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Stat 2

Minimize Z= 8X12+4X1X2+12X22 Subject to: 6X1+X2 50 X1+X2 40 A statistical programming that uses a scale of 0-1 is a simple and powerful integer scale. Quantitative analysis of quality management literature published in total quality management and business excellence.

Corvettes regression

At the 5% significance level, do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the slope of the population regression line is not 0 and, hence, that age is useful as a predictor of sales price for Corvettes? Obtain and interpret a 95% confidence interval for the slope, of the population regression line [>]

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Confidence intervals

Now, We do not know exactly what proportion of home owners using electricity to heat their homes, but we know that it's within the interval 34. We do not know the exactly the proportion of home owners that use electricity to heat their homes, but the interval from 32.

Graphical model – linear programming task 2

Therefore, objective function is to Maximize: 40X + 30Y The equation for the purple objective function passing from two points and is given by: Y Y1 = {/} Y 8 = {/} Y = -X + 8 Table 1 gives the combination of cases of Brand X and Brand Y that lies on [>]


Regardless of all the effort taken to draw a representative sample from the population, there is always a chance that the sample chosen is not really representative. Sampling error can be reduced by increasing the size of the sample; and by using stronger Probability techniques that are applicable to the population being studied.

Statistical analysis – use spss

00 Local 13.00 1.0000.00. 583 0.00 0.

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Dq1cc, dq2ab, dq3cc

Some of the different approaches to probability include classical probability, relative frequency concept of probability, and subjective probability. The use of probability is widely applied in the business world due to the fact that probability is a statistical method of a numerical chance of the occurrence of an event.

Definition and role of statistics

Descriptive statistics utilizes numerical and graphical methods to look for patterns in a data set, to summarize the information revealed in a data set, and to present the information in a convenient form. The portions used in the recipes for the drinks is me being able to use ratios, and nominal data to [>]

Smu i sem stat assignments set 2

The two broad stages of Statistical survey AS FOLLOWS: [pic] Planning a Statistical Survey: The relevance and accuracy of data obtained in a survey depends upon the care exercised in planning. Execution of Statistical survey: Control methods should be adopted at every stage of carrying out the investigation to check the accuracy, coverage, [>]

Statistical techniques in engineering management

Range- is the measure of the difference between the highest and the lowest value of data set. Normal distribution is the distribution pattern of a set of data that is unimodal and takes the shape of a bell in a graph.

Summary of recent research 8

Brief summary of the study: The study sought to seek the relationship between preventive activities, the psychological factors and the recurrence of leg ulcer in patients. Relationships between preventive activities, psychosocial factors and recurrence of venous leg ulcers: a prospective study.


04 that is only of 4% of the variation can be explained, while in the second instance r= -0. 16 that is 16% of the variations can be explained thus r= -0.

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Example of essay on data visualization

Data visualization is the arrangement of information, statistics or other quantifiable data in a visual manner that educates and informs the reader. Information Visualization is being used extensively by people in the fields of business, media, and engineering to aid in the analysis and understanding of information.

, political science

Hypothesis one: This means that if states act in line with their national interest/concern, or the interests/concerns of that state, it will equal to the existing foreign policy and distribution of power. Hypothesis three: This means that the self-protection interest of a country will be negatively affected by the distribution of power and [>]

Statistic & conclution

In that year, the aggregate for the entire United States in terms of all causes of death is 760. An explanation for this may be the quality of health care in these states, which in 2007 all ranked among the bottom in a nationwide survey of healthcare quality.

Rouse and permits a company to consolidate

ETL equipment may be used to extract and push to the records warehouse.the second step is to extract the statistics from the facts warehouse on a regular basis inside the degree region. The facts are then extracted from information Mart to the staging region then the statistics can be aggregated, summarize and lastly, [>]

Chapter filipino

This chapter presents the research design, the respondents of the study, the research instruments and the statistical treatment to be used in the presentation and analysis of the data. Since the present study or Investigation was concerned with the level of difficulty between algebra and geometry to sophomore of Santa RosaScience and TechnologyHigh [>]

Statistical tests

In using this test the researchers must always make sure of the validity of the test they use. Testing Before and After When and if the researcher would test the boys before and after treatment for depression this would skew the two tests and the results would be more positive for the treatment [>]


As the emission is a sign of a developed industry, the industrially developed countries will be the main contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere. The group of countries is located below the trend line.

