619-669-8418[email protected] Diana Sanchez 619-277-5523[email protected] Tiana Jones 619-[email protected] Team Member Skill Inventory Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop) Chris- punctual, creative, organized/ I want to develop my [>]

Apple and phinnaeus or julie and david: what’s in name

Among all the parents, there are certain groups of parents who will be more interested and at the same time even pressurized to come up with apt names, like parents who are celebrities, who belong to economical and social high stratum, who are professionals and working in White Collar jobs, parents who socially [>]

What role does religion play in sociology and how does it effect our everyday lives or does it explain

Even though the influence of religion in human life appears to be decreasing at some part of the world, it is increasing at other part of the world. In America like liberal societies, the influence of religion in social life seems to be diminishing whereas in countries such as Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, [>]

“tradition versus modernity”

In the story, Angela hosted a grand birthday dinner for the Old Man but her dressing was scrutinized by Old Mother because the colour white is a sign of mourning and it seemed to be a reflection of the bad events that were about to follow the Old Man's death. Old Mother's lack [>]

2 classical experiment – lab report example

The necessary components, then, are a survey instrument, access to a selected panel of adults, and research about which products to include in the questionnaire. The overarching question for this research study is: Does the advertising of a particular product in a given market increase its sales when compared to products that do [>]

Money is the key to happiness

Money is The Key to Happiness and Section # of Money is The Key to Happiness As Shakespeare said and I quote, " the world is a stage where we all have different roles to play". Some also argue that money is not the actual aspect of bringing happiness to one's life.

The virtual community by rheingold

Virtual communities go far and beyond to cover all segments, for example, for gaming and play station lovers, Sony's Play Station Network is a primary example, which keeps the players stay connected through online multiplayer games, tournaments, and competitions, PlayStation Store, and forums where users can create and share content with other members [>]

Deciding on a starting point

If I had to choose, I would say that I prefer the Rational Emotive Behavior therapy developed by Albert Ellis for its emphasis on cognitive factors and humor in the approach to change. I know from my relationships with preferred professors that personal influence is important and the right connections have an almost [>]

Thinking about diversity and inclusion

According to University of Phoenix Understanding and Managing Diversity, Section I, " United States has always been a nation of Immigrants, with a mixture of ethnicities, races, and religions that have not always lived and worked together amicably' Having such a mixture ofcultural diversityits surprising how difficult it is to end the Prejudice [>]

The cosmological argument and the teleological argument

He uses the basic principle, according to which every cause has an effect, to show there must have been a first cause in the causal sequence that began the Universe: We see in the world around us that there is an order of efficient causes. Nevertheless, the order of efficient causes cannot proceed [>]

Contribution of the cultural class analysts sociology essay

Thus, there is economic capital, in the form of wealth and property; cultural capital which may exist in three different states: in the embodied state - as the long-lasting dispositions of the mind and the body, in the objectified state - in the form of cultural goods, and in the institutionalised state - [>]

Police and cultural diversity

One of the first challenging issues that police professionals could encounter with regard to working with diverse populations has to do with a lack of cultural appreciation that can be exhibited by the police. Although this stands as a brief overview of to troublesome approaches and one potential solution, it must be understood [>]

Substance abuse counseling family roles and dynamics

In another instance, substance abuse in a family increases the probability of divorce and unhappy marriages. Potential Ethical and Legal Concerns Related To Counseling Families of Substance Abusers Working in the field of substance abuse treatment presents dilemmas related to individual beliefs, values, and judgments.

Thinking like sociologist

As a critical thinker, I hold the view that HIV/AIDS is a challenge to the married couples because of lack of love, commitments and faithfulness amongst them. As a sociological thinker, I would like to point out that HIV/AIDS prevalence is higher simply because of the people's behaviors.