One sample hypothesis testing

The team's null hypotheses or is that Hipic pay is greater than or equal to $30, 000. The team's alternative hypothesis or is that Hipic pay is less than $30, 000.

Machine learning

This study is ready the one of a kind techniques and calculations applied as a part of content material mining. The figure1 is described with the method of content material mining.

Summary of whats luck got to do with it: the math of gambling article by helen thomson

I do not agree with the author's idea of spreading bets between bookies in order to increase the chances of winning. According to the author this strategy works because the bets of the two bookies are normally not equal and they try to make the other not to win.

On the efficiency of ac/dc: bon scott versus brian johnson

The variables used in the study were the music played from either of the two AC/DC vocalists while a pair of subjects made a decision. On the efficiency of AC/DC: Bon Scott versus Brian Johnson.

Descriptive statistics

For the data presented; the descriptive statistics help in understanding the extent of spread of scores, the aggregate score s of groups of participants, and the most representative scores in different groups. The range of the scores was 4 and variance was 1.

The can move forward with inclusion and our

Findings from Florian and Black-Hawkins concluded that theimportance is how teachers tackle the issue of inclusion in their own practiceand in the classroom. There is such a strong need to succeed in accomplishing pupilprogression, inclusive practice and the positive affect produced by raisingstandards.' Achievement without positive affect is morally and aestheticallyempty.

Applying creative and critical thinking

The cause of the problem was the disunity and the consequent disorganization of the team members that jeopardized the research process. The next problem that I had to solve was the issue of new roles to be distributed to the group members.

The education program that thrives on children freedom

The Montessori education programis a well-known education program that thrives on children freedom of Choiceand group-based centers in the classroom.Dr. Based on the structure that enhanced hands-on learning, social interaction and independence the Montessori Education Program is a greatchoice.

Using information

The purchasing department uses information in the acquisition of goods and services that meet the standards set in the organization in order to meet the expected goals. The finance department uses the information in ascertaining the transactions that contribute to the organization's income as a result, the final output includes the production of [>]

Data interpretation practicum

Hypothesis The correlation test will test the level of association between injury rate and number of hours worked will be investigated consequently, our hypotheses are as follows: Null Hypothesis, H0: Injury rate and hours worked are correlated Alternative Hypothesis, H1: Injury rate and hours worked are not correlated A scatterplot of the data [>]

Bhs 220 case 5

The null hypothesis will be as follows:- H0: A= B Alternative hypothesis on the other hand is the proposition that prevails in the event that there is sufficient evidence to reject the null hypothesis. If the probability is less than or equal to the significance level, then the null hypothesis is rejected and [>]

Epidemiological rationale for topic:

6 new cases of primary and secondary syphilis per 100, 000 males were reported in 2008. 8 new cases per 100, 000 population STD-9 Reduce the proportion of females with human papillomavirus infection.

Rating dimensional data warehouse by ralph kimball

The author outlays 12 of the 20 criteria in the article. Some of the criteria that pertain to the Architecture of the Data Warehouse are Explicit Declaration, Conformed Dimensions and Facts, Dimensional Integrity, Open Aggregate Navigation, Dimensional Symmetry, Dimensional Scalability, and Sparsity Tolerance, etc.

Regression model

A regression model with one explanatory variable is called a Simple linear regression, that is it involves 2 points: single explanatory variable and the response variable which is the x and y, coordinates in a Cartesian plane and finds a linear function a non-vertical straight line that, as precisely as possible it explains [>]


The Factorial ANOVA with Random Effects emphases on how random the outcome's observations vary across within-subject variables. For example, let's put in consideration that you are in some way interested in the outcomes or effects of people with social anxiety' new therapy, as well as the number of the days they use yearly [>]

Discrimination and racial profiling

Racial Profiling The population of the United s of America as of March 28, was 320. The Whites are the majority in the American population accounting to 77.

Applying sampling strategies

Sampling bias may be due self-selection by the research or under-coverage during the sampling time. The other important method to reduce sampling bias is to use a large sample size.