Juvenile delinquency assignment 6

Application of developmental theory and latent trait theory to juvenile delinquency The latent trait theory attributes juvenile delinquency to a master trait that controls the actions and behaviour of the individual. According to the theory, the master trait influences the reactions of an individual to particular situations, and guides the individual's decisions in [>]

Exit interview paper assignment

I am most thankful for the supervisor that I had at my agency, and the group of students that I have worked with this summer. I went over the policies for long term care facilities on the fist day that I spent at my agency, but before I was able to interact with [>]

Ethnomethodology: sociology and cuff et al. assignment

The way the world is described is part of that world the description is the reality. Garfinkel uses indexicality and indexical expression to refer to the dependence on context of the meaning of an object, social practice and concept, and this is similar to Goffman's situational propriety.

Gay marrige

The issue of gay marriages has become the hottest debated topic in the North America over the issue of rights to abortion. A lot of the objections to gay marriages stem from the conventional belief that homosexuality is a learnt behavior and not a natural inclination.

Reflection on personal culture – (middle east- saudi arabia)

Arabs' Culture in Saudi Arabia Every society in the world has its unique culture and the term culture relates to collective beliefs held by a group of people in terms of language, religion, traditional foods, and social morality among others. The only problem is that we have is religious discrimination as the non-Muslims [>]

Globalization of malaysian music industry assignment

Music, as a matter of fact, has also enjoyed a much wider prospect from the global community due to globalization, which happens to the key focus of the topic today the Malaysian music industry amidst the dawning era of globalization. In spite of the many foreign Imports of music In the Malaysian market, [>]

Child abuse in various societies

The current discourse hereby aims to present information from various articles outlining the recent court cases involving Penn State and the Catholic Church in terms of the manner by which these ' agencies' responded to child abuse when they were faced with it. In this particular situation, the Catholic Church response was for [>]

Latino operation and diversity

In the United States the process of labeling the group of individuals affects the meaning of citizenship. The a very big country and the different socio-cultural groups and individuals survive under the condition of competitions.

Film review(last train home)

Last Train Home of Last Train Home Competing with some of China's best documentaries like West of the Tracks, Disorder, The Gate of Heavenly Peace, the amateur Chinese-Canadian filmmaker, Lixin Fan begins his documentary, Last Train Home, with a scene where a huge crowd clogs the screen with which the viewers are informed [>]

Internet and the public sphere

The use of the internet is one of the widely celebrated technologies. Cyber Democracy: Internet and the Public Sphere.

Why i disagree with chartered schools

Hence fewer facilities are provided to the students as compared to the public schools. Charter schools are increasingly established with a mission to provide self-designed and constructed principles and structure for the students.

There is no gender equality in the uk workplace of today

According to Sylvia Walby, there is a system of social structures and practices in the work place in which Men dominate, oppress and exploit women. There are more ways by which discrimination is experienced in the work place in the UK.


Divorce can be loosely defined as termination of a marriage due to a number of factors and in some cases it can be legally determined by the courts of law or it can be just a radical approach where married partners would decide to part ways as a result of some misunderstandings. In [>]

Analysis of structural functionalism

Sociology Structural functionalism looks for the establishment of a link between the normative system and the 'situation', that is to say the environment described as an ensemble of stable and consistent constraints in which the system of action is placed. Violence becomes the main source of social control and power.

Pseudo-dionysius mystical theology

My Images and Concepts Regarding God Vis - vis the Apophatic and Kataphatic Approaches My image and concept regarding God do not jive with the apophatic theological approach. My views are comparable to that of the kataphatic approach in which God is favored and spoken of positively, is beyond all things, yet is [>]

School function

The materialist view of history starts from the premise that the most important determinant of social life is the work people are doing, especially work that results in provision of the basic necessities of, food, clothing and shelter. The Exchange Theory is based on a central premise that the exchange of social [>]

Informative essay on martin luther king

He led the Montgomery Bus Boycott In 1955, helped CLC In 1957, helped to organism the March on Washington 1 963 in which he presented his 'l Have a Dream' speech gaining his reputation as one of the greatest orators in American history. The assassination of Martin Luther King, 4th April 1968, was [>]

Beechnut: risking responsibility and professional ethics

He was required to identify the faulty areas in the company, but the route he followed awoke the crisis. The CEO handled the problem by considering the perspectives of stakeholders rather than identifying the problem and dealing with it.

The perfect husband

A perfect husband should be able to differentiate from his needs and his wife's needs and respond to them. It is hard to look for a person who will be loving enough, selfless enough, and faithful enough to his wife.