The said ” kobe [bryant] is the

In terms of statistics, Kobe is the better player. The last piece of evidence that proves Kobe Bryant is a better basketball player than LeBron James is this.

The factors that affect the selling price

Since the p-value of the t-statistic is less than the significance level of 0. Since the p-value of the t-statistic is greater than the significance level of 0.

Comparison of the data predictions & actual results

Comparison of the Data Predictions & Actual Results of the Comparison of the Data Predictions & Actual Results Data comesin various forms and the two most common forms of data are qualitative and quantitative. Initially, I had a conception that qualitative analysis of data would only allow me to gain obtain data pertaining [>]

Statisitcs results

The hypotheses that apply in the analysis of variance are: H0: There is no significant difference between the means of the witnesses and non-witnesses with respect to guilt rating H1: There is a significant difference between the means of the witnesses and non-witnesses with respect to guilt rating H0: There is no significant [>]

Non parametric test

Non Parametric Test is a kind of statistical test that was discovered by Wolfowitz. Non parametric tests are easy to use and is much simple than the parametric test.

Discussion 5.1

22 The manufacturer sets a significance level = 0, 05 and uses the critical value approach; he would reject the null hypothesis if test statistic is greater than 1. 05 The probability that the test rejects the null hypothesis= 0.


Though simple but it is an interesting calculation that gives a fair idea of my performance in the class whether I stand below or above average. Statistics can be applied to extensive uses in the modern times.

Statistical reasoning summary

Statistical Reasoning Summary Statistics, if not handled skillfully, can lead to misinterpretation and incorrect results. At times, plenty of data are available but analyzing these data through critical thinking and reasoning skills requires a great understanding of the principles behind statistical techniques.

Descriptive statistics (slp)

In light of this information, the writer will critically analyze and compare the testability of their hypothesis to descriptive statistics used in a published study. Standard deviation would be used to illustrate the variations between PTSD occurrence and application of medical care.

Simple linear regression

It is expected that when we talk of simple linear regression to touch on deterministic relationship and statistical relationship, the concept of least mean square.the interpretation of the b0 and b1 that they are used to interpret the estimate regression. The term E is used to justification for inconsistency in y, that we [>]

Integrations and reflection

I was able to achieve the outcomes of the course however I feel that I could have been more proficient with the statistical tools and methods. I was able to understand the different approaches in statistics and would be able to deal with problems efficiently in the future.

Applying time series methodologies simulation

A simple occurrence is that increase in advertising budget would increase in proportional measure in market dominance. 48 sales This means that if the company is invest more in advertising budget, an approximated 2, 294 million USD would be generated by the company.

Discrete approximations of probability distribution

The accuracy of a discrete estimation of a probability distribution is measured by the degree to which the moments of the estimation match those of the initial distribution. Conventional methods of attaining a discrete estimation based on the means of intervals, steadily underestimate the moments of the initial distribution.

Anorexia nervosa: detection and treatment essay

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes people to obsess about their weight and the food they eat. A person with anorexia will have an overwhelming fear of weight gain, disfigured body image, and often a serious denial of the illness.

Selecting relevant research that addresses the variables in the research question(s) of the article

With this increase, the mobile element of the social media continues to spread the adoption as well as the widespread of the social media and digital marketing. In addition to the marketer-directed roadblocks and other online ads, there were other consumer directed actions used via the digital media that increased reach and sales [>]

Kurtosis in descriptive statistics essay examples

Kurtosis in Descriptive Statistics Kurtosis is defined as the measure of " peakedness" of a distribution. It is here that the importance of the kurtosis as a better indicator of measure of the tails in the distribution curve than the peaks are brought to light.

Discussion topic

I would like to know more about the difference between the type of random sampling used in lottery draws versus the sampling method steps you scribed. I am not sure the term census Is a type of random sampling.

Week 1

For each of the following, indicate which a variable is and which a constant is: a. For each of the following research questions, identify the independent variable and the dependent variable: a.

Mintab assignment

095 Tile 27 0 1. 438 - + - + - + - +-0.80 0.00 0.80 1.


Chi-square and the Independent t-test Here s Here Chi-square and the Independent t-test The independent t-test is a parametric test that compares scores between two unrelated groups of subjects. This test uses the chi-square distribution and is used to determine if there is a " fit" between the frequency distributions of the samples [>]

As or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or

As statedin the constitution of the World Health Organization, health is " thestate of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely theabsence of disease or infirmity". The theory is related to the study because just like thetelevision, social media can also be a channel that can influence theperspective and attitude of [>]

No title

Therefore, decision rule will be Reject H0, if z The standard error of the difference is The test statistic is The value of test statistic, z = -19. The two proportions are So, The standard error of the difference is The test statistic is The value of test statistic, z = -2.

Energy can make their lives shorter. according to

What is an energy 45. Disadvantages of energy 56.

General concepts and variables assignment

The number of women enrolled in Sec 4 of Mat210 Not a variable b. 5 2 38 The total number of clases is 7 with 5 miles interval; the midpoint is as shown in the table above.


How important is the property tax to the cities and counties in your state...more or less important as compared to the average of all states? With reference to the state spending on education, New Jersey is ranked 3rd and 5th in local and state spending on education.

Probability assignment

For the first member of the committee, there are 8 possibilities. Therefore, the total number of ways these 5 envelopes can be posted in the 3 mailboxes is 3*3*3*3*3 = 35.


The error means that the statistic for the sample will be different from the parameter for the population Basic characteristics of experiment An experiment is a scientific research method in which the researcher controls one or more variables and measures the changes in other variables. Summation notation Square each score, and then add [>]

Modeling evaluation

The assignment is due by midnight at the end of week 4 of the course. 348 _________ Question 08The assumption of homoscedasticity is untenable as the null hypothesis is rejected.

Test characteristics

Thus, when one talks about the reliability of a test, he refers to the scores and not to the content or the form of the test. The correlation between the scores of the examinees in the first half and the second half will determine the reliability of the test scores.

Basic statistics

Basic Statistics of Affiliate Research Questions Is there a significant correlation between age and depression according to the data available in Book 5 Pearson Correlation Number of Observations: 681 Table 1 Pearson Correlation Matrix AGE DEPRESSION AGE 1. The positive integer implies that there is a negative correlation between work and depression according [>]

Controlling extraneous variables in research

Controlling Extraneous Variables in Research The unwanted variables that create impacts on the correlation between the variables that the researcher is conducting define the meaning of extraneous variables. They affect the results of the research even though they are not essential to the research.

Unit 3 human service policy discussion

Establishment of more efficient and effective programs at the state and local levels by the government to help in assisting the poor, reinstituting the 2009 stimulus packages into effective ways of assisting the poor. In conclusion the government helps the poor by implementing the programs and policies that brings to an end the [>]

Module 8 dq 1 and 2

Statistics Number Module 8 Question As the director of the of the nursing for the Federal Qualified Healthcare Center, the best way of creating a patient-centered medical home is to adopt and promote the use of evidence-based research. This is because; the patient will have been informed about the benefits, risks and details [>]

Grip and arm strength and performance

Grip and SIMS Score axis, Rating on the vertical axis) Arm strength and Rating on Horizontal axis, SMS on the vertical axis) The foregoing scattergram patterns indicate the Grip Strength and SIMS as well as Arm Strength and Rating are possibly correlated but the same does not appear to be true between Grip [>]

A logic-driven analytics process

Again, these choices are not universal and depend on the maturity of the audience and company, the quality, availability, and knowledge of the data and the appetite of the organization for a complex project - The choice of an analytic model to use does indeed depend on many factors, including the nature of [>]

Definitions and examples

Example: Target a point with an assumed bulls-eye at the centre; the average squared distance from the centre and the arrow shot on the bulls-eye point represents means square error which its square root in turn gives the root mean square error.*Seasonal effect Definition: This is a scientific, statistical and calendar related effect [>]

Coursework example

The student he selects has a ticket with the number 10. Construct a probability distribution which shows the possible number of girls the family can have X 2 3 4 P 7.