Why is media news in the 21st century

However, reporters began to elevate the status of the working class, inspiring them to make a difference in the flow of information. The current situation is less restricted than the former because the journalists have a bigger say on what to present to the populace.


While in formal situations, individuals are required to act in ways that would not only withhold high levels of respect but also maintain a positive drive towards the realization of the set goals, informal situations would require individuals to reproduce certain levels of the values and virtues that they posses. This was in [>]

Technology is taking over the world assignment

This use of technology, for the most part, Is a benefactor for the students because they are able to attain a much richer education and understand concepts better than before through hands on exercises. However in most cases, online classes ay provide a better opportunity for ideas to be shared because shy students [>]

Symbolic interactionism: studies of social construction assignment

However, it is viewed important by many in the realm of social psychology, thus, this paper to summarize and describe the concept and history of symbolic interactionism, give my analysis and evaluation to the current state of symbolic interactionism, and provide future directions for symbolic interactionism. Humans routinely and creatively take measures to [>]

Reducing the racial achievement

Data relevant to this study was obtained by collecting the least significant value from members of the control group and the most significant value from members of the experimental group. Members of the experimental group who engaged positively were found to perform much better than those in the control group.

The federalists vs. the republicans

In the Constitution, Article 8 states, " The Congress will have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts, and Excises will be uniform throughout the United States" "). To [>]

Black swan essay sample

She is a shy and fragile young woman is chosen to play the role of the Swan Queen and must therefore embody both the pure White Swan and the evil Black Swan. Nina needs to seduce and convince her ballet director that she is capable of becoming the Black Swan.

Responsible administrator by terry l

The author bases the categories on previous experiences in the earlier chapters of the book as well as the unique cognitive style in his approach. He recognizes the conflicts of authority, conflicts of interest and conflicts of the role as the three chief classes of dilemma in public administration.

Planning for a crisis

Planning for a Crisis Planning for a Crisis A crisis is defined as an upset of an individual's steady It refers to disruption or breakdown in a person's normal pattern of functioning. When planning for a crisis in school communication to staff, student and families should be addressed; this is necessary for conveying [>]

Current ethical issues in bussi (topic

This would help develop an understanding with customers as a psychological approach in order to gain their confidence and trust for the tanning services. Stories of regular customers and those who have been benefited with tanning industry services before should be shared or may be marketed to persuade more customers towards satisfactory services [>]

Sociological discrimination in the united states

This is however not the case as white women are increasingly seen to have negative ideas and a negative view of affirmative action. This is however not the case, and the negative view of affirmative action by white women can be seen to be as a result of their perceived racial interest.

The happiness

Although many people livewith an assumption about the definition of happiness, it implies a state of positive emotions. It will also consider the difference perception of men and women to happiness.

The importance of family life

The paper is very informative since it helps to identify the experiences of older women. The social networking site allows us to share information and pictures.

More guns less crime

Maltz, Michael D, and Joseph Targonski.2002." a note on the Use of County-LevelUCRData". Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology: A Nontechnical Guide for the Social Sciences.

A family gathering

Once again, a family gathering was organized to celebrate his success and I took the responsibility of all the arrangements. The picnic arranged for him after his high school was memorable especially for the gifts he brought for all of our family members and the guitar he brought for me especially." What would [>]

Team effectiveness

It is important because team members should be aware of the tasks they perform, should be involved in decision-making process and be aware of the terms. This enables each team to be linked to the rest of the organization which resulted in high efficiency and effectiveness of a particular team.

What gives your life meaning and direction

It is an accounting degree that will give me the knowledge to be successful in anything around the business world. It opens doors to every type of business, and it defines how a business is performing and what the lowest line is.


In the context of promotional activities, firms that are producing either product or service offering are trying to understand the concept of consumer behaviour, so that in that way, they may be able to promote products or services that are in line with the prevailing needs in the market. What Apple simply is [>]

Communication assignment

The first way to help support the development of listening and oral communications skills for all students Is to teach them strategies to help with these skills. Another way to support the development of listening and oral communications skills is to have students practice their strategies and skills with classmates.