Hazar alfaqeih

My main motivation behind this application for admission in your University is my keen interest and experience in the field Mathematics/ Statistics and it will be my next step of the ladder of education and natural progression of my ambition to complete Doctorate in Statistics. I taught Mathematics in an elementary school in [>]

Oakland, illinois – a typical american town

In line with the 2010 population census, the city has a totality area of 2. The ethnic composition of the city is 98.

Correlation discussion

In particular, this may be applied when the value of r deviates from zero, in which case, the sampling distribution becomes skewed progressively and Fisher's z-transformation may resolve to normalize this condition. Evaluation of Pearson ' r', on the other hand, may indicate correlation between two variables based on tests to figure whether [>]

Promotion and creative statistics

According to the latest survey, it was found that 31% of the students in the US are not ready to go to college, mainly owing to their educational lacunas of learning and applying at the college level. Hence, imbalances in the US society might be caused owing to fluctuations in the job market, [>]

Domestic violence- what age does this start

Age Factor in Domestic Violence due: Domestic Violence- What Age does this start According to Cefrey, domestic violence is defined as behaviour used by one partner in a relationship to control the other and abuse them emotionally as well. Healing the trauma of domestic violence: A workbook for women.

Using probability concepts to formulate a decision making for abc

The cost of production is currently close to the contracted price and ABC Ltd is considering the possibility of sourcing the product at a cheaper price as there is a 0. The probability of manufacturing corn cheaply is a mere 0.

Correlation does not imply causation proved by by amanda macmillan

Borrowing from this study, the article by MacMillan then claims that the drinking patterns of the 2nd-degree friends were the strongest influence on drinking behaviour. It is therefore scientifically inappropriate to conclude that the 2nd-degree friends increased the drinking habits in teens.

Abstract: perfectly recovered using the lossless compression

And the important purpose is to decrease an irrelevance of imagedata to be capable to record the data or send the data in an effective form. Thepurpose of this image compression is to decrease the redundancy.

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis

In the article, CFA and EFA approaches are applied in investigating the theoretical constructs and the factors represented in the study about the relationship between technostress and human productivity. The Impact of Technostress on Role Stress and Productivity.

Practical significance vs. statistical significance

The example of type II error is just the converse of the previous example where the result turns out to be negative for a disease but actually, the patient does possess it. Statistically it provides a lot of difference between two sets of data but on the other hand, there is no significance [>]


Chen and Thissen used Q3, , to examine the local independence of items and a test was generated. The results indicate that Q3 index has failed to detect the items, which is indicative of a weak local dependence.

Comparing people income with college degrees and people without college degrees

A relationship between income inequality and disparity in level of education, as evident in Bahrain, and trend in widening inequality in the two quantities indicate that education affect income that further affect ability to afford education. Wells however identifies a significant relationship between education level and income with economic independence and the study [>]

Statistical survey

The main elements of entertainment that can be studies include the likes or dislikes on the various forms of entertainment, the role played by entertainment in people's lives and the impact of entertainment channels within a given population. The ratio of the sampled students to the whole population gives a firm ground to [>]

To apply msc of statistics

Statistics in the Graduate School of University of Toronto to enable me further my post-graduate studies. As indicated on my attached documents, I have unswervingly pursued my studies in Finance and Statistics with great determination and enthusiasm.

Standard deviation and outliers

Since, the deviation of all the data points from the mean value is zero in this case; therefore, the standard deviation is zero when all of the points are the same. The standard deviation for the Data set 1 is 39.

How statistics has affected my daily life

In addition, with the increasing number of people around the world suffering from heart diseases caused by cholesterol and sedentary lifestyle, I am also inclined to avoid some food and increase my activities. I also increased my food intake of those which help my heart work better to improve the flow of blood [>]


000 The p-value is given as 0. The p-value is 0.000.

A decision of uncertainty

A Decision of Uncertainty To Diversify the Range of Products or Open a New Branch The last financial year was a rather successful time for the enterprise I work for part time. That was the moment I appeared in the scene and was assigned the duty of marketing the coffee shop.

Objective and projective techniques

Objective and Projective Techniques of Personality Assessment Personality of an individual is reflected in their behavior and many techniques of assessing personality try to understand personality on the basis of thoughts or behaviors that the individual is conscious of. There are no limits to the kind of interpretations possible; and thus, the test [>]