The addition of a corporate nap room at the offices of phidias & associates

The incorporation of this facility will of course require a room dedicated to the purpose, but the simplicity of the scheme is that any unused room in the building would be suitable and could be converted with minimal cost or inconvenience to the ongoing work of the company. The incorporation of a 'nap [>]

Citizen kane

At this point in time, we get to see that Charles as a young adult had not been able to develop an identity and instead was confused about the role he was playing. Charles, later on, marries Susan and bribes her in all the ways possible to win her love.

Social mobility assignment

One of the efforts today to improve the social class movement has been the creation of the Census Bureau. In prior years, the bureaus process in the collection of the data was to go door-to-door and attempt to reach individuals personally.

Religion, race, caste assignment

Key Words: Sex Ratio, Fetid, Sex Selection Abortion, Technology Introduction " Mahatma Gandhi" said, a woman is the companion of man, gifted with the equal mental capacities she has the right to participate in the minutest details of the activities of man, and she has the same right of freedom and liberty as [>]

Becoming attached by robert karen

In the present generation most of the mothers in the developed countries spend less time in their homes and with the growth of the nuclear families, the needs and demands of the children remains unattained. The attachment theory mentioned in the book talks about the needs of the children to get attached to [>]

“amazing grace” song

Analysis Newton, while working in Liverpool he started to learn theology where due to his devotion he was encouraged to be the priest, but the Bishop refused alleging that he had no university degree. John Newton reflects on his experiences of the sinful person and the grace that the Lord His God extended [>]

Personnal reference

I found her that she is smart, always willing to learn, completes job applications amazingly in a professional and practical manner. Giovanni Jackson told me that she wants to purse in nursing and making career in it.

Things fall apart

Another essential fact is the presence of Chielo, the priestess of the Oracle of the Hills and Caves. In spite of the physical violence against women by the men, which is present in the novel; in spite of the exclusion of women from the house of the Egwugwu; in spite of the fact [>]

Public speaking assignment

When I have to write a speech or speak in front of a group in the future there are many things that I will do differently. Analyzing the audience, visual aids as well as peer and expert estimation are Just a few of the topics discussed In this course that I will carry [>]

Advocacy assignment

This is a form of assertion and empowerment, resulting in taking away some of the power from the professionals and allowing the individual to have autonomy by gaining some control over their lives.' Advocacy signals the necessity to validate the experience of clients and patients and ensure that their rights, wishes and needs [>]

Ethics case studies

Ethical Case Studies: Questions and Answers in Research Ethics In this paper, the answers some questions regarding the ethicality of three experiments: the Tearoom Sex Study, the Milgram Experiment, and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. What is alarming is the fact that there were even instances of deception on the part of those who [>]

Pride and prejudice – marriage assignment

It is a truth universally acknowledged, the a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in a want of a wife" The very first sentence of Pride and Prejudice highlights the absolute importance of marriage in the early century. Rather it provoked the feelings in the minds of the readers [>]

In us visit, brown to urge new deal by sullivan

They pledged to cooperate with the other Group of 20 countries that have all seen considerable amounts of capital and supposed wealth disappear over the past year. This article exemplifies this theory because the whole meeting is concerned with returning the global economy to a status quo, namely the continuation of concentration of [>]

Social control and criminal deviance: bullying

This paper investigates the social factors that promote bullying among students to gain a clear understanding of the enormity of the vice in the society. Bullying is attributable to the imbalance of power between the instigator and the victim.

Public health and the law

The laws on insurance These laws ratified by the legislature necessitate the covers on the motor vehicles against accidents and the relevant liabilities connected to the incidence of the insured peril. The laws defined the relationship between the human, the motor vehicle, and the highway to reduce the possibilities of crashing.

Conjugal roles

They have gone on to examine the distribution of responsibilities in the domestic works between wife and husband in addition to the amount of time the spouses spend on the given tasks. Inequality between women and men mainly leads to occurrences of violence in the respective families.

First step in creating an ad campaign-exploring target audience

What is the purchasing power of your audience? All of the group is connected in one way or another, and they share information.